Squatting Saturday!

I am proud of myself today for doing 135 squats!
Before I go into my workout….
I have to tell you all the interesting people I saw at the gym today:

1. Blue smurf man- baby blue shirt and shorts, a NO, NO!
2. Grey sweats lady- this is just ugly
3. anorixic big boob lady- she is 5 feet tall 60 pounds and d boobs, lol
4. bicep man- only works biceps and they are BIG!
5. old man rocker (long curly hair with earings)- this man did not look right in workout clothes…he’d been better off wearing leather pants to the gym
6. jeans/birkinstock girl- she was having a blast playing on the elliptical next to me

Here is how my workout shook out:
10 min total -3 intervals of a min each levels 11, 12 &12
Warm up
95x20x5* sets for a total of 100 squats
*i had an active recovery of 25 stationary high knees on each leg between each of these sets

Then on to 100 lunges (50 each leg)
45×10(each leg)
65x10x4 sets*
in between 3 sets of these I did hanging knee ups 10-15 reps each set

Then I ran on the treddy
min1- warm up 4mph
3-7 mph
4-9 mph
6-9.2 mph

I was very happy with this since my knee has been giving me fits lately!! It was GREAT!

now home!
I’ve eaten (green pepper a bit of chicken and beef jerky) and now to shower~
Have a GREAT Saturday,



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  1. I love observing people at the gym. i just love watching the little teens walking on the tredmill constantly looking to see what guys are checking them out. I hope the membership money they are paying gets them a date so it’s not a total waste! LOL

  2. Very awesome. You are really inspiring me. I did jump squats and step ups between my deadlifts and barbell squats.

  3. LOL…true story: In my 20’s (during the cooler days) I would wear my cd walkman carrycase around my waist under a sweatshirt so that I looked pregnant when I ran/powerwalked. This kept the honking and catcalls down to a minimal! I also wore some pretty geeky things to the gym on days when I knew certain men that hit on me would be there so that they’d leave me alone while I worked out.

  4. You are funny!! I always laugh, too, at all the crazy people that come to the gym:)
    Awesome that you did that many squats!!!

  5. Michelle, do you do all squats with weights? I have been trying to do about 50 squats with a bar without weight for toning.

  6. that’s so GREAT! I can’t wait for my son to be allowed to workout with me at the gym…just 4 more years

  7. I LOVE IT!! You totally need to get into our rally room Kellie~!! it’s a perfect place to blog!!

  8. For the most part NO. But here and there they are useful…I do some with no weight for stretching/warm up and sissy squats often times with no weight. If you really want to see results you have to challenge your muscles~ and for me lifting heavy is the most effective way to do that.

  9. I know what you mean about concentration…I think about my workout time with my kids as a personal training session for them… I don’t expect to get in a true workout of my own 🙂

  10. Too funny! MY gym just isn’t that exciting. Good job on the squats. I actually did like 85 yest myself but don’t do that often enough 🙂

  11. Our workout gym is at home, so the fashion isn’t nearly as entertaining as yours1:) About the kids joining… when I lift, I can’t concentrate with them around, but one time I remember I was on the treadmill when my husband was lifting and all three boys were with us doing something. It was a proud moment!

  12. im a teacher and coach so i really try to push my students to stay active and get involved in atheltics to keep them heatlhy

  13. Funny post 🙂 Since this is my Super 7-day, I’m going to post what I did the day before to keep me accountable. Here’s what I did yesterday:

    1 hour – Dumbbells – Circuit
    Alt. Shoulder Press 5#/12 – 8#/10 – 10#/8 – 12#/6 – Drop set #5/20
    Chest Press (Barbell Only) 12 – 8 – 6 – 6 – Drop Set of Flyes 8#/15
    Bent-Over and Straight DB Rows #10/12 – 15#/10 15#/8 – #15/8
    Tri-Extension (DB) 10#/12 – 12#/12 – 15#/8 15#/10 Drop Set 8#/15
    Flat Flyes 8#/12 – 10#/10 – 12#/10
    Hammer, Reg. Curls 10#/12 – 15#/10 – #15/8 #15/8 Drop Set 8#/30 (Tried to do 20s but just not there yet.)
    Bunch of ab work: Side cable crunches 60#/10 – #60/10 (each side), Leg Lifts, Sit-ups with 5# dumbbells on stomach

  14. Hope this is okay. At least I have a record of my workouts online! Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!

  15. Well, I guess these people are wearing their “comfortable clothes”. I think that if you wear something that looks like you are going to work out, you actually feel better about yourself.

  16. I have my upperbody routine today along with abs, and intervals. My son is 14 and actually enjoys working out with me.

  17. I know I look like something even the cat won’t drag in! lol! I don’t wear make-up, but I get a kick out of the racoon eyed girls that do. C’mom, sweat already!

