Beginner upper body at home workout

I took this video today~ get out your dummbells and join me on the great workout!!

Beginner upper body at home  workout

Upper body Circuit — do the following exercises in the order listed, complete the entire list 3 times:

1. Push ups on Knees as many as you can do
2. Rows- Bent over holding DB’s — 10 repetitions
3. Chair dips- knees bent as many as you can do
4. Shoulder press- standing- 10 repetitions
5. Bicep curl- 10 repetitions
6. tricep extensions- 10 repetitions
7. abs knee ups on chair
8. lateral shoulder raises

REPEAT these 8 exercises 3 times

Aerobic exercise- 20 mins of something ….walking, marching in place, riding a bike, etc…

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