Wild Day~ great leg workout!!

green shirt/boots


I feel like I am in Hawaii, suddenly it is almost hot here…seriously it was close to shorts weather here today!!
My day started with an hour of driving: to school, to the car shop, to Trav’s work, to preschool, home–a break then off to the gym–then the reverse of that this afternoon!
While I was home today I was on the phone working, making travel arrangements and getting PUMPED for my trip to NYC–which will be next week–oh and did I tell you?? It is my first time there

Okay, enough complaining, lol! I really need to stop that habit

This afternoon, I got my package of cool clothes from VS for my trip to NYC…a couple things were too small and neither pairs of my shoes fit, so what does a good girl like me do? Order more stuff!! I still need to get some good shoes, but maybe those will be easier to find at Dillards here? of all shopping shoe shopping is the BEST, plus I could hit Finish Line for a new pair of SHOX…
that may be a good plan!

I had a GREAT workout day at the gym today, legs–my most favorite body part–hot sexy legs–BOOOYAAA!
Warm up r-bike 7 mins
and 2 sets of 90# leg press about 30 reps each set with some calves afterward

45×15 full

Dead lifts
135x10x4 all conventional really focused on using glutes to explode the weight up

Seated rotary calf
135×20 knees slightly extra bent
180x10x3 legs more straight

Walking lunges
60’s on back x15x2 up and down posture

went tanning…so I look GOOOOD in NY!!

Knee extensions* paired with core work

hanging sit ups- 2 sets, the first super concentrated on slow eccentric
lower back extensions- 1 big set of about 50

More walking lunges
60#x15x2 leaning forward posture (called Russian lunge) to stretch/activate butt even more

That was it!

Keep on shooting for the stars~



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  1. Sure thing!
    45×15 full =45 pounds by 15 reps full squats…means all the way down to where my butt is about 4 inches from the floor.
    Normally most of my squats are just to parallel.
    135x10x4 = 135 pounds by 10 reps…4 sets of this total.
    Get buff!!

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