A little about my eating :)

Happy Monday!
Thanks so much for all your well wishes and prayers. I feel much better today and am READY to Rock this WEEK!!

I know I rarely post what and when I eat…….mostly because I am not a traditional dieter, meal planning doesn’t work for me and neither does eating a set # of times each day. The way I approach it is this…I go through my day, eating when I am hungry. As I go along, I track my “portions” in my head or on the white board on my frig…most of the time aiming for around 5P-4C-3F-2+G-1T. When I eat it I FORCE myself to choose proteins and greens first. The only time I don’t is for my PRE workout meal…that’s when I choose a good complex carb- My favorite is Oatmeal.
Another KEY item about my eating is that I take into consideration my personal biorhythms…I am NOT a morning person! I don’t like eating in the morning at all, but I LOVE eating in the evening!! So instead of fighting my body I work with it. I don’t eat much early in the day and then I am able to eat more in the afternoon and evening.

Now since I am buffing these next 2 weeks…I get a bit stricter on myself. Mostly that means cutting out some CARBS and increasing my GREEN consumption. Also, I usually have to cut out a bit of FAT (I tend to overeat fat) and I like to limit my bread/grain intake and TOTALLY eliminate all Dairy (mostly I don’t have much, since I am lactose intolerant, but it tends to “sneak” into my diet sometimes)

Here are a few samples of how I eat during buffing:
7am- up drink water take supps: NO2, fish oil
8 am- coffee and atkins bar (PENUT BUTTER) PF
11 am- Veggies( asparagus stir fry) with tuna, spicy Sweet and sour sauce, a few cashews PGF
Vitamins post meal
1pm- NO2 supps
2- oatmeal C
3- workout
4:30 Boca Burger, Apple PC
6:30 Supper- Chicken tenderloins (big portion) with honey mustard sauce and Green Beans 2P C 2G
7-10 pm TEA (decaf herbal: sleepy time, tension tamer, chamomile, etc.)
Totals= 5P, 3C, 3F, 3G

7am- up supps
8 am- eggs (3 whole)PF
11 am- Brussell Sprouts- G
1pm- HUGE salad: Romain, Spinach, olives, carrot, nuts, egg, chicken, cucumbers, pickles, ranch dressing (1/2 serving, just enough to barley help flavor) 2G,P,1F,1/2C
3pm- Oatmeal C
4pm workout
5pm Burger (no bun), a tish of BBQ sauce, sweet potatoe 2P,1/2C,1C
7-10pm Beef Jerky, tea 1P

So that gives you a bit of an idea of how I am going to eat this week

I am off to get some WATER NOW!! Don’t forget to DRINK UP!!




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  1. I find one of the hardest things for me when it comes to diet is the fact that i’m a cook for a catering company. I have to taste all day long. I find some days I end up eating a lot more then I really need to because I’m around food all day long.

  2. I am glad you are not a morning person either. I have been trying to work against my system lately and forcing a breakfast when I get up. I normally don’t want to eat a meal until around 2 in the afternoon. I might have a couple of eggs or a protein shake to get me going but I am a night eater as well.

  3. i eat pretty much when im hungry..i love fresh foods …like the saying goes if man makes it dont eat it!

  4. I believe in working WITH our natural biorhythms~ it’s all about taping into what GOD gave us naturally and maximizing it!!

  5. I’m always SO hungry in the morning, all morning… in fact, I will get up early just for the sake of eating breakfast! BUT, I never eat a main meal past 4pm. What good advise to just follow your natural biorythms πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks for the post! I am still working on fixing my eating habits. I love my carbs a bit too much. I guess I am still a work in progress. πŸ˜€

  7. I just got the results of my cholesterol test today and my bad cholesterol was only 57, the doc was like thats the lowest I have ever seen since I’ve been in medicine, wow!!….A fit life is all I want….now that I know Im healthy, boy am I gonna go for it….Im pushin it hard from now on……;0)

  8. Wow, impressive!

    It’s hard for me to get past the learned sense that I need sooo many carbs to function. It is good to see that ‘s not really true.

  9. Timely Michele πŸ™‚
    Thanks so much for sharing this. A lot here for me to think about.
    I don’t know if you travel a lot but i would love to hear how you deal with eating and working out when traveling.

