Scales are STUPID!!

Okay–You’ve heard it before and you will surly hear it again- SCALES ARE STUPID!!

As you may know I have been “buffing” now officially for a full week, my starting weight was 128-129, I thought I had made progress –on Sunday I was 127–but apparently I was dehydrated(which make sense since I had half a HUGE bottle of wine on SAT night–bad girl)–because I’ve weighed 128-129 all week! Also I need to mention that I am on NOXCG3 and that is the culprit for the loss of loss on the scale.
Typically I do not take anything that makes me retain water (like creatine and even l-glutamine) while on a “buffing” phase- BECAUSE I can’t get over the mental barrier of not seeing a huge difference in my body when I put in so much extra effort.

Now last night I ran, did sprints and didn’t eat before bed and I still woke up at 128.8 pounds! I am kinda frustrated by that since I had a goal of getting to 126 by tomorrow–BTW that will not happen, lol!!

BUT- I am making progress here is why:
I am getting leaner- my six pack is almost in full view
My booty is getting slightly smaller
My shoulders are now “popping”

I still have one more week of “buffing” so I will stay the course- keep taking my NOXCG3 and see what happens…If I stay 128…so be it–BUT I will be leaner- BY GEORGE!!

Here is my workout from today-
warm up r-bike 10 min–felt horrible!
Then Cybex lat pulls
130×10 felt horrible

Assisted pull ups
wide 40#x4 felt horrible…so I needed to fix this problem–Here is what I did
Drank a protein shake and went tanning πŸ™‚
Then started again- Much better this time around–FOOD works wonders :wow:
Cybex lat pulls
paired with bicep curl machine

Lat pulls wide
paired with weighted broomstick rotations- for the obliques(my back is finally what I would consider”healthy” for the first time since forever!–which means since I was 17 I’ve had very bad lower back issues–which got much worse by bearing childeren–post Gunner I was “laid up” a lot –the last time I was “laid up” was a year ago now–the key has been regaining my lower lumbar curve with exercises like CATS and deadlifts–So until about 2 months ago “rotation type exercises” were a NO, NO for me and my tricky back–now I am working to regain healthy core rotation–It is going GREAT)
25 reps each sidex3sets

Seated rows
full extension
90×12 fast, explosive movement

lower back extensions

Isolateral behind the neck hammer pulls

Standing free bar shoulder press (behind neck)

laterals one arm at a time
arms together
upright rows with dumbells

knee ups and pikes on bench straight forward
40reps about

r-bike 7 min
20 min of intervals(some forward and some backward) and silly movements πŸ™‚

that’s all!! LOL!



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  1. Love the thought on this.. I gained weight recently and was frustrated.. and everyone was like.. it has to be muscle… you are looking better than ever… πŸ™‚

  2. I got my daughter all moved in at college. I’m glad I’ve been exercising….it made all the trips from the car to the dorm room a little easier!

  3. retaining water is not necessarily a bad thing. Our bodies need water to heal from workouts~ that’s part of why it works.

    I’ve found that most EVERY amino acid makes me retain water.

  4. Yep!! the scale may go up when muscle is gained…I know that I’ve gained at least 10 pounds of muscle over the past 7 years…That’s why I am VERY lean at 125 instead of previously being skinny fat at 115- I NEVER want to go back to that body!

  5. Been very frustrated the past week. Have not gotten in my workouts. I get so busy that it gets late so fast and then I don’t workout, and I have such a hard time getting up early for it. I know I have to make it a “priority” on my to do list.

  6. Hey!! I am actually just under 5-7…but I am all arms and legs so my weight is a bit lighter than average for my height.
    A good rule of thumb is 100 pounds for 5 feet then add 5# per inch after that.
    So…the 135 range is a good healthy weight for and average woman who is 5-7

  7. I think it is good to weigh daily~ especially when you are learning about Hormonal Timing and charting your cycle. KNOWLEDGE is power and weighing daily gives us knowledge about how our bodies work, react to certain behaviors, react to our hormones, etc… It also gives us a good indicator on our hydration levels. If your weight drops a ton in 1 day you need to be aware that you may be dehydrated.

  8. Should we weigh ourselves everyday? Some people say it keeps us on track. Others mention weighing ourselves once a week, or once a month. What do you think?

  9. question, michelle – how tall are you? just want to get a ht/wt ratio in mind. it might make seeing the scale go up with muscle, feel not so bad on my short frame!

  10. I weigh myself every morning…it’s part of my tracking system. I don’t sweat the scale but use it as a tool. Ok…now and then I sweat it, LOL. Thanks for the height/weight ratio recommendation…I’m closer to my goals than I thought!

