Saturday Talk

I am proud today because I have learned to “slow down” a bit and enjoy life a bit more. This morning I got in a tizzy rushing to the gym, feeling the pressure to rush in order to get it all done in time to get a present and a Gunner to a b-day party by 1:30. BUT DH gently reminded me to “relax” and I was able to “slow down” and have had a GREAT day since!

We had a good workout-

Warm up r-bike 5 min
Lat pulls
push ups 15
pull ups 10

push ups 15

Hammer strength over head pull downs
push ups 15
Hammer strength Iso lateral shoulder press
push ups 15

core stuff-
oblique work
ab wheel
hanging sit ups

Then off to the store, roller rink, fitness store- we are getting an upright bike finally- and MOE’s restaurant.

in a couple hours I will go for a hard run and can you believe my hammies are still SUPER sore from Wednesday’s workout??? That’s what happens when you take “a break”…SUPER soreness when you come back.

Have a GREAT Saturday and don’t forget about being proud of yourself today!



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