Super day!! and booty workout

I had a Super day today!!
I love that life was back to “normal” today and I was able to KNOCK out a bunch of things~ Accomplishment is a good award for hard work!!

ONE of my Sweet BuffMother’s April, made this for me

A GushyGram-

isn’t that cool~As I said April is a sweet heart and has been a member of TEAM BuffMOther! forever…almost since I first started the site–about 2 years!! April

She has just gone into business for herself making Toffee- YUMMY! If you like toffee her’s is the BEST~ here is her cool website:

Speaking of yummy eats….I did stellar on my food today~ and thus I had a SUPER booty workout to go with my super day:

warm up r-bike 10 mins *saw a good friend of mine for the first time since like October of last year!! Amazing that it’s been that long~ so we chatted a bit, and then I was ready to HIT it hard:
155x8x2- getting stronger 🙂

kneeling leg curls- mixed between sets of squats and lunges

Free bar lunges- been awhile for these
75×10 felt good, I’ll go heavier next time

Leg press- 4 sets of calves between sets (10-20 reps)
180×20 warm up
410×6- heaviest in a while on this

rotary calf 125x10x3
paired with walking lunges
70# short bar on backx15x2 * this is a pb, I could barely get the bar up back on the rack after these~ so that’s why I haven’t used the 70# bar earlier…I think I’ll stick with the 60# bar and mix it up with db’s for my walking lunges…they are actully hard anyway 🙂

So a total of 100 lunges today~

Other super happenings is that my DH took tomorrow and the next day off!!! HOORAY~ time to have some FUN!!

Well off to get the party started~



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