Fun Day!

What a fun day~ It was fun for many reasons:
1. I got to spend some extra time talking to my DH today in route to an from his job (his car is in the shop)
2. I got to buy my kiddo a sonic “whacky pack” for them today–Tia thought the word Whacky was funny!–so do I!
3. I got to workout with my DH, sorta– not actually together, but we were at the gym at the same time
4. I went shoe shopping– the only kind of shopping I tollerate– and I bought a pair!
5. I had fun talking on the phone about BuffMother! My favorite topic!

My workout was good–OH an I am DYING from my sore butt today–those lunges and Dead Lifts–totally killed it!
I lifted a weird upper body mix today:
R- bike warm up
Chest press machine
4 sets…can’t remember weight- I don’t usually do this machine other than for warm up prior to bench, so I wasn’t really focused on the weight
Incline flys

Standing barbell military
right shoulder pain– i have a tricky rt. shoulder that I have to keep in check
lateral raises, front raises, hammer curl –mix of about 2 sets

tricep push downs
one set of cable raises between
10×10 each arm

pull ups
8, 8

Lat pulls (cybex pull down)

Seated rows– oh my poor sore booty
90x20x1 set–my pain was too great on my bottom half to do any more

run total of 4 min warm up
10 mins medium/hard 1 mile at 8.6 mph or a 7:03 min mile
good enough since I have a hard killer Track workout tomorrow

Then abs- old school sit ups- seriously for like 2-3 mins straight…next time I need to time myself
Bicep curls on hammer machine
45×15 (5 full, 5 short, 5 full motions)x2
shoulder rehab rotations- 10# db x 10×3 sets




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  1. I love fun days. Glad you were blessed with one. And tea, yes, it’s getting close to fall and I love to load up on hot drinks. It’s a good trick for when you think you’re hungry, a hot drink seems to trick you into thinking you ate something satisfying.

  2. I love it that you show us your work-outs —helps me when I’m trying to figure out what to do at the gym, or if I just need some inspiration.
    Good tip about the tea. I love tea!

  3. It is inspiring to see that you lead a “normal” life with family activities with the added discipline of a daily workout (rather than an 8hr. job at the gym) and still look that great.

  4. LOL! Too funny! What’s a whacky pack? 😀 My butt is extra sore today too and I’m finally TAN! I got a Hollywood UV free Tan for the first time! It was COLD! LOL!

  5. It’s comforting to know that someone as gorgeously fit as you gets sore too! 2 of my girl’s went to Six Flags, my boy is going to BD party, so it’s quality time with my youngest girl today. You are my inspiration, Michelle.

  6. The hot tea tip is great, and relaxes me befored bed too. I also heard studies on hot beverages helping with digestion which is one of reasons oriental dining starts with hot tea and they drink so much hot tea. Worth a try.

  7. Began my day at the Red Rocks for Booty School. The weather is a little stormy so hot tea is sounding really good.

  8. I love tea hot or cold. 5k this morning then came home and did an upper body workout. Tired out from the long drive home yesterday. Relaxing the rest of the day.

  9. Today, I had a short but effective workout w/my hubby. Its so tough goin to the gym on a saturday morning.

  10. Friday was an excellent leg workout day for me. I was unable to get to the gym today because of my son’s football scrimmage (hope I spelled that right). I am looking forward to my workout tomorrow. Thank you for the inspiration and the tea is a great idea.

  11. I had fun with my girls yesterday, we went to see grandma for her birthday, had such a great time, we don’t see her often enough.

  12. I never was until a few years ago…I started liking it because it was something other than water to drink 🙂

  13. I don’t care for tea except for the “Good Earth – Sweet & Spicy” tea. Sprinkle a little stevia in it and I could drink some every night! Yum!

  14. Bengal Spice is the best tea I have found. I think it is Celestial Seasons. It is hard to find sometimes.

  15. I drink tea when I feel the munchies sometimes at night and it helps. I should do it more often. I will have to try the Bengal Spice.

  16. i love green tea, im boosting now and feeling the effects of wanting to just rest, today was a rest day for me no exercise i felt fatigue so listening to my body. 2mrrw i plan on getting in some good weightlifting and walk with the kids

  17. Finally got a workout in today. COuldn’t do one the last few days. Workikng and planning my 4 year old’s b-day party took up too much time. No running today, though.

  18. Well, I’m getting pumped for some killer intervals on the treadmill, already did my P90X today and abs. Need to do abs again later tonight, have to do 100 in 2 mins for my PFT! Eek!

  19. Sunday, was quiet relaxing day with kids and DH. Baked 6 dozen cookies (most for a children’s home in the Phillipians), wrote letters and colored with kids.


