UFC Thursday!!!

it is Thursday!! and the UFC is having a fight night tonight and the premier of my favorite reality tv show THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 5 (TUF)…
I love it!! So that’s the plan for tonight….

I am a slight bit injured…I hurt left side of my neck/shoulder yesterday afternoon doing shoulder presses with 30#dbs ***DON’t lift heavy weights with shoulders until you are warmed up and strong enough to***

I should have known better, but I was distracted and tend to forget that I am not as strong as I was just a few months ago, lol! on rep #4 of my set I felt my spine go “out” and like a dummy just kept on going with the rest of my workout…needless to say I was in pain last night!!

BUT today I got into the chiro and he put it back in place…now I am just sore, so I took the day off of lifting– tomorrow will be chest and triceps.

Well, the BOOK is really taking shape!! Gotta go get more done on it~



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