2 month countdown: 4-14-07 Plus MOVIE reviews :)

Oh yeah!! I love the 14th of every month, most especially JUNE 14th~ cuz’ that’s my B-day!!

SO today is the start of MY 2 MONTH countdown to my B-day!! Time to get HOTTTT!! I have to admit, I’ve been a little less than stellar in my grooming as of late- I’ve taken off my nails (my natural ones have never grown), I’ve not gone to the hair salon since the end of FEB, I am the least TAN than I’ve been in ages (not all a bad thing), and I need to UPDATE my wardrobe for spring/summer BADLY!! TIME to get it together MICHELLE!! LOL! Instead my focus has been on other VERY important things, and trust me I do have a good excuse, just I miss that sexy feeling.

THUS, my goal is to be ready for another photo shoot right around my B-day…2 months away!

Todays workout~
30 push ups
Bowflex press 100x6x3
paired with tri kickbacks
Flat bench DB flys
30’sx10x3 (slow and super stretch)
Bench dips
overhead DB tri extensions
push ups 10

It was a VERY quick one- less than 20 mins!

Now for another movie…the Illusionist

MY recent reviews:
Last night little miss sunshine= C+
All the Kings Men= C-
The Good Shepard= D
Blood Diamond = C
Holiday = B-
Nacho Libre= B
School For Scoundrels=B

Some movies of the Past I’d give A’s to:
The River Runs through IT
Shawshank Redemption
Dumb and Dumber




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