  10. Thank you…I will have to keep this in mind. I’ve been actually recording my meals so I can go back and track how I did and what I need to adjust.

  11. Interesting~~I usually am very hungry in the morn & that’s when I work out too. I think u have to listen to your body cause if I’m hungry I need to eat!

  12. Good post about how we don’t all eat the same. I’m boosting this week so my POA for the next 7 days is 1/2 hour HIIT every morning then weights on Mon.Wed.Fri. God help me through the carb-craving afternoons.

  13. thank you for all your helpful info. so much to consider, I also am not a morning person and I don’t usually eat first thing in morning either. glad to know I am not the only one.

  14. thanks for the eating plan-tips–i was wondering what you might eat daily to keep your figure.

  15. I struggle with grazing too many calories – when I am not even hungry, but my kids are. I will work on being more disciplined and writing it all down.

  16. My schedule is sooo crazy that I stressed myself at times trying to do the scheduled eating, so many meals a day etc. I do agree with the eat when hungry. I had heard years ago that children are usually so intune with their bodies cause they eat when they are hungry and as long as we offer them proper things they know what their body needs, hence at times eating the same things over and over. I believe we have tuned out listening to our bodies, thanks Michelle for helping us to look within to help without

  17. I have lost the most weight when I only ate when I am hungry. Thanks for sharing your eating habits.

  18. I’m hungry all day long, so I find the evenly spaced meals work best. . . and nothing past 6pm at night.
    I hear ya about the germs, too! I’m convinced that’s how I got my last cold. yuck!

  19. I have to admit that it’s tough for me to eat correctly every time and I hate wasting food! (I KNOW – GET OVER IT, AND STOP EATING THE KIDS’ LEFTOVERS – LOL)… but, today, I ate well – salmon and a couscous made with some yogurt sauce…num!!

  20. on cd27 feeling fatigue, with body aches, so i just relaxed no workout, hope im not coming down with something.

  21. Since I am up VERY early – and do my cardio in the am, I NEED to eat in the morning! Hmm…now that I think about it…I feel I NEED to eat in the evening too! : ( Although my choices are usually veggies, tofu & protein drinks….I still can’t seem to get that layer of FAT off!! UGH!! (having PMS and feeling way 2 sensitive)

  22. The diet sounds great..the types for the gym, I have been very sports active my whole life and in highschool managed to catch a skin virus from wrestling mats (my brother wrestled and got it from his team and managed to share it with me when we did out sports together). Needless to say, since then I am a “gym germaphobe” I will shower after being in the gym even if I only did yoga and not sweat was involved.

  23. Is fasting cardio in the AM better for loosing weight?……..Now that school has started I wont be able to get to the gym M-TH night so I thought I would up the cardio in the AM…..good or no?

  24. Day 33. This week I am trying the 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of LBM, and trying for low carbs, just veggies for carbs. Wish me luck!

  25. I have been eating well lately, but next week starts boosting and I fear HIF!
    I LOVE eating breakfast, so I try not to eat past 6 or 7 at night.

  26. don’t fear it just prepare and be sure to listen to your body…the biggest culprit to overeating and eating BAD is being over tired!

  27. I do fasted cardio sometimes during my buffing phase and it does help…but I’ve found the BEST time for me to do cardio is immediatly after my weight training. that way I get it all done at once~ I hate feeling like I workout all the time!

  28. that’s not a super bad problem to have as long as you be sure to get in enough protein…choose protein based snacks

  29. I started a new eatng program last monday, high protien, lower carbs,, ive been eating carbs with breakfast, added more veggies in. I have dropped 2.5 lbs this week! so happy, now just to keep it up..

  30. I started a new eatng program last monday, high protien, lower carbs,, ive been eating carbs with breakfast, added more veggies in. I have dropped 2.5 lbs this week! so happy, now just to keep it up..

  31. Thanks for the insight into your diet. I’ve really got to buckle down on the whole eating right thing. I’m the queen of eating crap and justifying it!

    No workout today… migraine. Will get back in the saddle tomorrow!

  32. Yum! I have a tendency to eat too much fat, too! Got to lay off the peanut butter; I have no control!

  33. I was always told that morning was better to eat a lot, but I am like you and I do not like ot eat in the morning. So I will either have a protein shake or something else lighter cuz I like to eat more at night too.

