I am Back to the TRACK!!

My first day at the track since May of 1996β€”so over 10 years away from a LOVE of mine.

Track was a Love of mine until it all ended with a knee injury that took 10 years of my life to REHAB, lol! Not only did my knee need rehab, my mind needed it also. The confidence I once had when I stepped on the track had been shattered by constant pain, doctors saying I would never really run much again and surgery. Many of my hopes and dreams were gone, and part of me was totally lost.

BUT today October 31st, 2006 I recaptured a part of my soul!!

I stepped on the track and ran a GREAT workout and an now WHOLE!

What a victory! Thank you Jesus for allowing me to live my dreams

Here is the low down on my Track experience:

I arrived at the track at 12:30 and was 100% done at 12:30 , it was cloudy, breezy and cold around 40 degrees. I had eaten half of an Atkins bar at 8 am and a banana at 11 am.

10- 200meters with a 200 m walk/jog in between of 1:30 to 2:30
1. 36
2. 35
3. 36
4. 35
5. 34
6. 34
7. 33
8. 34
9. 32
10. 30!!!

A successful first one under my beltβ€”on to improve those numbers!

Loving Life,



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  1. I love running. I don’t have a track near my house to run on, so i run on the side of the highway that I live on. There a really steep, 1km long hill about 1.5 km form my house. I have finally been able to get to the top! It feels really good to reach my running goal.

  2. GREAT!!! My left knee doesn’t like for me to run very much… but.. I found it was how I was holding my leg.. if I concentrate totally on my form.. no injury.. but it is wearing.. getting there slowly!

  3. I have lost my passion for running this year – so I am taking the time off, but keep reading my running mags and hope to slip on he sneakers again when the kids are in school in sept – one will be in 1 st grade – so away all day, and the other in preschool for 2 1/2 hours 2 days a week. When they were younger they went in the jogging stroller with me…now that they are older its harder!

  4. Was able to squeeze in a mile of running this am. Had lots of errands and a sick little girl to Dr. up on… In the long run the 30 minutes of me time was totally needed.

  5. I will try your interval wo when I am buffing and have more energy. Right now during boosting long slow jogs work best for me.

  6. Hey, Michelle…..hope you had a good day. I am about to ride the exercise bike, even though after working hard all day, it is sooooooooooo very tempting to just lounge.

  7. was tired this morning, but had an awesome training session yesterday. Working the full body compound workouts and LOVING IT! did get up this morning and do 45 minutes on the treadmill. Feel good afterward. Great breakfast and now onward and upward.

  8. I enjoy running but don’t have the opportunities I once had before the kids. I anticipate when the kids are old enough for me to sneak away in the early am again:) We eat out ALOT but, honestly, I eat amazingly well at restaurants. We frequent the same places (and always bring the kids) the staff see us as family and also, how much I eat and still lose weight! They ask and I tell them…good food choices and weights!

  9. Interesting restaurant tip .. but I am ALWAYS the last to order .. too many choices and they all sound so good. I always have to hear what everyone else wants first, but I will try this approach.. wish me luck .. LOL

  10. I can’t run because of a foot problem, but it sure is awesome!!!! I do lots of intervals on the elliptical instead. Maybe someday, I’ll be able to run again.

  11. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I agree that ordering first is a better way to minimize indulging at restaurants.

  12. I am not a great runner but I do walk about 2 miles everyday. Also I am officially back at my pre pregnancy weight. πŸ™‚ I’ve lost 45 lbs since I started hitting the gym. So excited!!!

  13. You really are a beautiful woman inside and out Michele. your photos are beautiful and inspiring. Thanks so much for all you do:)

  14. I know running can be so rewarding! I usually think about what I’m going to order without getting input from others unless it’s a special occasion. We go to Chili’s in town here alot & 99% of the time I get a child’s grilled chicken with broccoli.

