Well we made it for a FUN little walk this morning–I pushed 2 of the girls as my 3 year old, little athlete, Layla rode her barbie tri-wheel like a mad woman–It was so FUNNY!! Tia the other twin thought so too, she was laughing at her like crazy.

She looked like the wicked witch from the wizzard of oz–hunched over petalling with all of her mite!

Now the twins are in the tub, then Gracie, then off to the gym~I am leaving them in the drop off childcare so that I could do lots of work…

Afterward I went and said a quick “HI” to the girls and did a quick workout….I felt guilty since they had already been in the childcare for almost 3 hours.

here is my workout- a total of 40 mins

r-bike warm up
knee extensions paired with leg press
full squats paired with leg curls
Dead lifts paired with smith lunges
abductors paired with adductors
basically 4 sets of 10 on everything

now at home while watching the little mermaid and folding laundry

25 min on r-bike—may do more here as the next load is ready to fold
and some high rep(15-30 reps) lifting:
db stiff leg dead lifts
db squats
laying side leg lifts

Well I am off to get supper and workout more, lol!



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