Whoohoo!! GREAT week for all the ladies in the RR~
I am so impressed by all of their super great workouts and eating this week!! I think most of us have had a GREAT start to the Consistency Contest!

I am very happy to report that I have made some great progress on several fronts: my projects are moving along very nicely, I am close to fully rested and recovered (part of my POA for the week) and I have been very good on my eating, MINUS the 2 too many treats last night (6 star-bursts and 1/2 ice cream bar on top of my treat of popcorn).

Yesterday I had a Mother’s day TEA with my little guy- Gunner! He is so sweet and it was a ton of fun to see him in his classroom with his classmates and the other mothers. Then this morning I had a Mother’s day “Muffins and Mugs” with the girls at their school. So I already feel spoiled for this Mother’s day!

That got me thinking, we need to register for a BuffMother! Day holiday!!
Wouldn’t that be the coolest!? I think it needs to be the first Sunday of March since March 1st 2006 was when we opened the RR and it is a GREAT time to start the push for getting BUFF for Bikini season…What do you think? is it a good Idea?

My DH now gets to have “summer hours” and is off at 2pm today!! So I am in a rush to get a lot of work done so that we can have some good quality time together. AND did I mention it is beautiful outside!! Finally clear and sunny~ the first day this week…hope it’s like that all weekend!!

Not much else going on here…I am off to get some work done!!

Love you all -Michelle



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