Free Wallpaper!!

Hey ya,
Everybody look at this!
a wallpaper of me!

Cool huh?

I had a Tiny Tuesday workout today and I am proud of myself for making time to call my Mommy on the phone today while laying in the tanning bed, multitasking at its best!

Ran on the treddy for only 7 mins…my knee started being all weird again…so I then hopped on the elliptical for a tish.

Then lifted back and bi’s–not much as I was starving. I had to stay fasted this morning for a Dr. visit and hadn’t eaten anything yet when I was at the gym… SO I cut my workout short to eat!

That fasting must have made me tired because I took a cat nap this afternooon. NOW I am off to go for a walk in the beautiful fall weather! AND I might get some intervals in on the upright bike right after that.




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