Female Fat FURNACES!!

I am building my body into a BEAUTIFUL, Symmetrical, CURVY, Lean, BUFF Female Fat FURNACE!!

I had a good leg workout yesterday- BIG focus on BIG MOVEMENTs!
That is the key to getting results. The foundation to my training program has revolved around using my BIG muscles and sticking to mostly BIG movements. Auxiliary exercises are not nearly as effective as the MAIN ones.
So keep that in mind when you are working out. THINK “what is the BIGGEST hardest exercise I can do right now for the BIGGEST muscles on my body?” And then do them…you will be amazed at how much more results you will gain.

Please read MUSCLE BURNS FAT! for more understanding about this concept.

Thursday was a BIG Movement LEG Day- for my BIGGEST potential Fat FURNACES…Then Yesterday my focus was my 2nd Largest muscle group…my BACK!! Did you know that your back and legs contain over 70% of your entire muscle mass? AND since MUSCLE BURNS FAT~ you need to BUILD them into the most active muscles on your body…in order to that you have to LIFT HEAVY! NO more foo, foo weights! They only work the muscle you have and are nothing more than glorified cardio. Go for the weights that CHALLENGE your muscles and you will be surprised at how much leaner you can become!

Here is my Back (back, shoulders and bi’s)workout:
Warm up r-bike (rather hard)- 10 mins ready article about mineral supplementation and weight loss—both chromium and calcium are GREAT!!

Lat pulls- works: back, sh, bi’s

Seated rows- works: back, sh, bi’s
90×12 exaggerated stretch and contraction

Behind the head (not a bar) Hammer Iso-lateral pull down machine- Back, sh, bi’s
70each armx6x2
45 each armx10

Iso-lateral hammer shoulder press
35each armx10x2
45 each arm x6

Pull ups assisted
Close grip focus on bicep also
20×6 with 5 second on the negative
30×4 with 5 seconds on the negative

Roman Chair
Knee ups on bench
25 slowx2

One arm DB lat row

Elliptical- arms off handle running motion- good posture!
3 min warm up
2 min hard at level 13, 1 min easier at 11 x 5 total
1 min cool down

1 monster set of walking lunges
55# bar on back x60steps..now today my butt is sore

Now today…I ran again!! Good steady run of about 2.5 miles…knee good, lungs good– then I did abs and right Now I am going to pump out 40 pushups!

Have a STELLAR SATURDAY and remember BIG MUSCLE FOCUS for the most effective efficient workouts!




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  1. Gosh you’re in great shape! Leg day, two mile run, then 40 pushups! Wow! Great job! 🙂 I’ll be there some day! 🙂 Keep it up! YOU ROCK!

    ~ Eva Goetze

  2. Great advice. I rode the exercise bike HARD today. Felt so good. Then had a great date tonight….my bf came over and cooked for me.

    I also helped two friends today who seem overwhelmed with problems. I tried to get them to think of baby steps to take to move in the right direction to get out of the situation, but neither one of them seemed interested in really moving. That just reminded me that I needed to go home and exercise, because for me, that is the daily maintenance that I need to stay sane–those are the baby steps that will keep me on the sane path. Can anyone relate?

  3. Oh, btw, my bf noticed that I had toned up! I felt great knowing that I had made an effort to improve my overall health.

  4. I agree with eating the egg. Egg whites along don’t stay with me. I need the extra protein & fat!! I need to really push more when I do back & legs 🙂

  5. getting ready for my cycling. I’ll be heading to the gym later this evening for some heavy lifting

  6. You are a machine, girl!!! Great workout.
    I used to do the egg white thing, but than I read how the yolk is very healthy support for your adrenal glands – now it’s the whole thing and tastes better. BTW, I was eating 2 fresh farm eggs as I sat down to read this. 🙂

  7. Sunday: Did 35 min. HIIT at 9am. Diet wasn’t so great. I didn’t overeat but I didn’t get in enough water/protein. Went to Colorado Rockies baseball game. It was a nice feeling to have a workout already finished early on a Sunday. POA Monday: a.m.-HIIT/p.m.-legs.

