April Is “Shower Encoragement Month”!!

Well Happy APRIL everyone~
Each month I like to pick a theme…for instance November was I am thankful Month, March was positive Mental attitude month and now to continue on with our MONTHLY tradition…

“I Declare April as SHOWER Encouragement Month!!”

After all…Our Motto here in the TEAM BUFFMOTHER Rally Room is “The Key to YOUR motivation is to encourage others!”

What you GIVE is what you GET~

Let’s make it our goal this month to shower each other with encouragement!!

For instance:
*daily encourage other BuffMothers in the Rally Room by giving heartfelt comments (my daily goal is at least 5)
* send Private messages or emails to others: maybe someone that you’ve lost touch with, Or someone who you have a common bond with, or someone who inspires you…encourage them to keep believing
*take a vested interest in encouraging a friend, family member, gym acquaintance
*encourage your children- their potential is limitless…help them dream and set goals for themselves!!

Whatever it is, take a little extra effort this month to encourage someone else, you will be REPAID for your investment with a rise in your own motivation level!!

After all- April Showers bring MAY Flowers

Love Ya,



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