Whew! I think I am catching up~

Today was my first day back to the NORMAL BuffMother life so I had a week’s worth of e-mails and LIFE to catch up with.

Now to catch you all up with my life-
I had a wonderful trip to NYC, It was VERY successful for business and the FUTURE of BuffMother will be AMAZING in part because of it. It was my first time to the big city, and it was a very good experience. The city really amazes me- all those people in such a small space, totally the opposite of what this small town girl is used to. I did like the work ethic I saw and HUSTLING–the north is known for that. AND compared to Arkansas the pace was fast…all good for my personality.

On my trip home my second flight was canceled due to weather in Charlotte NC, and just my luck almost every hotel was booked due to the NCAA Basketball tourney there, so I barely got a room at the Micro-hotel Hotel. I finally made it home Friday afternoon. That night was the first round of the toughman Travis won his fight, so he fought Saturday night. ON Saturday he came out swinging and got caught by a lucky punch–so he lost. Three of his sparing partners went on the final round and 2 won their divisions! So it was good~
Travis is fine, his nose and neck is sore, but he is back at work today. He was a winner though- he got the money raised that he needed for 2 fatherless boys to be able to enjoy their passions. 1 is getting a new trumpet and the other Basketball stuff and attending a camp–VERY cool ministry that he is starting.

Today started off rough, poor Gunner has the Flu…so no school for him today. He is doing much better now and I am hoping no one else will get it. I am just hanging in there with my fitness –last week was not the greatest for workouts or eating:
M- ran sprints
T- lifted legs at hotel
W- ran on the treddy at hotel and did tiny ubwo
Th-nothing, except running in the airport to catch the plane that was delayed and then canceled
F- nothing
Sa- nothing
Su- I did go running Ran 5 longer intervals of about 300 m each then 3 short 100m or so sprints
M- now to go running and maybe do some upper body strength training
POA for the rest of this week:
T-track workout
W-lift legs
Th-track workout
F-lift at gym
Sa- track workout lift at gym

Let’s see, I have a couple pics to share-
this is me Thursday morning in my hotel room

this is Travis and Gunner at the fights

Now I am off to go running out on this beautiful sunny day!!

ALSO….REMEMBER this is PMA month!! Keep it 100% positive :cheer:

PMA MONTH = Positive Mental Attitude MONTH

I am Declaring March as PMA month–POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE Month.

Recently Stanford released the result of a study about success:
Only 12% of people attributed their success to their ABILITY. AND a whopping 83% of success was attributed to ATTITUDE!

Each day this MONTH (and forever) let’s make an extra point exude a PMA in your blog posts, blog titles, comments, and daily life. SEE what happens you will be amazed!!

Get your attitude right and you will be a SUCCESS!!




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