First Real workout of the week

First off I am thankful for my GOD!! This month as I have been saying that I am thankful, I am really saying, I am thankful to Jesus Christ for EVERYTHING. I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ gave his life as a sacrifice for my sins so that I can go to HEAVEN. I am so thankful for that!!
If you are interested here is a link to My Christian Testimony

Now on to my workout…..Today is WEDNESDAY and I finally had my First Real workout this week!

It was at the TRACK 10 fast hard 100m dashes and I am feelin’ it already.

I brought all 4 of my kiddos with me. They were so good!! It was BEAUTIFUL outside and I really enjoyed the whole event!

Now you may be asking yourself WHY was this your first real workout??? Basically PMS! and a tish of some sort of flu…well I was exhausted on SUNDAY…so I took it off, which was fine and sorta planned, Monday…I felt horrible still I went to the gym and did an ity-bity chest tri workout 20 min version including warm up, lol–and then hit the tanning bed. Tuesday–NOTHING…stayed home all day!
So now I am planning to have a good rest of the week.

Love ya,



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  1. Dear Michelle,

    Does Oprah know about you yet? Just came across your blog randomly and visited your main site. Very impressive work. I’m sure that you are an inspiration to many.

    To your success,


  2. I hardly ever workout unless I’m feeling good. If I force myself to workout then I don’t give it 100%, and staying home resting would probably have done me better.

  3. always best to rest when you truly need it, im always up and ready to workout harder when im rested well

  4. Interesting…Truthfully, If I did that, I’d never workout, lol! Actually that’s a lie…I’d workout about once a week.

  5. Hi, Michelle! Got my first week back at school under my belt. Whew! I’m about to do an upper body workout. Have a great day.

  6. Feeling a bit under the weather myself today, cold or allergies, not sure which. But I will get at least a good brisk walk in today after picking up my boys from marching band camp.

  7. I’m so lucky not to have had to deal with shinsplints after all the running I have done over the years. Thanks for the great tip, I will try it now that I’m, uh…getting older, LOL.

  8. Great job Tara!!!! šŸ˜€ Feels sooo good to beat your time! Off to run! Thanks for the inspiration! šŸ˜€

  9. got in my lifting today, had to hug my former trainer because he set me on this road to greatness. go girls!

  10. What a great mommy. You’re saying so much to your kiddos without even talking. Wow. Thanks for sharing this one.

  11. But like you say, it’s ok to miss a few days of working out when you’re consistently working out. It’s not gonna hurt your efforts. šŸ™‚ Do you have a treat every day during buffing?

  12. I have suffered shin splints in my life and they are not very nice, best thing to stretch and prevent them.

  13. Not every day…but when I am not SUPER strict I do. I actually lose weight sticking to 5-4-3-2-1 even during buffing.

  14. GOD is so powerful…and when you give everything to his glory, all things are possible. YOU ARE AWESOME Michelle for sharing your love for God!

  15. Checking in for Sunday. Very thankful for everything in my life. I have a junior and senior heading off to high school this week. Where has the time gone???

  16. good tip on the shinsplints–i have atheltes that ask me about them -so now i at least have an answer

  17. What a beautiful picture, as all yours are. Love the nature stuff though. You are so right and an inspiration in your beliefs and thankfulness to God, I have a saying that hangs at my desk talking about gratitude is the first thing to go when we lose sight of God. I am thankful every day I wake up and am alive. Thank you Michelle, and thank God for you.

  18. God has blessed you tramendously and I thank you for not being afraid to share your feelings of who Jesus Christ means to you. I also was under the weather last week and did not get a good work out, plan on getting back at it Monday. Hope you have a Blessed and energized week. sisters in Christ!

  19. Thank you for sharing your faith with us. We owe everything to our Savior. Ran a good 5k yesterday. Was not my best time but did 29:30. My goal is under 30:00. I have been doctoring for shin splints for several months now. First started in my left leg and now I notice pain in the right one as well. I will try your tip. I have tried alot of things but still have the pain. I think it will just take time to work itself out.

