Getting READY *edit* and DONE with #7!!


Getting READY!!

Hi beautiful friends!!
I am getting ready for:
1-the next “season” of my life, by this I mean business wise mostly, but also personally…lots of fun changes are happening all the time!!
2-my birthday…just about 5.5 weeks away
3-the consistency challenge- OH YEAH!!! I need it too baby! I plan to take my pics and measurements on Saturday
4-summer- oh how I LOVE it and this year is gonna be the best one in quite a while!! the kids are finally old enough for some FUN!
5- the next big UFC fight- CHUCK LIDDEL vs. RAMPAGE JACKSON!!! It’s gonna rock!
6- a photoshoot- I need to do at least one in the next couple months
7-and more immediatly I am finally getting ready to workout today, lol!
Off to get it done!
Love ya,

NOW I done with #7 and feel GREAT!!
Despite my unmotivated lazy mental mood this afternoon…I DID it anyway!
warm up 7 mins u-bike
flat bench flys 30’sx15x10x10
tri-bench dips 10
tri kick backs 15×10 each arm alone

Incline flys 30×12,10,10
paired with overhead db tri extensions
15 togetherx15
15 one arm x6x 2sets

bowflex bench press with squeeze at endh
paired with tri extension same wt x sets

intervals on bike
1 min bike, 10 pu 3 cats/dogs x5
1 grapple with dh ended in arm bar submission

off to feed and eat!



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