Tuff Tonight and my Back workout!


TUF is on tonight!! I am so pumped that the first round is OVER~ can’t wait to see my buddy (met him at the LA airport last year, lol) “Handsome” Matt Wiman

win again…and I want BJ’s team to start racking up the wins, cuz he is gonna kill PULVER when they fight–OH YEAH!! Can’t wait!!

As for my workout, I Got it done, despite…feeling like I was a big weakling. I have a photoshoot tomorrow and I typically deplete myself for shoots because I like looking ripped and small…since we all know the camera adds 15 pounds

Here is my measly workout:
warm up 13 mins r-bike
lat pulls

Hammer bicep curls
45×8…I hate bicep curls!

Pull ups
7, 6.5

Standing Military
in front 45×10
behind 45x10x2

Barbell bicep curls

lower back extensions 2×12
knee ups on roman chair 25
knee ups on bench 30

Seated rows
80x10x2 full extension
90×10 super squeeze at end

13 mins on elliptical- high resistance focus on glutes – only 2 hard intervals in there. Ran out of time
I still have my 100 lunges to do today~ I will get them done, just not right now, lol!

Have a super Thurs night~~

p.s. look at my van…how many MOM’s have vans like this? hee, hee!



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