Booty Kill!!

bad A$$ buffing rocks!
I tell you what I feel GREAT–long and lean and loving it–NOTHING beats being buff, well maybe good sex does, lol!

Okay, today’s goal was to kill my butt– I’ll let you know tomorrow if I can move:
warm up 20 min on the r-bike: had to “save” a man on the bench press he couldn’t get the weight up, was laying there stuck, looking around–so In swooped “THE BUFFMOTHER” duddda!! to save the day!!
poor guy he, seemed very embarrassed that a girl had to help him, lol.

On to my wo
45x 10
45×10 full
*paired with rotary calf 170x10x4 (various foot positions)

Barbell lunges
paired with bent over leg curls

Dead lifts(stiff/Romanian)
155×8 conventional
paired with abductions

Smith Lunges
paired with
decline bench abs
2 sets till failure (about 40-60 total:various angles and concentrations)

Butt squats

Then I saw one of my little princesses looking out the childcare window–so sweet and thought, “I am gonna go home to spend time with her–my booty has been worked hard enough for the moment.”

So now I am home on the computer, AKKK! gotta go get some snuggle time in with the kiddos b4 I have to get supper going.

Have a great night,



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  1. Michelle…Since I am only lifting free weights at home, sometimes I can’t really understand what machines you are working on, etc. Can you just tell me how many squats you do on certain days? I did 15X3 the other day, and it killed me!!! Plus, I know I didn’t go all the way to the floor, but I am scared to get injured. I am still pumped about working out, but I remember when I learned to play the piano….I thought that after a few lessons, I would be able to play like Liberace! I’m only 21 days into this, and I keep wondering when the “buffness” will start…nothing yet but happiness at making the effort, and a lot of soreness!

  2. That is so funny about ‘Super Buffmother’ to the rescue. I love it. Anyway, today was my day off. I am feeling a bit guilty, shouldn’t, but do. I will try hard this week to make myself proud.

  3. I remember when I first started working out years ago, the first heavy leg workout hurt my glutes more then my leg muscles. I could hardly sit down for 3 days!

  4. LOL, saving the guy at the barbell! Classic!!! I think if I could manage to exchange my round belly with my flat butt…I’d have the perfect figure! Guess I better just stick to working harder…

  5. Great save Michelle .. love it when a woman can swoop in and save the day! Back to working out today, took off Saturday and Sunday.. yikes.

  6. I’m kickin it with ya!!! Today was the first real day back from vacation….got home early yesterday morning so we spent half the day sleeping and the other half getting things back in order. I did a rockin leg workout today!!! I’m ready to get back in gear!!!

  7. Michelle, great workout. I am up to 60lbs on Butt Squats, trying to get to 70lbs, I may try 70 lbs this week!

  8. Awww! Little princesses! I have one too, she’s 18 and off to college in 12 days.

    Power walked 75 minutes and weights.
    Louuurve to exercise!

  9. Gotta love those squats and lunges…still trying to really love them. That’s a good reason to!

  10. Did you see the future of fitness in Oxygen? The youngest woman was 31…GREAT role models. Fun to look forward to!

  11. Did my booty work on Sunday and feeling it NICELY today!!! C/S/T/abs and cardio on the agenda today! TRAIN ON FRIENDS 🙂

  12. I strongly agree with lifting to stay young! I just wish my sister would do it! She’s 50 and has never lifted. She is under the “I don’t want to get big” idea. Now I have been lifting for 20 years and have never gotten “big”. I just can’t seem to get her to try it though! I won’t give up ! 😉

  13. What an inspiration you are to juggling things, work-outs, cuddle with kids and taking care of your family. God bless you Michelle and thanks for all you do.

  14. Let us know if you can walk tomorrow….that intense of a workout would leave me walking funny for days!

  15. Well, I’ve not commented for at least two days. Three different schools started for my three kids (high school, middle school, elementary — homeschooling elementary), and it’s been crazy around here. Work out? Aaaaugh! Plus, we have family in from Louisiana (their kids are out of high school — timing not so good for us!)

    Booty workout inspiring, though. May not be able to get to working out ’til later in the week. : (

  16. Great workout yesterday – rode my bike with DH up our hill….ick!! Need to work on the food today and lift.

  17. Great workout Michelle & I’m glad u saved that guy. I guess people could still get hurt in a gym full of people if no one noticed that they were in trouble.
    Have a super day!!

  18. I’ve heard this.. and read and been a part of Buffmother for awhile.. I love how I feel when I lift.. but dang.. to get motivated to do it is sometimes hard! Wonder why I have this hang up?

  19. sounds like quite a work out. still feeling under the weather so I am going to take it easy today. better than yestereday but don’t want to push it. tomorrow should be better. have a great day to you all!

  20. Today was squat and lunges day. Yummy! Working on my cardio during my sons football practice. It works out I get to watch my son practice and run the track. Ye ha!