  15. Running – it just makes me cringe….it’s kind of like seeing someone kneeling, it just makes me hurt. I’ve had 4 knee surgeries and 1 hip and I’m not that old, I would kind of look like Forest running but at a slow pace….Hope you all have a wonderous day, I’ll stick to my biking and elliptical.

  16. Love the menu tip, I am very bad at waiting to see what others order especially if they are paying cause I don’t want to spend more than them even when they have said “get whatever you want”. I am not a big runner but has been on my mind to give it a try lately, I am moving soon and will have access to a pool and have the desire to swim better so need to practice. But running when pool closed sounds like what I should do.

  17. use to do trail runs – felt let superwoman – i have not run in quite some time. There is a track by my house at the park – when we moved in august of last year i said I would start running and here it is a year later. Have to incorporate that into my goal.

  18. too sore from my workout yesterday to run today but need too! I have a triathlon in 3 wks so I’ll swim instead.

  19. I had a great workout yesterday and finished with my intervals on the treadmill. I’ve been keeping a journal and it helps. I start my buffing phase today, so mentally I am prepared to work my butt off for the next two weeks. I am so excited!

  20. That was a great tip about dinner out. That is sooo true. I am going to do that. Also, yep the track is a great idea because a lot of young energy around to feed off of. Hmmmm

  21. Me first. When I go out to the restaurants I already know what Im getting before we go (most of the time). Water with lemon and Grilled chicken ceasar salad or close to it; dressing on the side and no crutons. They always look at me funny, but the family enjoys getting out and when we go with friends its all about the company.

  22. Great tip about ordering first. Actually, last night we took the kids out to Olive Garden. I was tempted to order pasta, but instead went with my first thought and ordered mussels and had tons of salad. I think you may have inspired me to get back on the track! Running is great for losing fat.

  23. glad to see you back at something you love to do! I ran track back in high school but stopped my senior year to focus more on studies. sounds like I should get back in the place where I can run on the track again. great Idea about the resturant tip. have a blessed day!

  24. Since starting off slow this week, I’m finishing with a flurry! Did a full-body circuit yesterday with lighter weights on top but went full-blown heavy as I could on squats, deads and lunges. Today, I’m laughing and crying at the same time as I climb my stairs at home. Yay!

  25. I can relate. I have been dealing with a foot issue that has made me give up running for awhile. Great thing is that I can still walk – fast and long!

  26. I’ve never been a runner, but I know how you fell if I couldn’t do my cycling. All I can say is you are awesome.

  27. I love to throw in intervals at the track about once a week. I ran 4 miles today. We are leaving my son’s house tomorrow to return home. I will be sad. I will only get to see the kids and grandkids via webcam until probably next summer. It’s hard when they live 16 hours away.

  28. Well you proved those doctors wrong when you ran that race and SMOKED the competition! LOL! I did my 7 for 7 abs today and also pushups, chest, and bi’s and tri’s. πŸ˜€

  29. I did strength training this morning. I haven’t done any strength training for a few weeks. It feels good to be back on track.

  30. I know…my parents and MIL live in MN~ we are 13 hours away and it’s just too hard of a trip to make very often. We went up to MN twice last summer, but didn’t make the drive this year. Maybe next~ thank goodness for web cams!! I just got one today!! going to install it now~ YAY!

  31. How ’bout if I order first for me AND order for everyone else whether they like it or not? hahahahah!

    I ran my first 1/2 marathon last October – not because I like running – because I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT, but for cancer funding/research… But, after I did that, running now seems like (more of) a piece of cake.

  32. well its been awhile since i’ve been here. amazing how work & family can take over a mother’s life! anyway, i’ve learned how to NOT order what looks good on the menu especially if you look at the nutritional facts. My family and i went to applebee’s last weekend and was going to order salmon with glazed orange BUT when i looked at the nutritional facts vs. what their shrimp salad…the salmon didnt sound so good anymore.

    i haven’t been to the gym in the last 2 day that because I worked out Mon – Wed real HARD…i did back to back exercises..ex. 1 set of legs then 1 set of shoulders…it exhausting!

