Shifiting my day off~ and yesterday’s chest wo

Hi …well I am shifting my day off of lifting to today. I am still a tish sore from my leg workout on Tuesday and since my back has been a bugger I decided it would be best to shift my legs to tomorrow and lift my back on Sunday. Also, I never made it to Wal-mart yesterday~ which I blame on the COLD yucky weather yesterday.

AND I just finished upright bike intervals even min on: odd min off…8 hard mins total of 20 mins

Today is BEAUTIFUL here, though and I will be off to the races soon- wal-mart, b-day party for Gunner and dinner out with DH and the girls-and maybe a quick trip to the mall

I had a great workout day yesterday and was rewarded by a leaner reflection in the mirror today, but no weight loss…that’s the power of muscle!!

Here is yesterday’s workout:
u-bike am fasted for about 10 mins while reading my BIBLE…I’ve done this several times this week!!

Warm up- elliptical- decided to make it intervals 10 mins
Bench 45×25
paired with 2 sets bench dip
2 sets crunches on bench with feet on bar

Skull crushers
50×8, 7, 6
paired w/ incline flys

Cable tri push downs
50×16 big set and decided to do flys instead

Cable Chest flys
arms together 25×10
arms one at time

Knee ups on roman chair
30 slow
st leg ups 10+10knee ups x 2 sets
Kick backs
15’sx10- this gym has no 12’s which I would have rather done and focused harder on contraction

Then elliptical intervals 20 mins~ these were good and hard

Slept hard and have more energy today!! HOORAY FOR Friday!!

Love you all,
p.s. I will announce the contest for all Rally Room members this weekend …to start on May 7th



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