Happy Thanksgiving

Hi all!!
I am very thankful today for all the work I have put into my body over the past 3 plus years- 3 years ago was when I really was first starting to shoot to BUILD Muscle mass–and it has forever changed my body. Now I can have a free day, or even a free week and not hardly even notice. My muscle mass is so good at burning calories that when I eat a lot extra or lay off on my workouts, nothing much changes. Of course it would if I took a MONTH off, lol. I am thankful for MUSCLE!!

So, that said, I have had a few days off. After being sick at the end of last week, I decided that workouts would be optional this week. My body was due for a rest, plus with everything else going on this week–it was perfect timing for a slight break.

I think we will hit the gym this morning though–but, that’s still not 100%, lol! It is actually nice to have that freedom–

I do plan on hitting it hard starting next week. I plan to take pics, measurements and my bodyfat, then test again in 4 weeks. That should be right in time for Christmas!! I am excited for that!

Well if I workout today, I’ll check back in!

Happy Thanksgiving,



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