  11. Great news, I was down 1 pound from yesterday! It is a tough thing to keep going when you don’t see the results, but you have to keep those goals in mind!

  12. don’t think that lifting HIGHER reps will get you more results it doesn’t! If anything lift heavier~ that will stimulate your testosterone levels which you need to shed the fat! Strive to work HARDER not LONGER in your cardio– do intervals!

  13. Awesome workout. If anybody knows that scales are stupid it is me. I have a before and after pic of me at the same weight and it looks like I lost 20 pounds. EXACT same weight.

  14. I do like to weigh myself everyday, too. And I can definately tell when I’ve had too much sodium. I also seem to retain water more in the summer when it is hot and humid, I don’t know why? It’s good feedback.

  15. I have been trying hard to not obsess over what the scale tells me and instead go by how I look and feel, but it’s hard! πŸ˜‰

    Today is pilates for an hour and cardio (HIIT) for 30.

  16. Good tips Michelle. I definitely have a love hate relationship with the scale, mostly hate though!!

  17. I agree with you as always. First the scheduling exercise, I am a list person and I need to put exercise on my list so I can cross it off once done for day. Also the scale thing, yes they are stupid! I know I am losing something cause my clothes are lose and I am thinning out but the scale just doesn’t seem to be giving up the numbers it has for me. Oh well I will defy the scale and be thinner, more buff and few sizes smaller whether it agrees or not!

  18. Talk about hormornal timing!! This post is exactly where I’m at. I posted late to yesterday’s blog. And, boy, was/am I frustrated! I try to weigh just once a week and I haven’t lost a pound in months. I know, I know, I’m gaining muscle but my fat does not want to budge. Is it my age? I’m 44. Should I do more cardio? More reps, less weight? Grrrrrrrrr πŸ™

  19. I don’t weight on my scales at all. I go by the way my clothes fit and I can tell when I need to step up my workout.

  20. Thank you for the information. I was extremely exhausted today so I rested. I do have cardio and legs tomorrow. I have to get rid of this fat around my abs…it is driving me crazy!

  21. Just curious about the formula of 5 feet is 100 pounds and then add 5 pounds per inch. I am only 4″ 11″ and I was down to 105 and now I am at 114. I don’t like that 9 pound gain but I must be more muscular than I thought because I wear a size 1. I can’t imagine weighing 100 pounds or less. Granted I have some fat to lose in areas but me weighing 100 pounds? I can’t imagine. Any other petite gals out there? BTW I am 45 years old.

  22. thanks for the advice on the scale–sometimes its a good thing to weigh myself everyday–then the next day is horrible–yet a feel good

  23. It’s just a general rule of thumb~ It really varies a lot depending on body structure. Age is a NON-FACTOR…getting older doesn’t mean we should weigh more πŸ™‚

  24. Ran 4 miles thismorning and did Yoga X. Back is killing me. Not sure if it is from the running or what. Noticing more of a difference in my shrinking love handles and lifting buttocks.

  25. 2.5 mile run today with my son along with me on a bike. My kids just love to go along.

    πŸ˜‰ I do like to step on the scale at times, but it really doesn’t change anything. Either makes me smile or frown. So, why bother….just smile anyway and have a good attitude and that’s what makes for an awesome day and life.

  26. Scales are stupid! Just got back from gym and I feel great! Intervals on treadmill and upper body work out. Starting to see some definition in the arms, so I’m pumped!!

  27. I hate that women still worry about the scale! Thanks to your HT program, I know that when the scale goes way up it’s water weight, I’m ovulating, or I’m boosting. πŸ™‚

  28. I can’t agree enough. Scales are so stupid. And even though I know this I still get on one every few days. My weight hasn’t changed from 169-170 for the past few weeks. My goal was to get to 165 by the end of this challenge so its very disheartening to see. BUT I know I’m getting leaner because my clothes are looser. Maybe I need to kist throw the scale out. πŸ™‚

  29. scales do stink, and they can be addicting,, yeah thats right.. We bought one that measures fat,,, well, as well as it could,,, and i would be on that thing all the time,, well now the batteries are dead,, but i have not been too worried about weight.. Yes i need to loose, but it will come off the way it wants to,, so i am just gonna keep busting my butt and let my body do the rest

  30. scales do stink, and they can be addicting,, yeah thats right.. We bought one that measures fat,,, well, as well as it could,,, and i would be on that thing all the time,, well now the batteries are dead,, but i have not been too worried about weight.. Yes i need to loose, but it will come off the way it wants to,, so i am just gonna keep busting my butt and let my body do the rest

  31. You’re right, scales STINK! I hardly ever weigh myself. I prefer to go by how I feel and how my clothes are fitting.

  32. I have a love hate relationship with the scale. But, I’m trying to change my thinking, thanks to you help! I have to return to work on Wed and Thursday with the children returning on Tuesday after Labor Day. I need to continue on my routine as I get on the roller coaster of the school year.

