Runnin’, Runnin’

Alrighty–Here it is, I have not ran more than 1 day in a row for ages. #1- because of a chronic knee/tibia condition that “flares” up if I run too much and #2- because I have been on a constant battle to “build” my legs for the past 3 years –running too much for me = chicken legs, lol

Now that I am happy with my “rebuilt” body–i need a new challenge–and that will involve running, running very fast actually….so I need to up my running frequency a bit—and today was the beginning of that mission–I ran yesterday and today again!! For the first time in at least 5 years that I have really ran two days in a row- 4 miles yesterday 3.1 today…tomorrow will be off from running and then I’ll shoot for 2 days in a row again!!

I am stoked!

Love ya,
p.s. as I am writing this I am consuming a mix of cooked oatmeal, tuna fish, green olives and cabbage–YUMMY!!



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  1. I see ya got your shoes you wanted!
    Thank you for your positive posts and for sharing workout info.

    Mmmm… you can keep that meal,though! ^_^ Timmi

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