  33. i really hate running, but i dont mind sprinting resting sprinting resting i like short burst….longer runs just feel so uncomfortable my joints do not like running…lol

  34. Well today was a good day, did some speed training outside plus my P90X. I am finally in the “Buffing” phase, so I’m ready to hit it hard for 2 weeks!!!!

  35. I’m not a runner. I wonder if I’d be allowed to use the track at the local high school and change that.

  36. i would love to see the results from running, but i get bad shin splints when i do.. Im gonna try again though,, i think this would be good for me..

  37. i would love to see the results from running, but i get bad shin splints when i do.. Im gonna try again though,, i think this would be good for me..

  38. I just started doing interval running on friday, we will see how it goes. So far so good, ad the time flies bye.

  39. I did a back workout today and water aerobic class. Today is my 39th birthday and I am trying so hard to eat good today, but it is sooo hard. LOL

  40. I love your encouraging stories about how nothing is impossible!! And always thanking Jesus!! I think to really be able to go the distance in life, it really does take knowing God and believing his word with all our hearts. Life is a gift …despite our trials …he wants us to live each day with joy and success! We are all running this race. We need to all run this race to win!!! Thanks for always giving him the glory!! Godbless!! πŸ™‚

  41. Thanks Lora~ it’s so fun to hear how you are spreading the word that fitness is for everyone!

  42. I really enjoy watching your track race where you won. It is great to hear your kids shouting in the background. I showed it to a couple of young girls (who have had the idea that sports and weight training is only for guys) and they really enjoyed it as well as your pictures.

    Good aerobic setion. Now on to the weights.

    Lora Carter

  43. Isn’t it great to know yourself and then fulfill what your deepest desires are. There’s absolutely nothing like that. And knowing that the one who created you made you that way…….INCREDIBLE!!!

  44. I had a similar experience, but not running. I was told I shouldn’t lift or compete because of a heart condition. I sat on the sidelines feeling sorry for myself. It was until three years ago when I decided to take small steps, and here I am today, lifting and competing.

    Keep focused!

  45. I used to hate running, but now that I’ve quit smoking and my endurance has improved, I really look forward to getting out there in the morning.

  46. I used to love to run..haven’t thought about it in years.
    Today I am going to go to the track and get started (it’s just not the same on a treadmill!!!)

  47. I plan to hit the track this Spring-we are just rolling into our cold season here in Wisconsin so the treadmill will have to do for awhile.

  48. Love the resturant tip! Also this is an awesome photo of you. I can’t wait until I get to the point I can see my muscles like this.

    I can’t run. I wish I could. I use to love to run but hurt my knee the cheerleading competition and then a couple years later my hip so no running. (but I can do a really fast walk/jog πŸ™‚ I have tried it since a couple times but it always irritates the ligaments and puts me out of commission for even longer so I figure it is best to focus on what I can do and that is power walking and joggin intravels. (which I love also – talk about sweating that will do it) LOL

  49. Popped knee out a couple of times, lots of crackling when I bend…..etc. Not strong, so I don’t run anymore. Good idea on the ordering of food. I always ask others what they are ordering before I choose. I will try your idea so I make a healthy choice. πŸ™‚

  50. I have struggled with IT band issues for 10 plus years, and have been unable to run for any significant distance in that time. I have seen physical therapists, had $600 custom orthotics made, none of it really helped all that much. I recently read an article that said a lot of knee problems are caused by weak hip flexors and glutes causing the knee to rotate inward during your stride. I have noticed since starting working on my butt I have a lot less pain with running, and I am running farther – Hey!! I think I might me on to something!! Thank you Michelle πŸ™‚

  51. I like the restaurant advice,Thank you! And I am so glad about your dreams, what a great inspiration on KNOWING God is miraculous and he is the one that knows, not any doctor or anyone can tell you this is your never time because with GOD all things are possible Amen!