  20. Drinking green tea with my favorites, mint and one teaspoon of honey, helps make it through that relentless craving.

    Keep pumping

  21. So true on the munchies after dinner…I DO ALOT!!! I have been drinking black coffee to curb…plus it gives me the caffeine to workout at 9pm! 🙂

  22. It hasn’t been very cold hear yet this year so I haven’t been drinking much tea yet..I expect that to change in DEC~

  23. Oh wow!! 12 pounds lost already!! I would love it if you could send me your success story!
    Keep it rocking~

  24. I’m having a cup of tea right now! I like the republic of tea’s mango ceylon. Getting ready to go tan – 21 days to mexico. I tried on a bikini last night, thinking I will look better if not so pasty white! Pleased with my progress so far. Down 12 lbs. Yeah! It is really helping me to get daily tips to keep me motivated, and seeing results is so empowering. I love how I can feel how much stronger and fitter I am when I run up some steps, chase down kids, etc. I don’t know why I fall off the exercise bandwagon when I feel so good while I’m on it.

  25. great workout. can’t wait till mine look similar to yours;) i just started drinking tea bc of your book. i find i have the munchies after a meal so instead i have hot tea. it really works! love blueberry and chai!

  26. I didn’t used to either, but acquired the taste for it. Kinda like how I acquired my taste for beer, lol!

  27. Green tea for me every morning instead of coffee. I like the Bigelow brand with mint, honey and some lemon if I have it!

  28. That’s a good alternative, but be careful of consuming too many artificial sweeteners…they can cause your body to retain toxins.

  29. Was just thinking the other day that i should drink more green tea. Normally green tea hurts my stomach but i’m going to try this stuff with Ganoderma in it, not supposed to hurt the tummy! We’ll see!
    Was wondering, a friend of mine ordered your book special and HT pill trial, how can she find out if it has been sent? It was approx 2 weeks ago that she ordered it.

  30. I love green tea. I’ll have to give this a try. Getting my mini w/o’s in on vacation. The altitude is causing me grieve with my running.

  31. Today’s email mentioned munched after lunch or dinner qnd it couldn’t of come at a better time. I just finished my afternoon snack meal and found myself craving either tortilla chips or something sweet. Instead I picked up my iPhone to distract myself. It worked but I also read your email and will remember for next time

  32. I’m in my boosting phase and ALWAYS have the munchies but luckily I live in London, England where we have tea all the time. Green tea is my favorite so I’ll up my water and the green stuff to lessen the cravings….

  33. Am planning a leg workout this evening and intervals over the weekend. ~~ Need to challenge those legs. Challenge = Change!!

  34. Today was my Thurs- active rest but ened up being 2 hrs cleaning LOL burned lots of calories I am sure needs to get off the caffine!! I am wide awake at midnight bad news!!

  35. This Whole weekend is one big Christmas party for me and it is not easy to Buff when that happens. I did skip the cookies last night though!!!! Yaay!

  36. Good times!! I don’t like shopping much either but I DO like talking about fitness. I bet it’s really cool to have your very own fitness business 🙂 It might be something I pursue when I retire in 2014…

  37. I do love a mug of warm cinnamon or chamomile herb tea in the evening. There seem to be always new benefits I learn about. I’ve heard now that White Tea is the best for antioxidants.

  38. I think it’s funny you mention old skool sit-ups as I’ve recently found an old copy of Abs of Steel 2 kicking around, and have been doing it every morning for a couple of weeks 🙂 Gotta love the old skool sometimes haha

  39. Thursdays are busy! The kidos have gymnastics on Thursday nights so on to the upper body work out then mad dash to town!

  40. can’t wait for a great work out tonight! Cardio, UpperBody & Abs! Love Monday work outs! Might even walk the dog before I head to the gym!

  41. Lunges and deadlifts kicked my butt last week too! Been wondering what exercises gave me my soreness…thanks for clarifying for me!

  42. It’s a cardio day for me 45 min intervals on the treadmill! My kids like to watch me they think I’m crazy!!

  43. I know~ it’ll be just like what I do today~exept for the insane running, I have not been running recently !!

  44. I love the tea tip! I love drinking tea and haven’t been doing so lately. I’ll have to get back in the habit…yummy! Thanks for the reminder!

  45. I have mint plant so recently I have been sipping mint tea before dinner. I heard that its an appetite suppressant. I decided to give it a try.

  46. I enjoy a hot cup of green tea with lemon. Shouldnt this count toward getting in a gallon of water each day??

  47. Well, today we are closing in on the final 2 weeks of the 40 days to fit. I was just telling a friend how much I LOVE this Challenge…I MUST do do another NEW ONE like it!! I’ll work towards putting it together next week!!!

  48. I love yogi tea. I mix 1 bag of green tea and 1 bag of berry tea add a packet of truvia to fend of any sweet cravings!!

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