  34. I think getting to know how your body responds to food is important. Thanks for your guide here. It makes it easier.

  35. diet can be tough…for me if I keep my workouts going~ diet falls in line! if not, my diet falls apart!

  36. Well, I just relized that I missed blogging for this day. It was Sunday for me. We had a great soccer game. I ended up playing keeper most of the time, but was able to get out and run for 20 – 25 min. We ended 4 -4.

    Thanks, Lora

  37. Also, it was our 6th anniversary and my husband completly surprised me with a new slicer for meat and other things. He had injured his back a week ago and then pulled it again Friday, so dinner planns with both sets of parents had to be post poned. Hopefully, we will get to go out in 2 weeks if his back continues to get better.

    Thats all for now.

  38. I feel the same way about eating. I am a morning person, so I usually start my day off with a workout (cardio) then breakfast. But water and pre-workout supps are always a must. I try to eat every two to three hours, but I listen to my body and have my meals about every three to four. Second workout is in the evening (weights) then home for dessert…protein shake and final supps of the day! Always listen to your body.

    Keep pumping.

  39. Michelle, this challenge has been so motivation to me, thank you!
    I also like to eat light early in the day and ‘pack it in at night’ At 5′ 3″ and 109 lbs. it has worked for me for years and I am extremely consistent, my cheats are maybe 3x per year??

    Here is a sample of my eating day:

    815-Green smoothie, 1 tsp. bee pollen

    Workout**1 hour Power Sculpt class, 1 hour Pilates

    1245-1 hm raw cocoa-maca bar

    130-1 pomegranate

    315-kohlrabi/celery/cucumber, raw cauliflower salad w/ miso/tahini dressing

    415-SALAD: mixed baby greens/baby spinach/tomato/avocado/purple bell pepper/onion/scallion w/ cilantro~hempseed oil dressing

    500-Kelp noodles w/ homemade raw coconut-basil-curry sauce>>yummy! =)

    545-steamed asparagus, scrambled egg whites & salsa, 1 raw coconut-mulberry-buckwheat cookie

    **Jacobs baseball game

    800-1/2 cup raw sprouted quinoa w/ 1 scoop Jay Robb’s brown rice protein powder

    830-2 Wasa ryecrisp, banana, 1 T. raw walnut butter

    900-bowl of Cinnamon puffins w/ hm raw hempseed milk, 1 raw sunflowerseed-almond cookie

  40. I used to not be a morning eater…until after I had kiddos! My thing now is trying to keep my energy up (using food) for the latter part of my day…my workouts are usually after 9pm! Usually my dinner fuels the workout and I am *TRYING* to get at least a Pshake in at night to replenish…it is hard sometimes but I am truckin’ along. πŸ™‚

  41. Excellent post. I know that I don’t eat enough, but it is so hard to get it through my head that I need to eat more throughout the day.

  42. Wow!! awesome very nutritious eating Kelly!! I wouldn’t know where to even find half of the foods you are eating around here. You are free to come shop and cook for me any time πŸ™‚

  43. I don’t know how I missed this email but I just found it and it wasn’t opened so this post is a little late.

    Love the eatting sample. I will definately refer to this again.


  44. EWWW! Germs! I am constantly using hand sanitizer at the gym!!! On a different note, I am starting to see my abs again, and got back into some of my size 2 denim slacks!!!! YEAH!!!

  45. Too true – we are all individuals and no one diet plan is the best for everyone. If you try to fight your natural inclinations you are more likely to fail. Best to make it work for you, like you have done. I shuda read this before breakfast!! Gave in to my all-week craving of english muffin with peanut butter and honey! At least now I won’t be thinking about it all day πŸ™‚ Now off to make pies for my daughter’s school’s soup supper. Will make sure I get a good workout in today – maybe I can have a piece πŸ˜‰

  46. Catching up now from the weekend.

    I always wash my hands and water bottle when I am done working out, so so many germs there. Sometimes I get to crazy about them.

    I need more veggies and less carbs!! Good article great reminder.

  47. Thanks for sharing your eating plan. It really helps to see what other fitness people are eating

  48. I am the opposite of a germ-a-phobe but sometimes it can be totally GROSS when sharing gym equipment

  49. Since I workout in the morning, I usually have a pre-workout shake with strawberries, banana and blueberries

  50. I just found out I am allergic to gluten, and eggs. My doctor still wants me to stay away from things with yeast in them as well as most fruits. I am struggling with what to eat!