  18. Your descriptions of the people were hilarious. I think i’ve met them before. LOL. Awesome workout. You are a superstar.

  19. I took the teen boys to the gym with me this summer. Boy did I hear grumble, My one son who plays football, thanked me thursday for taking him this summer. They may grumble during, but they will appreciate it eventually. I know people who go to the mall to people watch. Me go to the gym….

  20. At least they made it to the gym…Things have been crazy around my house with DH OOT, so I did not make it in this weekend. 🙁

  21. I love the visuals of people at the gym! Thank you for the posting of your eats all the time, so normal and yummy I have no excuses not to eat better. I can’t believe beef jerky, I always thought it would be bad for you or is it specific kinds I am sure.

  22. hee hee! Wish I had funny people to look at here at the gym… Mostly I just do the “eye roll”…

  23. JEEPERS!!! How the heck do you do all that leg work, then get on the TM and go that speed?!?
    In regards to the people @ ur gym: those same people have a membership to my gym too!!! : )

  24. I normally don’t even attempt cardio on leg day, but this day I was on fire! I try to go with the flow~ if I have energy I use it!

  25. I am one of those~ I have to wear make up when I workout…my motto is “look good; feel good ;workout good!” In college my hardcore ATHLETE girl-friends gave me crap about it, but I didn’t care.

  26. We like to bike ride in our house for exercise:0

    People crack me up at the gym. I try not to laugh visibly:)

  27. the one thing I like about the gym we go to is that there is always physical activities stuff for them to do, and they really love it. I try not to watch people to often because they are probably watching you to. have a great week!

  28. Day 34. This week I am doing all workouts from DVDs I have in my basement. Kind of like my own personal challenge week!

  29. LMBO! Loved your descriptions! Too funny!!! I agree very much though! Seen some strange looking people since I started going to the gym. Including:
    The businessbreaker – Man in button-down shirt and tie doing pulldowns in his slacks with sneakers!
    The princess: She was wearing matchy matchy expensive w/o clothes with hair and makeup all done up.
    The crazy man: He grunts like crazy with every rep; vains popping! LOL!

  30. I like the businessbreaker…I have a doctor who works out in his scrubs between patients!
    AND doesn’t every gym have “crazy man”? and of course “mr. Bird legs”

  31. Superman comes to my gym. Tight red bike shorts with matching tight red tank top. He’s got a nice body, but still looks ridiculous in the outfit. I wouldn’t laugh at these folks except it’s obvious from the way that they carry themselves, they obviously think that they look really hot.

  32. I get to do legs today! Yay! Hopefully my knee feels good enough to do squats…and killer arms in the pic!! 🙂

  33. your arms/shoulders are amazing
    I’m the one with the black ugly pants and t-shirt because right now I’m too heavy to put gum attire on.

  34. I love the names you came up with for the various “characters” at the gym… LOL. And I love the advice about getting kids involved. That’s my motivation right now… my son. I want to lead by example.

  35. I think there are those types in every gym, once i think what is wrong with their outfit then I tell myself good for them of being proud to wear that in public but even better for coming to the gym and being healthy> Negative with the positive!

  36. You can learn alot from observing people at the gym- what to try new and what not to do also! I had a great leg and ab workout today.

  37. I forgot to post last night. My neighbor girls (one 11 and the other almost 16) came over for the first workout together last night. Then, my brother (19 who is a rock climber) came over and joined us as well. It took about one and half hours to get through the upper body workout, but we had a blast. Thats all for now, Lora

  38. Observing people at the gym is the scariest part for me because i look like the beached whale. No, it’s not that bad. But I don’t look like I want to yet. So I just keep seeing who I want to be in the mirror and focus on that.

  39. I think the same people come to my gym, haha! But if they are there to seriously workout, then we shouldn’t knock them. Played racquetball today with my youngest (9) and oldest (23) daughters. We had a blast and began a tradition…weekly games. The family that trains together, gets healther together.

    Keep pumping!

  40. I love people watching at the gym. I mostly find motivation in watching everyone. My favorite guy to look for is the one wearing his swimming suit to work out in. Ahh, good times.

  41. Oh come oooon smurf maaaan j/k 😉 My son is so into karate he has so much energy I am actually trying to play more with HIM LOL he is a fiesty lil man but he sure is fit…when we get on our bowflex he wants to do it too (mind you he is 5 yrs. old) so it is awesome!! You look great as always and thanx for your post 🙂

  42. Too funny! I actually worked out at the Y today – I usually lift at home since it’s a 20 mile drive in. I was laughing inside at some of the stereotypes I saw there, although I’m sure a few were looking at me funny when I was doing cats/dogs and high knees! LOL!

  43. What an impressive workout!! Especially the speed that you run! I’m not a runner but have been wroking on it, I’m more of a jogger at 5.0 : ) Great workout!!! No wonder your legs look soooo nice!!