  8. I love eggs and I eat egg whites (sometimes with spinach in them) for breakfast every morning. I usually do 5-6 eggs .. should I be eatting the yolk from all of them? I seem to get back and forth messages from eatting the yolks or not eatting the yolks… Hmmmm, still confusing me.

  9. Great tip! I am so mad at myself I am now out of the challenge. Omg… I have re-injured my lower back. Long story short a three years ago I fell and broke a vertebrate in my lower back. Surgery and painful rehab! And now I am back in a world of hurt. Last week, I was gardening and tripped on a rock. A tiny rock. Any tips on how to exercise when injured? The good news is the doc said if I wasn’t as fit as I have become It would have been worse. Thanks for your support Michelle! Going off to RICE.

  10. Oh Wendy!! thanks for sharing your thoughts about it!! It was a wonderful moment for my family!!! Thanks!!!

  11. Oh you poor dear!! I have been dealing with nagging back issues for years~ You just need to be smart and only do what doesn’t hurt. then rehab SLOW. the key thing to keep is a mindset of “what CAN I DO?” vs thinking about what you can’t.
    Hope it’s better soon!!

  12. It depends…what other fats are you getting in your diet and are you really striving to lean up at the moment? I will only cut the fat out of my proteins when I am buffing really hard! for instance when trying to cut the last 2-4% of bodyfat off my body prior to a shoot or contest.

  13. I had been slacking on mine~but have been hitting them hard the past 3 leg workouts!!! I already feel the results!

  14. I love eggs! I did a whole body weight workout yesterday and I am sore. I hope spin class tonight will take some of the soreness out.

  15. OMG Michelle…..Talk about female fat furnace, I caught your youtube channel where you ran the race against those college kids…….I totally cried……I was like rooting you on the whole time……I am a very competitive person and it made me so proud of you for that accomplishment…… I totally loved hearing your kids root for you, one day they will realize what an extraordinary mother they have, you totally motivate me……keep it up!!!

  16. Thanks but unfortunately I can’t stand the taste of eggs unless they are hardcooked mixed in tuna fish. As far as the leg routine thanks because this will definitely help me.

  17. I like eggs but I go through a cycle where I can eat alot of them for awhile then just the thought of them makes me go yuk! I don’t want to look at another egg.

  18. Thanks for the info Michelle! I had no idea that muscle and legs makes up 70%….that is huge!! I knew they were the larger muscle groups, but that really makes a lot of sense of why you would want to really build them up. Can’t wait to do some big movements:)

  19. lol! i think most people go through phases like that, I do that with most every food~ and is why I try to keep a variety in my diet at all times!

  20. My goal right now is to lean up. My diet consists of alot of lean protein .. chicken, fish, turkey, lean meats, then asparagus, spinach, mixed veges or broccoli, and then a small amount of brown rice or sweet potatoes. Snacks are usually protein shakes, grapefruits or beef jerky…. oh, and LOTS of water. So should I keep the yolks cut out or should I be eating them?

  21. Hi Carole,
    What is the taste difference from farm fresh eggs and store eggs? I’ve always wanted to try them but don’t have any farms here. LOL 🙂

  22. I too have gone back & forth w/the whole egg thing. Good/bad, good/bad…..
    When we had chickens (before the wildlife took them), I was eating anywhere between 6 & 12 egg whites a day.
    No “free range” chickens, no eggs for me…..I will get my protein from soy until I can convince my husband that he DID enjoy taking care of the chickens!! LOL : )

  23. dropped the kiddies off to school then worked out! SWEATED MY ARSE OFF! Don’t know if it was the coffee contributing to the sweat, but I feel good!!! 🙂

  24. Busy day for me. I plan on a leg intense lift session this afternoon and a long walk in the perfect beginning of fall weather with the bf tonight.