  52. Awesome to hear that!! also be sure to work your VMO (the little tear drop shaped muscle just above your knee)
    by doing knee extensions with your toes OUT.
    Keep at it!!

  53. Hi Michelle! So great you were able to run again. You look amazing!! I’ve been doing some running too and am seeing improvements in my breathing and stamina, I love seeing results!!

  54. Great Idea with ordering first. I don’t eat out very often maybe once or twice a year. You look wonderful I’m working on looking wonderful!

  55. Congratulations on getting back to the track! I was also told to give up running after my knee surgery but I’m working back up to it. My dad still runs and climbs mountains after his knee surgery and surviving cancer twice — he’s 70.

  56. I ran a little today at the track… Gotta burn these legs….. great tip on ordering first. it does help

  57. good for you sharon…I think I’ll bring my kids to the track in the next couple weeks!! It;s a blast with them!!

  58. My hubby and I don’t eat out that often, but when we do, I’m always the one to order first.

  59. Well Last night we went to a horse show I had great workout walking aorund petting horses, playing games …etc. And today we went to the Zoo and walked some more!! πŸ™‚ It was sooo fun! I had wondered last night if I got a workout and then this morning I felt it!

  60. Being ACTIVE in life can be the best workouts sometimes! Sounds like you are enjoying your summer!

  61. yes ordering first is a great idea…as well as asking for a to-go box then they bring your food so you can put half away for the next day.

  62. What i’m also learning about eating out is that if i wouldnt feed it to my child why would i eat it? It really holds me accountable and it re-inforces that i’m a roll model for my baby in all aspects of life, even eating out!

  63. I drive my husband crazy when we eat out. I pick the menu apart and order things to fit my diet. Most wait staff understand. I do it in a nice way.

  64. I, too, had an injury that kept me from running so I know how devastating that is. I love speedwork, it’s tough, but oh-so worth it! Great job on the 200s~!

  65. I can relate alittle bit. I ran before kids and up until after two. After four, I started again after a six year break then my knee started acting up. Too fast too hard too soon. So again I took two years off to allow it to heal and avoid other treatment. About nine months ago started out slow and now am running 6 miles most days and a long 8 mile run one day a week outside no less. How I love it. It will be a sad day when the winter days come an I will have to go the treadmill route. I am just thankful I have legs and knees that work perfectly. Thank you Lord Jesus!

  66. Great tip for ordering first, I always end up ordering last & changing it at the last minute! lol

  67. Eating out is a problem for me. I will try to order first next time. Great job on your track times! Those were the days!

  68. Okay ~ I have been having Internet connection problems, but have been watching my diet and following my POA faithfully.

  69. Internet issues are the pits, but I am happy to hear you are keeping yourself motivated- that’s a useful skill!!

  70. Good tip for eating out! I was just at a restruant last night with my father and I ordered first but he changed my order and told the waitress we only live once! So frustrated!

  71. Ugg! Today was aweful I am boosting and it that time if you know what I mean heavy girl stuff yuck! And I ate horrible today!! AGAIN this week has been a bust. Well not totally true I have maintained I will just have to really kick tail next week!!

  72. maintaining is a win! Keep striving to do your best- YOU CAN DO IT if you stay focused on the positives!!

  73. What an inspiration you are! I loved hearing your kids in the background cheering you on. They are adorable!

    Shoulder wo today!

  74. I am supposed to have lunch with an old friend tomorrow so I pulled up the menu to the restaurant online and have already made a healthy choice for lunch! Takes the stress out of worrying about what to eat so I can totally enjoy my time with my friend!

  75. We are starting a “Biggest Loser” challenge here at my work that will go on for 4 months! We will have weekly weigh ins, I’m hoping having this weekly accountability will really be the motivation I’ve been needing to push me to lose the “baby weight” i’ve been carrying around for almost 3 years!