  44. my daughter has been doing your workouts and close to your eating plan (i allow her more carbs and a treat everyday.) her taekwondo instructor and people at church have commented on how tall she looks. ;). she is more confident and works even harder in her taekwondo classes. i am going to try for 100 lunges and 100 squats!

  45. speaking of educating your teens, I just gave a “what’s happening to your body” talk at a local school last night. Three more to go. And I always talk about exercise and nutrition helping you feel better.

  46. I think the younger kids learn about health, nutrition and the importance of working out the better. 🙂 I’m so thankful I found you Michelle and your wonderful website. If anyone in the challenge hasn’t found the rally room yet you news to go check it out. Go to http://www.buffmother.com to find out more. Awesome place! Awesome women!!

  47. It’s because they are BIG Muscles and they have BIG potential! We often don’t give them the credit they deserve. Lift heavy and you will see them respond.

  48. I work my legs twice a week with medium intensity since I can’t lift heavy, and my legs still need a long way to go. The cellulite is still there and won’t go away no matter how healthy I eat.

  49. why is it that you can’t lift heavy?
    Even if you can’t you need to be sure you are CHALLENGING them- by pushing the level of intensity! You can get them to respond!

  50. Legs are my favorite. I have so many women come up to me and say…”I wasn’t checking you out, but I noticed you have great leg muscles. Do you run?” I love it! Sometimes I wish my calves weren’t so big, but oh well.

    My kids love to workout with me! I think it is great to get them started young so they won’t have some of the body issues that I did growing up.

  51. legs have always been my favorite body part to train because i could always train them HARD!! It’ s a great feeling when guys come up to me and ask what i do to train them! 🙂

  52. My kids love to exercise with me. I encourage it. I didnt like exercise as a kid. Legs – funny I noticed the inside of my thighs kind of giggly this am in the mirror at class. Need to do some inner leg work.

  53. still can’t complete 3 sets of 10 reps with 15 pound weights. but I feel myself getting stronger!

  54. day 34…back to buffing!Unfortunately the only entertainment i have is myself and the mirror!!!I’ll tell you what though…ive been all of those people at one time or another!!!hahahahahahaEnjoy the day!

  55. I currently work out at home ~ I might join the local gym when the weather turns cold. I wonder if it will be as entertaining as the one you go to? ~ Today is leg day. Planning to hike the trails near my house and then weights. ~ Oh, I have now lost 4 pounds, only 4 to go!!

  56. Ate OK today it was active rest day could have done better but did ok 🙂 Lots of mall shopping -black friday!!!

  57. wow, you recognized 6 people in the gym and decided to pick out their flaws and then blog to all your “fans” about it! how terrible. they were all there for the same reason as you, to improve themselves.

    i’m unsubscribing now. sorry. shallow!

  58. All of life is not so serious…finding humor in fitness is part of the enjoyment. God made us with minds that find things funny at times- I am just being honest.

  59. That’s alot of squats! Maybe I’ll try that one day! I haven’t been successful in getting my 19 yr. old to exercise regularly (he’s thin and just isn’t motivated to spend time that way) but my 8 yr. old son does like to run with me sometimes and loves to play outside, we play basketball, badmitton, and tennis currently since he is learning that in PE.

  60. People are funny arent they! I always love mr. Bicep man…:-) I try to keep my kids moving. It is so important. They all love being outside scootering hikking playing soccer basketball baseball and they even like jumping in with my home workouts. Start young and you will have life long active kids.

  61. I’ve been having my son join me on daily bike rides and he loves it. Its great for getting all that energy out of him!

  62. Still keeping on! Eventho I hate working legs, I must admit I feel as tho I’m losing my enemy, cellulite, off of them!!

  63. I like to people watch at the Gym too. especially ones that are really in shape. I like to see what they are doing and it helps motivate me to push a little harder!

  64. Oh yeah!! the synergy (energy from others) at the gym is so inspiring…it’s part of why I find it easiest to workout in a gym setting.

  65. it always amazes me what people wear to the gym- i always have to stop and stare, its too much fun. Also the synergy is great- sometimes i find i push myself that extra bit just by incorporating what others are doing and how hard they are pushing themselves. I had to hide my scale last night it is becoming an obsession.

  66. Love to people watch too and holy cow on the lunges! It makes my leg workout last night look like a walk in the park! Oy! I have a long way to go…I’m sore from my walk in the park!

  67. LOL! I’m glad I’m not the only one who give nicknames to people at the gym! I seem to see the same group of people and since I don’t know their real names it’s fun to make up nicknames for them.

  68. I need to start opening my eyes at the gym to my surroundings! Sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

  69. Wasn’t able to do my cardio workout as hoped last night but todays a new day! While my daughter is at dance I’ll get a good leg, butt and abs workout!!

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