My POA for the week, what’s yours?

Time for this weeks rendition of my POA, lol.

M-no school today but no problem, the kiddos have been playing together very nice all weekend and the trend has continued today, so far! Workout will be- LEGS–super booty focus, lots of lunges and I do plan on doing an extended warm up- 20 mins because I will be too dead post lifting to do any
Otherwise, I have a huge to do list for work to get done this week, I am talking HUGE–any prayers in this regard would help, I need to stay focused and on task in order to get things done, thanks!

T- Chest/Tri’s/abs/run intervals- I think my friend wants to join me this day, we’ll see about that

W-Mom’s day out= work
any workout this day is bonus

Th-workout =Back, Bi, sh and run intervals

F-Legs again whoo hooo!! butt should be recovered by now-so I plan to attack it again even harder and heavier than on MON!

S-Chest workout with DH–this will be fun! Having a spotter on bench is the best–even though I am buffing I will probably push it to the max on the weights this day

S-we’ll see?? Probably a run or off

Once again the goal is weight loss for me this week–fun stuff!
Actually I am in the groove with my diet now, so it should be good–my weight yesterday was 126 so, I have lost 2 pounds in a week. That would be sweet if I could do the same this week, but doubt it. 1 pound loss is the goal for the week–then I just have to maintain for the following week of photo shoot prep which will release a couple more pounds of water, so that I am super buffed by the 26th!!

In other news, I printed off track meet Schedules– It looks like the end of March may be my first one of the season…all depending. So the plan is to get done with this shoot and then focus hard on my 800m training. NOT really all that fun, but I need a challenge and Have to do this before I am too old!

Well, I am off to work!



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