  21. Since I am visiting my son I don’t have my weights with me. I have been wanting to buy a medicine ball. Finally got an 8 pound one. Did a workout with the DVD that was included. You can do so much with it. Love it! I am sore today! Went for a 4 mile run this morning. Being buff is great.

  22. Awesome workout, Michelle. You inspire me to go heavier – sometimes I just stay at the same weights and routine too long.

  23. Did 35 min. HIIT yesterday a.m. and chest/abs in the afternoon. I feel special being part of this group which as added another bonus/inspiration.

  24. Squats get the job done –and lunges are my favorite b.c they work…..weight training is what everyone needs!!!

  25. Day 22 – I love lifting weights. It makes me feel so strong and good after.

  26. well…I HOPE it inspires you~ the cool thing to realize is that our bodies are AMAZING and we don’t give them enough credit. You CAN lift way heavier than you every thought possible!

  27. that’s a wonderful combo~ we just had football signups last night and tomorrow is the “DRAFT”…crazy how seriouse they are about FB here~ tackle starts in 2nd grade and my son is now in 4th.

  28. Elipitical and bike this am.
    GOSH Michelle, after reading your wkout, I feel so weak! UGH! It’s supposed to motivate me though,…right?!?! LOL! Okay, okay, I DO NEED a nice tight butt!!
    Thanks for making me accountable!

  29. Checking in today. Still kind of on track, actually, getting back on track after the monthly you know what!

  30. That workout sounds like it was a killer! I just got home from the gym myself but tonight was only cardio.

  31. Like I said before, your leg workouts are insane! 🙂 My knee is still bothering me, so I have not been able to do squats or lunges much 🙁

  32. ahh, the famous leg day.. i have to do alot to really get my legs sore,, lunges normallydo the trick, but i dont always do them.. I will try and start doing more of them…

  33. ahh, the famous leg day.. i have to do alot to really get my legs sore,, lunges normallydo the trick, but i dont always do them.. I will try and start doing more of them…

  34. I wish I knew half of the exercise names you say! That is why I bring your book with me so I can look at the pictures:) I did my interval training today on running. YAY!!!

  35. It’s funny how when my body gets used to exercise, it begins to crave it. I can literally feel my muscles being agitated because they want a work out. It’s amazing how we work!

  36. I know!! I didn’t workout yesterday and had the hardest time falling asleep. I need, need, need my workouts…they are like my daily medicine!

  37. AMEN!! I would be scared to know what my body would look like without lifting like I have the past 6+ years

  38. sorry about your knee…i have a bad knee too. I just take it one day at a time. Your knee will heal up and let you work squats and lunges again soon!

  39. I’m still on track, starting to see small changes. My ‘saddlebags’ are slowly starting to vanish…which is really nice. 🙂 Eating right has become a lifestyle, instead of a chore, so that’s nice…FINALLY!

  40. Oh, how much I love leg and butt day. They usually return the favor the next day, but as you stand in the mirror, you realize just how amazing they look. Keep pumping.

  41. Tomorrow is my leg/butt day and I can’t wait. I love to train this area so much. I am having a rest day today and enjoying every minute of it.

  42. Love the tip about lifting! I was unable to lift at all during my pregnancy due to medical reasons and the resulting flabbiness has made a believer out of me! I don’t think I have ever not lifted weights at all for 8 months before and I am so happy to get back to it now! Until you can’t work out you don’t realize that it is a privledge to be able to exercise that we really shouldn’t take for granted!

    So I missed the gym 2 day in a row because my kiddo was sick. But he is feeling better now. I did do the 7 for 7 ab workout last night in my living room. I have only done it 4 times and I can already tell my pooch is looking better and so is my posture!

    Today I am back to the gym. Glad I worked out both weekend days last weekend because I didn’t anticipate my little boy getting sick this week. I may try to keep working out both weekend days when I can so that little glitches during the week don’t get me too off track.

  43. Great workout this morning… 45 minutes on upper body, 7 for 7 abs, 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. Take that fat!

  44. Missed my workout out this morning, but I plan to hit my chest and back later today. I love working out first thing in the morning, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way-especially when you stay up till after 1am:)

  45. Late nights cam be killer…I am a night owl and have a hard time with morning workouts. I’d love to change that though!

  46. OK… Had a GREAT workout today! Did upper body circuit and 30 minutes of treddy cardio.

    Today starts my buffing and I am goning to hit it hard for the next two weeks! I am ready to buff! – butt and all.

    (But I realllly love boosting more!)

    Tammy 🙂

  47. Day 22!

    Mondays are pilates day. One hour pilates and 1 1/2 hours total body and rowing. Great work out! I am tired but the good kind. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  48. It’s so fun being the buff chick at the gym…LOL! And even more fun now that I am a mommy. I love the way it feels to get in a good work out and be all pumped then come home with all that energy to play with my sweet baby boy!!!

