2 right feet!!

I am so proud of myself right now…I made it to the gym nice and early that’s 8:45 for this lady!

Anyhow…I have decided to go to the gym right after dropping the kids off in the morning, since I don’t seem to get anything done until at least 10am on work in the morning anyway! So I started today~ got my gym bag packed with my tennis shoes, glove, music and water. Left the house coffee in hand wearing my flip flops.

I got to the gym, met with a cheerful HELLO! and then headed off to tan…perfect way to mentally prepare for my leg workout. I was stoked, READY to hit my booty with all my might, visions of- lunges, bulgarians, sissy squats, smith lunges, butt squats, froggy leg curls and walking lunges all danced in my head.

So after the bulbs turned off, started in on putting on my clothes and shoes only to find 2 right shoes!!! AkKKKK! I have 2 exact pairs of NIKE’s and I had grabbed 2 right shoes…so no LEG workout for me today!

Instead I did intervals on the r-bike with my flip flops on
9 hard 1 min on 1 min off intervals plus 5 min extra- 25 mins total
then did 3 sets of leg culs and 3 sets of knee extensions
and 1 set of roman chair knee ups

So… tomorrow I will do my BUTT!

Now to be productive the rest of this Terrific Thursday!!!

Love ya,
p.s. Don’t forget the consistency challenge starts this MONDAY! so don’t forget to start blogging about it and include your stats
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