  25. Ugh, I hear so many controversial stories on should you eat yolks/should you not eat yolks! Currently the only eggs I eat are whites. I need to lose 10 pounds to get ripped the way I want to. Should I continue to eat eggs sans yolks for weight loss, or does it not matter? Ran 3 1/2 miles pushing 106 lbs of kids and carriage. Did 1 hour of Kenpo. No weight training today.

  26. Eggs are a staple of my diet, I love them! Today is Back, yesterday was Legs, working on those fat furnaces!

  27. Leg days aren’t my favorite, but I did learn that the biggest muscles are in my back and legs, so I don’t negelect them! Thanks for the reminder!

  28. I lOVE eggs. I use to only eat egg whites cuz I hated the yolks but I started doing the hard centers and I like that so when I want a yolk I will do that. I was just lifting the other night at the gym thinking I need to up my weights cuz I feel I am sitting still on progress so tonight I will lift heavier:)

  29. I love when you list your workouts. I will miss your daily tips and workouts when this challenge comes to an end.

  30. Had really good leg day today! Also, my brother and one of the girls came over to work out as well. Did 60 squats and 30 lunges as well as the rest of the leg day exercise. Feel really good.


  31. That’s really cool that muscle burns fat. I guess the idea is to get those muscles working to swap the ratio, for me, particularly around the middle. I have this wonderful flat posterior. That makes the abs so much more obvious.

  32. I couldn’t agree more. Working the big muscles helps to burn more fat. I always work the large muscles one day, then I focus on the smaller muscles to shape and define. I find doing this helps my body get into shape faster. I also do push-up and pull-up (5 sets of six). Keep pumping!

  33. I post a blog almost daily~ you can check it and get daily tips and workouts from that 🙂
    The Rally Room is also an amazing place where not only I post but hundreds of others!

  34. I would keep eating the yolks…you need fat to keep your hormones working properly. Cut out carb calories instead of fat.

  35. I love the egg yolks, but have skipped them because i didn’t think they were good for you, so I’ve been sticking with the whites! Good to know that I can go back to enjoying the whole egg! 🙂

  36. Will focus on big muscles! Was watching “Biggest Loser” last night and am so cuirious how the womens’ weight loss is working out with their hormonal timing. Wouldn’t that be interesting to find out? Have you ever thought about contacting them, somehow?

  37. Hi MIchelle,

    I kind of fell off the face of the earth the last week because my husband was gone for 5 days and then I started a new job Monday. I am not feeling too well (maybe allergies or a cold coming on or maybe just stress).

    Either way, I am going to try to get back to gym tomorrow. I hate to lose all the gains I have been working towards.

  38. This is a tough week. Had to fly to Florida for a funeral, not much time to work out or opportunity to eat right but I’m doing my best. Small workout room in the hotel and protein bars and lots of water. Back on track tomorrow!!!

  39. Traveling and funerals are tough~ I am sure you’ll feel like your back to your normal routine soon.

  40. I am thinking about changing around my back routine. I am starting to feel like it is stagnate and needs some change.

    Muscle burns Fat, well I am wanting a lot of muscle. LOL.


  41. Very impressive! I need to start looking up some other exercises I can do at home – I have dumb bells and a bench press bar. I have been following your basic intro plan and increasing my weight, but yesterday I actually got to use a smith machine and wow! I could really feel it in my glutes. Thinking I need to challenge my muscles in new ways. Can’t believe how fast this 40 days have gone!

  42. I love eggs too….I like mine hardboiled mmmmm I want to be sexy and lean/toned like you I am going for it with all my might! I am going to be one of many buffmothers too!!!

  43. Good, good advise about the BIG muscles. So many people don’t lift heavy – like I always say Knowledge is Power.” I have a friend who is 6ft and works out at home, she only uses 5 or 8 lbs weights for her arms, I give her a hard time all the time!

    Ya know, I usually try to do egg whites and throw in one full egg. But, you do get more protein and benefits from the full egg…What would be the only reason for using just eggs whites – if you have high Cholesterol?

