Hair done, Legs done

Hair and legs were on tap~ both done.
I got my hair done finally!! it was too long between highlights, the last time I went was at the end of FEB–it looks so much better, you can see it tomorrow in my pics

My leg workout suffered a bit today….I was just not quite focused. I will blame it on cold meds that I took today to help my allergies– they have been a thorn in my side all week!!!

Here it was
tanning=warm up, lol

Walking lunges- to pre-exhaust my booty, since it was booty day

Squats- super squeeze at the end of reps on booty so wt is lower
paired with calf raises- various kinds and weights

Smith lunges and Butt Squats
threw some more calf raises in there too

Dead lifts
close stance 115×10
wide stance 115×10

Walking lunges with 25’s super booty stretch- put weights almost on floor by front foot, chest to knee almost
2 sets of about 8 reps

one set of hanging sit ups

Now if my brain could start working I’d like to get some work done~
By for now,



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