Mission Annihilate Legs

I had one goal in mind for my workout today…to Annihilate my LEGS! Every millimeter of them

So here is how it went:
Warm up 6 min r-bike
Full Squat 45×15 warm up
Bulgarians body wtx10 warm up

Full Squats 95×10
Bulgarians 30’s x10
Bulgarians 50’s x 6 x 3 sets
2 sets of walking calves in between these
And one set of 10 underhanded pull ups

Full Squats 115×10
Full Squats 135×8 PB!
Some sissy squats with no weight…about 25 reps focusing on squeezing my booty.

Parallel Squats 155×5—by this time my squats were fried!

More sissy squats 3 sets holding the 25 of 10-20 reps
3 sets total of the hammer seated calf raise with 70#’s to failure—about 20 reps each set

Dead lifts
155x10x2 conventional

Walking lunges 55#’s on back

45degree hack squat
90+machinex15 reps various foot position, going very low to hit upper hammies

The other seated calf
70#’sxfailurex3sets various tempos and foot positions

Smith Lunges
90+machinex10x1 set on ground and 2 sets on a step

Abs Roman chair knee ups
3 sets to failure—killers of about 50-60 reps each set—some to the sides in there

Leg curls

Leg extensions
170×6 +110×10 feet out

Went home nauseous
Now off to bathe myself and the kiddos to prepare for beddy bye!



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