Headstart on I am PROUD month! Entry for September 29, 2006

I am proud of myself today because I figured out how to download some software to make mp3 files using a microphone I purchase over a year ago…to start the process of moving toward podcasting!! FUN STUFF!!!–I think it would be a great addition to www.buffmother.com to include podcasts, don’t you?

Does anyone have any first hand experience with creating a podcast? I am doing my usual “learn as I go” thing with the it.

On the workout front, I didn’t do what I had planned yesterday–so no pilates and no leg workout…due to my tummy pain and pms…but I did get in a TENNIS workout–and ouch I am sore in some weird places. The plan for this evening is a super leg workout and then turkey with stuffing, YUMMY!!

so far on eats today
So you can see I need more P’s and G’s
I have another P in about an hour–just had oatmeal–YUMMMY—Maybe I’ll have a salad or some asparagus with my turkey tonight (I plan on eating about 3P’s of turkey, LOL)… and my Treat will be extra stuffing Smiling

Off to work,

p.s. if you missed this yesterday–

I Declare October is- “I am Proud Month”

Inspired by one of my BuffMother Leaders who suggested that all of our post should start with “I am proud of myself today because: _________” . I am declaring October–I am Proud MONTH….so at the start of every post you write this next month, dig deep and find a reason that you can be proud of yourself every day!!!

The foundation of BuffMother! is POSITIVITY…there is such power in being positive—positivity is contagious and inspiring. Sharing your Proud moments will lead to greater positivity in your life…So Let’s shoot to be even more positive and look at what is good in our lives this October.

Any questions or suggestions?

I am so PROUD of YOU!!




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