UFC 64!

On tap for tonight UFC!!

I am proud that I made it through day 2 of no coffee!! I am trying to omit it from my daily routine for a while to see if I have any positive results. So instead I’ve been drinking green tea, but it is just not the same, I really miss my coffee at this point.

My day went like this today…
Got up
made pancakes for the kids and I had some too.
Then went to the gym, lifted legs with DH…a good workout.
r-bike warm up
russian squats
walking lunges
knee exentsions
Came home fed family, cleaned up.
Then went shopping by myself to Kohl’s, Old navy and Belk.
I got a buch of new ribbed tanks, a couple other shirts, a sweat suit and two pairs of softee pants.
So now I can trash some of my trashy workout clothes!!

Tonight we will watch the UFC pay per view, I am excited to see Franklin fight, he is probably my favorite fighter.

He is a very smart, fit and personable fighter.

In other news, I am pumped up for this week of workouts…I am ready to hit this second week of buffing hard. I hit my goal this week of being 125 by Friday…so next Friday’s goal is 123!! I feel GREAT lighter than I was for contest training, it is so much more natural for me.

Have a super dooper night,



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