  20. Yes thank you for sharing your faith. I’m a believer too. Jesus Christ has been so good to me and mine.

  21. Sorry I havent posted last couple of days, I have been sick with a flue bug. Thank you so much for the motivation.

  22. ran 2 miles as my welcome back to the gym workout. OUCH! But I didn’t give up and I am so proud of myself.

  23. Thanks for the tip! And, to God be the glory for all you’ve accomplished and are doing to help others!

  24. It’s Monday! Thanks for all the tips – am going to try the shin splint as I walk around work today! LOL!

  25. Thanks for the tip. i will definitely use this as I have been running 4-5 times a week. I am a little confused, isn’t today Monday? Am I a few days behind on the posts?

  26. checking in…….i rested today….busy monday, took d/h to the airport since he will be away at work for the week….then went to work myself..after work my 2nd job starts with the 3kids at home…lol cooking cleaning studying gosh im so tired, and i get to do it all again 2morrow yippee…..(exhausted)

  27. I LOVE JESUS!!!…..I believe we are getting fit for a purpose….Like an end-day warrior for Christ…..If we are fit we will be able to do so much more to further Gods kingdom and serve our lord….Glad to know you are a Christian, with such a great positive attitude….people like you are what makes others interested in becoming a Christian b/c they see you and want what you’ve got….Keep it up!!!

  28. Can’t say I have been a victim of shin splints, probably from those 10 years of swimming breaststroke! (You have to kick your feet OUT and toes UP) šŸ™‚

  29. Checking in! Still on holidays… Have not had access to internet.
    I say amen sister! went to my father in laws church and loved it.

  30. I think any thing you can do to include your kiddos in a workout is great. Nothing like setting a good example!

  31. I stepped on the scale after my trip- imagining the gaining of the six lbs I had lost. Some how God has managed to give me blessings because he allowed me to lose 4 lbs. My goals was 10 by the first day of school and today which is the second day for children I have lost 10. Not sure how- since it has been utterly crazy- but only God can do miracles.

  32. Had 2 weeks off with flu arrghhh! I hate it when i cant make it to the gym. On track now. QUESTION: When i do a really good leg workout i am pretty had it and find the interval a bit hard as my legs cant move:-) is it alright to miss the interval training. cheers Melissa:-)

  33. You know, i get shin splints it i try running,, and i dont want to be a runner,, but i would love to be able to run, bc i need different ways to do cardio,, i get bored with the same thing.. so i will try streching and the walking thing,, thanks..

  34. You know, i get shin splints it i try running,, and i dont want to be a runner,, but i would love to be able to run, bc i need different ways to do cardio,, i get bored with the same thing.. so i will try streching and the walking thing,, thanks..

  35. GREAT questions Melissa. I almost NEVER do any cardio on leg day. I whip them goood enough in my lifting so I have a general rule of NO CARDIO ON LEG DAY!!

  36. Wonderful news…God is good! Maybe the lower stress on vacation enabled your body to release the weight. Keep your stress low and in no time you’ll be at your goal weight!

  37. that’s interesting, I am not a swimmer so I didn’t realize how hard it could be on the shins. thanks for sharing!

  38. It’s good to know you need a few extra days here and there. I am PMS’ing this week and today (wed) will be my first real good workout since Sunday am. Just having some not so good days, but the fun period shoudl be here tomorrow:( to the gym tonight!

  39. It is so exciting to know that you are a christian woman with a mission.
    My workouts have been consistant and I am very happy. I try my best everyday to work on my protein and water intake.
    No breads this week.

  40. I love sharing my testimony and my mission to be a light in the darkness. I know God’s put me in a unique position to touch women’s lives.

  41. Michelle, One of the things that really caught my attention about you in the first place was the fact that you are a Christian. I am so grateful to see your testimony publicly proclaimed here on this blog. The fact that Jesus Christ paid for our sins and therefore has made a way for us to live and walk with Him, IS WONDERFUL.

    Good aerobics today. Will do workout later.

