I declare June as “I Believe…” Month~

JUNE is here and I declare June as “I Believe…” Month~

Here is the scoop, I’d like for you to think, share and write about things you believe or want to believe!

So start each of your daily blogs or journals this month with a statement starting with “I believe….”

Also, any quotes, books or information on belief are a great addition to dig into  this theme this month~

I Belive in YOU!!
The foundation to being a  BuffMother! or successful at anything in life is believing that you can BE~
here is an article from BuffMother.com that I wrote over 2 years ago about belief
STEP#1- Believe
I am just wondering…do you really BELIEVE you can reach your goals in fitness and life?

If YES…how do you think you’ve gained that belief?

If NO…why not?  what happens in your mind to keep you from believing you can?

The FIRST step towards your success is belief~ with out it you will not be successful.




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