  33. I just started getting on the scale now and then. I fluctuate between 148-149 alot. I hate the really bloated days during “tom”. I’m 5’10 at 148.5 I think I can handle that but I want a tight and firm 148.5! I like to be long and lean!

  34. Cycle day 1 a bit crampy. Hopeing to do some sprinting/running/soccer practice soon. Will get some leg workout in after kids go to bed if I can.

    Thats all for today.

  35. Having a healthy, well functioning body is a good target. If your body is working well and looking good, weight is so insignificant.

  36. 15 min on bike and strength training today! Good workout, but then some Halloween candy! Why do I do this?

  37. this week i am only doing cardio in order to give my body a rest and prepare it for the first of three months…competition march 2010. when we decided to do something different with are bodies, the body usually has a way of either cooperating or throwing a fit. but in the end, everything works out.

    Keep pumping!

  38. Sundays are my much needed rest days. Of course I always think I should be doing something πŸ™‚

  39. me too…isn’t it weird when you take a day off and you realize how much you get in the habit of working out

  40. Thank you so much for all this motivation! I have been consistent for so long that it makes this lifestyle a bit easier and loads of fun!!! Priase Him for the blessing of dicipline. =)

  41. I’m so glad I read this today. Just yesterday I was feeling so frusturated with the scale. I can’t seem to lose any weight. I did have to tighten my belt an extra notch though so I must be doing something right, right?

  42. I needed this. It seems late (8:45), but I don’t have anything else to do (hubby OOT), so I’m going to go work out. I am excited to say I am a bit leaner, too. I noticed today as I was getting ready to go out somewhere. I think I need to go measure and encourage myself that way!

  43. I like your thoughts…this happens to everyone and it is good to see the GOOD things that ARE happening even if the scale stinks!!!!!

  44. This is to funny! We just finished our biggest looser contest at work this morning. I lost 9.97% and the winner won 11%. I only needed to loose 2 more lbs!!! I hate the scale!!!

  45. I TOTALLY agree! I hate the scales. I have worked my butt off (literally) and it still don’t drop sometimes. But I can always see the difference even if not in a number.


  46. They are silly, but they do hold a ton of info on our quest to be knowledgeable of our bodies! I think they are stupid but I still weigh daily…today it went down 1.5 pounds!

  47. Good morning. I usually don’t follow scales. Even though the last couple days I did weigh myself and how I gain 1.5 pounds in 2 days made me laugh. I just go by what the mirror tells me :-). So many reasons why the weight can go up and down.

    I never thought about doing that, stopping and doing something else and then going back to workout (while at the gym), like eating or tanning. I can’t workout unless I eat prior (try to do at least one hour before) – I need that energy.

  48. I had the odd experience of stepping on a scale, seeing a loss, and thinking “awww crud- I lost muscle mass!”

  49. I know I am almost 6′ and I was 200 pounds with a four pack so I know scales are stupid. I have gained alot of weight with my pregnancy but my main thing I hate is being tied down not being able to do the things I want to do. So my options are coming clear and my commitment to make goals andlists and then just DO IT…no matter what because in the end of the day you feel less depressed and more clear headed after you work out…nothing is easy so I keep in my head the after effects once i work out πŸ™‚

  50. Scales do suck – wish I could break my habit of weighing. I have hit a mini-plateau, just taking comfort in the fit of my clothes (getting looser) and seeing the change in the mirror and just feeling how differently my body moves. I know I have been lighter than this, but I don’t think I have looked better. No more skinny fat for me!

  51. LOL…that’s me right to the T some times. BUT~ if you want to lose weight you have to sacrifice a bit of muscle sometimes. The key is knowing how to use your diet/exercise routine in conjunction with your natural hormones to BUILD muscle!!

  52. Scales can be infuriating when you are being good and doing what you are supposed to be doing! They are great wake up calls when you are being naughty.

  53. Never thought to stop eat or do something and go back to my workout later although later for me would be hours. I usually workout in the morning around 6am feed my children (who are grown) get ready for work then work from 8:30 – 4:30 so if I were to stop because I felt horrible, which happened once this week. I could workout when I return home from work.

  54. yuck…scales! i only weigh myself once a month right after the buffing weeks and maybe once during the buffing weeks.