  42. You know, I’ve decided to commit myself to being the physically functional person I was made to be. I’ve spent many years thinking, raising kids, etc. Now it’s time to really take this body that I have and get it operating well. Go body!!!! Woo hoo. I believe we can function well physically, mentally and spiritually. That’s my aim.

  43. I, too, am thankful to God for all I have. Without my faith, I think I would have cracked and called it quits a long time ago. Thanks for your motivational emails. I look forward to reading them everyday.

  44. So busy but did get a great leg workout and cooled down with an easy run. Now off to work. Tomorrow I have off from work ….yeah.
    Shin splints are the worst. I had to get active release done on mine to help them heal. Ouchy

  45. I am glad I am not the only one who falls off the wagon sometimes. My gym bag is in the car and I am working out at lunch today.

    BTW, I am so glad your shared your testimony. I told my husband the other day that you really seem like such a nice person from what I can tell from your books and your website! I guess that is the good Christian showing through. šŸ™‚

  46. feeling great! Had a wonderful back and shoulders workout today and was so exhausted from pushing it hard that I only did 20 mins of cardio (i had planned on 30) But then went outside (and yes it is freezing!) and played with the kids for about an hour so I don’t feel too bad about the 10 min lose. LOL.

    Happy Black Friday Michelle!

  47. Sunday – pancake and sausage breakfast to kick off Catholic school week at my daughter’s school – not the best dietary start to the day! Oh well, Sunday’s have kind of been splurge day. I don’t feel too bad if I only do it once a week, and I did get in 45 minutes of cardio and arms/chest in. Now I have some crabby kids to get to bed!

  48. Be sure to only stretch when you are WARM and not to overdo it…I’ve injured myself from stretching too aggressive

  49. feeling good I worked out every day this week the last two weeks I missed one day each week so I feel better about my workout this week I have been eating well all week as well. THIS HAS BEEN A WONDERFUL WEEK!!!

  50. having kids really brought me to God. and i can’t do without Him everyday! He’s an addiction, the more i talk and pray to Him the more I need Him.;)

  51. Thanks for the tip. I also find that I need to stretch more slowly and for longer now that I’m a bit older than I used to be šŸ˜‰

  52. Feeling good… Did eat one bad meal today (burger and fries) got back on track after that.. We go to gym in the am before church…

  53. I get shin splints when walking on the treadmill with a very high incline even after I stretch before the workout.

  54. I have been eating healthy for the past few weeks and lost around 4 pounds so I upped my goals and bought a scale! Now I am learning portion control .. and am quiting the Diet Cokes ( I am going need help on this one)!! Today I am little hungry but not starveing and since my blood sugar is staying okay I am trying to eat apporaitely and timely. And I think its great you let everyone know you believe in God! I believe in God also! God bless!

  55. I know the feeling…I had 4 kids ages 3 and under. I don’t remember much about those days, lol!

  56. I used to get shin splint all the time…until I invested in good running shoes! I am happy to say I have not had shin splints for years! I agree…I could not do this without God at my side daily! My husband is a firefighter, so he is gone at work for 72 hours straight. It makes for some long days with small kiddos. When my son was born, my twin daughters had just turned 2…3 kids 2 and under…with my husband being gone….now talk about exciting!

  57. One thing i noticed in my practice (massage and ART) is that the clients who were coming in with shin splints were not plantar flexing and dorsi flexing enough. That constant state of being ‘contracted’ tightens and weakens the shin, then when you go to run or do some physical exercises requiring more movement than what the muscle is accustomed to you’ll notice the poor shins starting to hurt! So, yes! Strengthen and stretch those poor muscles!! šŸ™‚

  58. I have exp. shin splints when I first started to run outside. No longer. It is painful. I too am thankful for the blessings God has given me. Im riding through the mountains this week and finding so much peace.

  59. day #27….talk about PMS.whoa!I am rancid and bloated and just plain witchy!!!!and here come those extra 3 lbs that i didnt have YESTERDAY!!!!.no worries though, i know that its “just my hormones”OK…off to do cardio then some heavy lifting to relieve some of this meanness:)enjoy the day…i hope i do!!