  49. By the end of boosting I am sick of it and by the end of buffing I am sick of IT…thats why 2 weeks is perfect timing!

  50. Ha ha, too funny about the fellow you had to help! It probably killed him to have a women help. I’ve actually was asked to spot before – didn’t have any confidence and never thought I could do, but, I did! I’m doing cardio on my lunch, then going back to do legs tonight when I have more time…I can’t wait!!!!! Hope your back gets better soon…

  51. Whew, long day post call. Just got 15 minutes of cardio in and leg workout. Missing my babies, 2 nights in a row of being gone was also getting me the guilt trip from hubby. Cut it short today, do better tomorrow!

  52. Awesome story….being fit I such a better way to live. It helps every aspect of your life;)

  53. Haven’t gotten to much strength training yet. I want to add it in but I’m trying to take things a step at a time, work it into a system, then add something else. Today started week three!

  54. Back to 148 … phew. Lost five pounds, gained them back and now I lost them again… I’m behind, not defeated!

  55. Defintely need to up my reps and weight on the backside… will work harder on that tomorrow.

  56. I cannot lift too heavy for my lower body due to knee surger couple years back so its taking me longer to see results.

  57. Going to take the kiddos outside to play before I clean the house! They are the reason I am trying to be healthy.

  58. I get a total rush from lifting. Nothing like that feeling in your arm, shoulders &/or legs when your all pumped up.

  59. I am going to try a new butt move tomorrow. Kneeling cable kickback. Love finding new moves

  60. I would love to have a young looking body. I will keep lifting weights until I get there!

  61. I just got done working my butt and legs ~ bought the Oxygen “Glutes” issue yesterday, and it gave me some great inspiration!!

  62. I feell better after reading this got a good laugh Ha!! Love that you got to save a dude!! Lovin it!! Today is boosting and I was feeling very PMSy it was already my day off since it’s sunday- my day to especially nurish the spirit but a trip to Mom’s house and PMS equaled a cheat day which is very bad!!! I will do better tomorrow!!! It is Leg day monday woot woot!!!!

  63. Worked my legs last night!! FEEL THE BURN!!! You know, I’ve noticed since I’ve been working legs that I sit up higher on the toilet seat, LOL!!! My legs use to spread out on the toilet seat but now they stay firmly in place. Is that TMI? haha

  64. That is TOO funny – I bet that guy doesn’t tell THAT story to any of his buddies! HA! I recently learned how to do a new exercise with ankle straps on and lift my leg backward, it really works the glutes and hams. I love it, wish I could do more at home. Also have been doing lunges almost every day periodically through the day.

  65. that is so awesome haha…there’s nothing a mother cannot do! i injured my shoulder during yesterdays workout. today is all about legs and glutes!

  66. Today is MOTHER’S DAY so I’m suspecting it will be very busy! First stop: Church, then…..I don’t know, they said it’s a surprise! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL YOU BUFFMOTHERS OUT THERE!! 😉

  67. Getting mad carb cravings but realised haven’t had any greens for couple of days, maybe why. Body starving for vitamins! Barbell guy may do this again if he’s gonna be saved by buffmother;) you know how guys can be devious when got eye on someone lol, send a sweaty dude over if he has done it again:-)

  68. Another great lower body workout! Do you stick with the same workout for a few weeks or do you change it up every week?

  69. Phew – looks like a tough workout! I’m trying to incorporate more cardio to melt away the pounds but still lifting as it is my first love! LOL

  70. Weight training is the fountain of youth!! It reverses the aging of your muscles and bones~, plus it’s the key to keeping your metabolism strong…. if you wanna stay young lift!

  71. Need to get my Butt into gear…or geared up. Day 22 . I have been learning so much the last couple of weeks. Even bought a Muscle & Fitness magazine today. I have never bought a fitness magazine 😉

  72. I have been lifting for 2 years and,at 51, am in the best shape of my life! I have competed in 3 figure comoetitions….took first in Masters’!

  73. I am going to have to borrow your butt workout! I’m working on lifting my butt more so after I was impressed by how it’s already shaping up. Was dress shopping for party dresses yesterday and found one that really emphasized my a$$ests! lol I love how weight training changes my body.

  74. Fuuny story.. I was in a panic because I could not find Day 22 in my inbox. I was searching folders of my email and I couldn’t find. You would have thought I lost the email that said I won a million dollars. TO ME if information is worth that! I sent Michelle and email to resend it but I FOUND IT!! So happy I did. I really appreciate reading the articles getting information and workouts. Day 22 for me was one hour of cardio. I try to get in at least 3 one hour sessions a week. Intensity is high. I lift most days breaking the bady parts. I like to have a varied workout routine.

  75. really need to add lifting permanently. I get hung up on doing arobics for fat burn but know that more lean muscle = more fat burn.

  76. That sounds fierce!!! There are a few things going on in that workout that I don’t understand. Time to get researching. I love new exercises to try

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