One week left, What is your POA??

HI All!!
With Christmas only a week away it is often easy to forget taking care of yourself on your TO DO LIST~ REMEMBER, that you need to have consistency in your workouts and have NO EXCUSES–so try to find a way to fit a few workouts into this crazy week!

Here is my POA for this week:

M- legs at around 10 am – the girls have gymnastics at 1–cleaning day with my helper
T- Back at around 1:30 to 2pm -(the kids have a party at school not sure how long that goes and then I have to be home by 3:45 for Gunner)
My sissy comes!! and my MIL and BIL too!!
W- Intervals for sure, maybe some sort of light lifting
Thurs- Chest at around 10 am….my sister will be in town and I am gonna see if she will go with me…and maybe to pilates 🙂
Friday..probably Legs again or maybe just intervals, depends on family
Saturday- Legs or back–depending on FRIDAY, gym in the am w/DH maybe, my sissy too? PICTURES!! Measurements, weight!!
Sunday- no workout
Monday- my sissy leaves early in the morning, Christmas no planned workout

Somewhere in there too I have to find time to shop and spend as much time with my sister. So my time on the computer will be limited. BUT I will surely check in!

As soon as I am done here i have to go clean up a disaster the twins made in their room. They tore everything out of their closet today–TONS of clothes and toys, etc!! It is not GOOD!!

Well off to clean,



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