  60. Wow sounds like my week šŸ˜‰ Way to share giving the word out way to show what God can do for us if only we will let him!!! I feel fantastic thanks for changin my like and thanks for the shin split tips I get them bad corral calcuim hashelped a lot but I am adding your tips šŸ˜‰

  61. I will be running more now that the weather is getting nice, si I will do that shin splint exercise just to make sure I don’t get pained. I had never heard of that before. Thanks Michelle! Also – AMEN to your testimony! Jesus Rocks!

  62. You gotta take care of yourself. I am feeling the pms! i could not sleep last night and am feeling it today so i know what you are talking about.

  63. Thank you for the shin-splint tips..I’ve had a problem with them for years and have never heard that before! Also, I find it incredibly heartwarming to see someone expressing their thanks and love to GOD <3 I am so grateful for everything (including tough times that served as valuable lessons to learn) and everyone that God has blessed my life with as well šŸ™‚ Thank you Michelle, you continue to inspire!

  64. So thankful for what God did for us as well! Starting another hopefully great week of working out today!

  65. I know how you feel about the “first real work out”! I’m getting over my illness now.

  66. 14 days left no way…
    Getting some definition, good motivation when you can feel the areas to work on instead of blind faith the anatomy is under the ‘fluff’, like I have quads who knew. Thanks:-)

  67. Thanks for the shin splint tip! I’m signing up for a walking/running marathon and need that tip!

  68. Sickness is the worst!! I’m still fighting this lingering cold thing and the cough doesn’t want to go away! But I’m still working out (except for one day that I rested) because I know if I don’t I would feel worse…Thanks for the shin splint tip – I used to get them more often but haven’t in a while but will use the tip if they bother me again!

  69. Hello, Today Im feeling great. I accomplished my goal of getting in 128ozs of water yesterday. Im going to try it today. It really suppresses my appetite so I have to me mindful of eating. Wishing every a fit day.

  70. First really heavy leg workout of the year. I am grateful thatmy ankle has healed to allow me to train and stay healthy and motivate others to do so (I teach fitness classes)..I honestly believe that this is my lifes purpose. It took me a while to figure it out, but have been blessed so much that I think Im on the right path as outlined by God.

  71. Our bodies are temples! That is my mantra today! Today starts buffing…I am locked and loaded for success!!!!

  72. Worked out hard yesterday for my 50th birthday, hubby had a wonderful dinner ready when I got home, I get a personal trainer for my birthday present! Feeling great! Tonight is aerobics, abs, and back.

  73. I hope she can keep them healthy~
    Good shoes, icing and proper training are also key with shin splints

  74. she could do any non-weight bearing/pounding stuff–bike, spinning, elliptical, swimming, lifting weights is great too– I’d suggest to her to use this time to build some solid muscle šŸ™‚

  75. My cousin has horrible shin splints and has been told she can’t run for a few months… I told her to check into spinning….. Do you have any other cardio suggestions?!

  76. I just love workouts that are NOT ON THE CLOCK! It’s fun to feel like you can just take your time and get everything done

  77. Monday was a great workout for me as I had no time constraints so I got to really push myself. Yesterday I only really managed my 100 lunges as my legs started to really ache by the afternoon, and I was out all day. So today I’m going to do a bit of everything, especially abs. My diet has been ‘ok’ so from today it is going to be ‘great’ again. Bring on the Buff

  78. Hi. I am a 50 year old female smack in the middle of menopause. I have also had 2 foot surgeries in the last year so my level of activity has gone from exercising 5 days a week to noyhing. I have gained 15 ponds in the last 2 years aro uh ND my middle. I have never had a pouch. I am 5 feet 11 so others think I look good but I am not comfortable at this weight. It is depressing to be inactive. I am still recovering from my last foot surgery (May 2014) but would like to start exercising again and getting back in shape especially my core area. Any ideas or help you can share will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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