Fun in the SUN and at the TRACK

Good evening my dears,

Me today!  just keeping tabs on my never lie!
This pic is of me taken today.  I just had to check on my progress…pictures never lie!

I had a GREAT Thursday. We got everyone off to school and daycare this morning and then I went to work–Got a lot done by noon and then headed outside to eat lunch and write in the sun! It was wonderful~ summer is so close!!

Then this afternoon I had my conference with Gunner’s teacher- she is so sweet. I can tell she really likes Gunner and really enjoys her job! Gunner is really getting involved a lot more with being a little “jock” at recess, but often get chased by mobs of little girls.

For my torture session~
I made it to the track tonight:
5 200’s and 3 100’s

warm up 800m
200- 30 sec
then 3 100’s- sprint 100, walk 100 x3 times

One week from tomorrow I run my race!!
I am ready!



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