  51. i see on the first day of your food intake you show taking NO2 supp twice before you train, do you find it helps better taking it like that? I always thought NO2 was to be taken right before you train..? Just curious!

  52. Germs in the gym – OMG. I wipe down, but the guy before me or after me doesnt. Eating for me is tough at night. I do so good during day, but something about 7-10 pm, look out. I need to stay on top of this.

  53. ive decided to stop drinking wine for the next few days .I cant seem to lose this extra layer of chubbiness even though ive been eating really well and excercising like a mad woman!!my body could use the break from the vino for a bit anyhoo!!!!

  54. I never touch my face while at the gym. I love the 54321 way of eating. It is so easy to keep track of calories and portion sizes without counting calories. I focus moat on the protein content.

  55. thanks for sharing. The diet is the challenge for me. I get bored eating the same thing everyday.

  56. I never eat the same from day to day~ that’s why I love my 5-4-3-2-1 diet- I can mix and match foods on the fly!

  57. Your diet sounds so easy, I think I need to do some more planning so the foods are readily available and easy to throw together! Thank you!!

  58. I usually eat the most in the evening as well. I have never done well with the idea that you cannot eat after a certain time in the evening. Since I usually go to bed around 10 or 11, I would end up starving and not being able to fall asleep!! ~ I think the key is to eat when you are (truly) hungry and choose healthy foods. Your method is obviously working!!

  59. Oh thanks so much I have your book and this is good to go with it you have examples in there-thanks but I am taking away these to add to it!!! Funny you meantion the wasshing hands and germs in your email!!! I am sick again-chest cold UGG!!!

  60. I am very conscious about where I put my hands when it comes to germs, always washing….
    Good eats, I have been eating alot of asparagus lately, but I also have to be careful about not eating too many good fats. They add up!

  61. Germs!? I have cracks in my fingers from washing my hands :-). I am constantly washing my hands with little ones to care for and then it is just a good way to fight off colds etc. Diet… I love the simplicity of your system. I keep track in a journal right now as i needed to be a little more honest about what i was really eating. However i usually just mentally check how many veggies have i had how much protien….etc then decide what i can eat next. Kiss as you say. Diet and fitness shouldnt be rocket science right? πŸ™‚

  62. I think I’m doing pretty good on my dieting. Always room for improvement but it’s a lot better than it used to be! πŸ˜‰

  63. Good food ideas. I struggle with Greens. I am not much of a veggie eater but trying to get better at it.

  64. i find from monday-friday i can eat on my proper scheduling and nutrition plans but when the weekend come i have such a hard time- mostly because my sleep patterns change! Any tips for weekends?

  65. if I plan, I do well during the week. but by saturday, my frig is empty and i’m left with nothing on the weekend. i tend to grocery shop sunday night, so my weekends are full of eating out almost EVERY meal! it looks like i’m going to have to change up my routine!

  66. Ready for a great cardio day! First Trick r Treating with the kids! Then my interval workout on the treadmill after they go to bed.

  67. I have found that it is easier to keep the water intake high than to keep the protein intake high. I have turned to protein shakes and bars, and choosing a meat, eggs or fish for almost every meal. But even then, I don’t think I have had a single day with over 75 grams of protein. Any suggestions?

  68. Boy am I glad my hubby has all the gym equipment we need at home – no need to worry about germ sharing. I like that you allow yourself to go with your natural biorhythm as mine is similar – mornings are less for eating for me but I try to force it so maybe I will change that idea and see what happens!

  69. thank you for posting a few of your meal plans. Its nice to see what other people are doing for meals.
    Why do you cut dairy? What suppliments do you take?

  70. Diet is key to this whole Process & I’m just figuring it all out. It’s always nice to see what & when people eat as I’m scared of carbs!!!! My body just doesn’t seem to be able to deal with them at all. But they’re essential in some form or another, so it’s nice to see what a ‘pro’ eats

  71. Yeah I have the same issue with carbs– but just enough in a diet really helps you feel good during workouts– I try to get in most of mine via fruits and veggies and only the amount I BURN OFF in a day– 3 to 5 servings is about all I can do.

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