  44. I love egg whites. My dog is crazy about getting the yolks. He gets so excited when I am peeling the eggs. I will have to include the yolks when I scramble my eggs with spinach, which is YUMMY!!!

  45. I love eggs usually only the whites though, I will try to eat more yolks. I need to up my weights during my work out for my large muscles

  46. love eggs! love to work those big muscles. i try to do some sort of squats or lunges everyday, with heavy weights on legs days and maybe no weights on off days. i need to work more on my back

  47. So many women look at me crazy when I say I want to build muscle. MUSCLE BURNS FAT LADIES!! No matter how many times I say it they still think they are going to look like a man. So not possible unless you take steroids or testosterone.

  48. I love how muscles make our bodies look more toned.. That’s just so sexy! My arms are starting to show a little muscle…. whoo whoo

  49. I love EGGs .. my favorite is omletes ( my fiance makes me omletes every sunday morning before church).

  50. I would eat more eggs…but I just found out I am allergic! I love that muscle burns fat! And the people don’t think I weight what I do because of my muscle mass!

  51. hmm, interesting way to think, BIG movements for BIG muscles! I’m going to have to try that! Makes sense! 🙂

  52. I need to incorp the whole egg. Ive been focusing only on whites. Love the back & leg tip. 70% WOW. I need to look up on how to do a few of those back workouts. In a funk right now. Family stress and TOM coming. My eats have been terrible. Going for acupuncture today to rid myself of all the negativity. Pray for me.

  53. When I look at your workouts I feel so weak (I am still at the foo foo stage). But I can not do 30 pushups and before I started your program I was lucky to do 10!!!!!

  54. be sure to check out some of my videos- I show some good ideas like lat pulls, inverted pull ups and rows.

  55. I was were you were when I started…the reason I post my workouts are to show you that you have HUGE potential and that you shouldn’t worry about your muscles getting BULKY~ our bodies are amazingly sleek even when they are strong 🙂

  56. I enjoy working my legs, and it is satisfying to know how much these muscle can help me keep lean. I work out at home with free weights, and I am not sure about the best way to work my back. I’ll be researching that tonight and will make sure to give these muscle alot of attention as well!

  57. Today was suposed to be a big cardio/interval day but I have a nagging cough UGG I did go ice skating which is suposed to burn a lot but I do not see how we will see!@!!!

  58. I love eggs but struggle with allowing myself to eat the yolks! I fell into the ol’ no fat thing and am having a hard time getting that out of my head!!

  59. That is great info about muscle and fat and how we can work our body to maiximize the BUFF power! I love challenging myself to do heavier weight than I “think” I can lift and then seeing that I can do it! It’s very exciting. I love lifting!

  60. Eggs are sometimes the only protien my girls will eat so we are egg eaters. Good info on large muscles heavier weight and burning fat.

  61. This is where I’m to the point where I wish going to a gym was an option. I’m very limited on my weights and I’m afraid I’m not lifting legs heavy enough…

  62. Been focusing on chest and back the last 2 weeks to meet my goal to do 30 man push-ups by day 40. During my 2 buffing weeks this month, I’ve made amazing strength progress! Always focus hard on my legs and butt!

  63. Love that you talked about eating the whole egg, some many people say whites only but I prefer the whole egg as well. Back, shoulders and biceps today!

  64. Great workout! I love eggs too and sometimes eat only whites so I will try to keep this in mind and eat the whole darn thing!

  65. the only time i eat just whites is sometimes when they are hard boiled– the yolks can get so dry and hard to eat.

  66. I love working my legs but struggle with heavy weights as I don’t get to the gym regularly. I do heaps of lunges, squats, calf raises, lying leg raises etc. & I walk briskly every day. Hopefully I’m doing enough to challenge the big muscles until I can use the fancy machines @ the gym. My back is my main ‘hate’ point. In my eyes I have a ‘fat back’ and I would love to eliminate that lovely extra roll I get around my bra straps. Other than using the gym machines, I’m not sure how else to work the back at home!!!

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