Back to LIFE!!

Back to LIFE!!–first post contest workout!

Well I woke up this morning feeling BLESSED!! I had all my little kiddos and DH surrounding me and realized I have a GREAT life!!
Thank you JESUS for all of my BLESSINGS~~ including all my lovely BuffMother friends. I am so fortunate to have such a super group of ladies who share in the common goal of leaving a LEGACY of Buffness through their lives. YOu all ROCK!!

So now as I return to the responsibilities of LIFE after vacation–dishes, housework, laundry, cooking, etc…I am determined to “slow down” and strive for PEACE in my life!

That’s just what I did in my workout today–lowered my intensity and just let my body recover from all I have put it through over the past 3 months of intense exercise and diet.

My workout went like this
20 min of r-bike
knee extensions 3×20
Sit ups on incline 2×20
lower back extensions 1×35
abductions 2×50..’sx20
knee ups 2 sets
no weight bulgarians 1 set of 20
hack squats- focus on booty- 50 reps

15 min of cardio on the upright bike

Then 45 pilates class–this felt good, but I kept on getting cramps in my feet!! OUCH!

I don’t really feel like I worked out, but that is fine, for me for now–soon I know I will be back at it full BORE!

I am off to shower finally and mentally prepare to go to wal-mart with 4 kids 🙂




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