Takin’ it easy…this week’s POA

I am takin’ it easy this weekend…
Yesterday I started feeling a bit ill, I think I am getting “grazed” by the flu Travis had. So I just did a little mini workout yesterday a mish-mosh of stuff…
ran around the block
did a few mins on the bike
a few mins on the stairmaster
did some push ups

AND….I did 4 pushups with CLAPS between for the first time EVER!
Last night we watched the UFC, it was really good except ARLOFSKI his fight was BORING!!

Now today, I am taking totally OFF of workouts and getting SET to hit it hard this week.

this week is the first of bufffing…my goal is to shed a pound of “real weight” and continue to build up my fitness
M- Chest, Tris and intervals
W-Back, Bi, Sh and intervals
Th- Chest, Tris and intervals
S-Back, Bi, Sh and intervals
Sunday OFF

Diet will be KEY for me these next couple weeks– LOTS of GREENS and protein

I am really enjoying the warmer weather!! It is fun to break out the shorts and tanks, AND it is a BIG motivator to hit the buffing hard!
Hope you have a good relaxing day too!!



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