Sunday Strides

Sunday has been a rough day for me over the past few months…somehow I have ended up terribly “crabby” on SUNDAYS. Despite my desire for a relaxing day, I have been working myself into a tizzy before we even get to church and be in a rotten mood most of the day.
Last weekend, I decided THIS IS ENOUGH! I am NOT going to be CRABBY on Sundays anymore~or any other day for that matter. I am going to enjoy the journey in my life and not stress the small stuff (mostly housework, lol)…
Long story short: TODAY has been GOOOOOOD :jump:

We went to church this morning, listened to a wonderful sermon about prayer–I needed this! Came home, had lunch, laid out on the trampoline while doing my nails, then got ready for my track wo…as I was about to leave Travis proclaimed he wanted to go too–meaning all the kids would have to go too….So we away we went.

I warmed up 3 laps, streches, drills, etc…
400m=62sec 30, 32 splits
rest 12 mins
400m-63 seconds 31, 32 splits
rest 5 mins
400m- 68 seconds Lactic Acid big time!! 33, 35 splits
rest 12 mins
400m- 68 seconds DYING the entire last 300m!
my HR was still elevated to 120 bpm 35 mins after this workout–I was DEAD!!

Travis also ran his very first EVER 400’s and did REALLY Well (he did 3, 2 of them hard)!! Amazing that he is still having “firsts” at the age of 37– you are never to old to try new things 🙂

Now it is time to bathe the kids and relax and prep for the week ahead–
My plan is simple
1- continue getting 800m ready, my race is the 31st
2- work on business stuff

Love ya!



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