  76. That is so inspiring! I don’t know what I would have done, but am so glad you found the strength to pull yourself out of that predicament and develop Buff Mother! I never enjoyed running until about age 41, am now 43 and still enjoy it, but not when it’s cold – that’s gym-time! HA!

  77. It is always good to face snd conquer our fears. I had a horse rare up and smack my face into a horse trailer breaking my jaw in two places when i was about 26. He was a pretty nutty horse on any given day. But i made myself get on him the day after and the day before my surgery to put a plate in my jaw and wire it shut. I was nervous but knew i had to do it. I was glad i did when i was done. Life is full of fears we have to conquer and we are always better for seeing it through and not running away. Through Him all things are possible….He is my strength and my salvation.

  78. This really spoke to me Michelle. I too was heavily involved with track & LOVED IT SO MUCH. I sustained an ACL injury on my left knee and was advised by doctors to avoid running in general. I’m still awaiting surgery, though am now optimistic that I can get back into it. Recently, I’ve been running on the treadmill at the gym 3 times a week in small doses (30 mins max)..and so far no problems or pain! After reading what you wrote, I truly believe it can be done…thank you for that πŸ™‚

  79. I’m not a runner-at all, but I can bike. So I am training for the Ragbrai in July. A 450 mile bike across the state of Iowa. I figured that not being able to run shouldn’t stop me from achieving a big goal. Its not a marathon but I will work!

  80. I felt this when I got back on a soccer field πŸ™‚ Just getting suited up made me feel like I could conquer the world. Playing is such a high.

  81. thats a great accomplishment! I have never been much of a runner due to asthma but I try to jog and swim as much as possible!

  82. I’m not a runner, but always wanted to walk a marathon. I walked a half marathon and then some a few years back. Pittsburgh has a marathon every year now, I’m thinking about signing up for it!

  83. Oh! How much I love the tip of the restaurant. So smart and so true!
    And woooowwww! What a race!!! You did it very well!!
    ItΒ΄s so beautiful to say thanks to God for having been able to do again something you love. I wish I am able in the future to take my favorite hobbies up again: singing, composing, playing piano, writing, and karate! By now it seems my time is only fir my kinds and job…

  84. I love to run too. But I am a wimp and can’t stand to breathe cold air, so I don’t do much running in the winter except on the tradmill – Ugghhh!

  85. I don’t get to run too often – I prefer the elliptical but I could change it up when it gets a little warmer out and when I’m feeling better (still suffering from a bad cold)…

  86. Cool to read this post again now… Makes me want to hit the track again!! Amazing that I wrote this 5+ years ago!! Blogs are so cool!!

  87. Checking in before heading out to Y pump… I like the order first tip.. I noticed the other day when we went out, my hubby and I check and recheck with each other what we are ordering… I stuck in their with a taco salad – the shell!

  88. I am looking forward to the spring time when the weather warms up and I can get out to the track. I hope to be able to get in a few good track workouts each month. Our track around here stays so busy with different schools with football and track practice. But I will find a way!

  89. I have considered taking up running myself. As for the restaurants, I only eat where I know I can get an AWESOME salad or excellent chicken and rice.

  90. I admit, I go to restaurants’ nutrition websites and decide what I’ll order before I get there. (Check the portion size! At PF Chang’s, for example, the nutrition info is based on a “serving”, but the entrees are listed as being 2-3 servings. Hmm…)

  91. I have been watching a loved one deal with her ACL surgery, and realize how great this would be for her to get to a place where signs of the injury are completely gone and she could back to business as usual. This is freedom!

  92. Totally, and the good news is that with proper rehab and some hard work on her part she CAN!
    Be sure to encourage her to believe that! πŸ™‚

  93. I love running……love it. I prefer to sprint rather than long distance. I would love to get on a track!!!!
    I’m so inspired by these stories, thank you for sharing them x

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