  55. sure thing Jean…the cool thing about lifting weights they often don’t cause too much sweat, so you can fit them in here and there with good results!

  56. I try to weigh daily…it keeps me in check and helps me “know” what’s happening in my body. For instance if I am really low one day- Usually that means I am dehydrated and I focus hard on getting in more water.

  57. My husband has been encouraging me to stop focusing on the scale so much. I am 5′ 9″ and I wanted to get back to my old (pre-7th baby weight) of 125, but I can’t seem to do it. I’m at 132, but I’ve got a lot more muscle than I ever did, so maybe that’s o.k.

  58. at 5-9 125 is way too light…I bet you look better than ever with the added muscles πŸ™‚

  59. I like to weigh myself on the scale every morning just to keep myself accountable for the day.

  60. Yes it’s a good habit! It tells me a lot too about where my hormones are and if I am dehydrated or retaining water, etc…

  61. I weigh everyday and always fluncuate about 1.5 pounds give or take a few oz. Its frustrateing but it keeps me on track. πŸ™‚

  62. When i was doing a Lean Eating program we had to take pictures every two weeks. I hated taking them because i swore there was zero changes so what was the point?! The scale never changed, the measurements i swore never budged..but each time i would post new pictures and look back at the old ones i saw big changes!!! So i told myself to quit whining, take the pictures when they were due and i’d feel better for it! haha! And sure enough i was proud of the changes that i saw each time!
    Hope your back issues clear up soon! That’s no fun at all!!! The ART should be able to help with that if you’ve been able to find a provider in your area. Will keep you in prayer! πŸ™‚

  63. My exercise is planned out 1st thing in AM. That works best for me. Im always making mental notes to myself to keep my plan in check.

  64. it’s a good tool to have- but other tools are valuable too! I like the scale to help me know if I am dehydrated.

  65. Yeah ~ I have a love/hate relationship with my scale. I just try to keep it in the right perspective, but sometimes it is hard. It is so satisfying to see those numbers go down when you are working hard for those results!

  66. I don’t even own a scale. My clothes fit better and I look better – that’s how I measure progress. Numbers are too inconsistent.

  67. Finanlly saw a difference int the scale today and last night I went shopping and had to try on everything in the store just to make sure something wasnt wrong with what I was tring on!! I am soooo excited from a size 22 to a 14 !! Yay!!! And a size Medium shirt i have never worn a medium anything LOL and my panties are too big in the butt because it shrunk!!! LOL I have a long way to go but I am getting there!! Michelle thanks so much for changing my life!!!!! WOW YOu Rock!!!

  68. Oh, wow, I am having the same scale issue right now! I have always weighed myself daily and was getting a little frustrated because the scale had actually gone up a pound this time instead of down!!! GRRR I am happy to know It does happen and it doesn’t mean I am a failure!!!

  69. About 10 days a month I actually believe the scale, lol! the other days I know it’s a “non-real” number…it’s either low from being dehydrated or high from hormones. I use the scale as a tool to help me work with my body and I don’t get frustrated from it’s variances- I know it’s a sign of being a woman πŸ™‚

  70. Yes, scales are stupid!!! I usually weigh myself everyday but definitely don’t rely on those numbers. I use the mirror and measurements for progress. I have also found out that drinking a protein shake before workouts gives me major MOJO to get through them πŸ™‚

  71. Scales, schmales, I don’t like them too much either. I think it’s because too much emphasis is placed on it culturally. I have been weighing everyday to see my cycle effect, and it is interesting, but when it doesn’t say what I think it should, I remind myself to look in the mirror and also, to think about how my clothes fit better.

  72. I get frustrated with the scale too so i am glad to hear you say the same. I think the way your favorite size clothes fit and measurements are a much better measurement of your fitness. It is just hard to mentally get past that number on the scale. Just dont quit or give up stay committed! πŸ™‚ Thanks for that affirmation!

  73. I agree, scales are not the only measurement. However it plays games with your…. I have lost 2 sizes and only lost 5 lbs, how can that be. I’m trying to focus on the way I feel and the way I look when I put on my skinny jeans, lol.

  74. I do have to keep reminding myself “at least the number isn’t going UP and I do look and feel better and my clothes are fitting more loose!”

  75. I don’t worry too much about the numbers on the scale. I have only lost 2 lbs in a month but I have dropped a size. So I am seeing results even though it is not showing on the scale.

  76. First day back after being sick this week. Tough work out day but made it. It’s nice to hear that you too struggle at times and how you handle it.

  77. Close to your height, mostly legs which is where all my fat is! Can’t imagine being 135, now there’s a goal:-)

  78. I’m still having trouble realizing that the scale, although just a number, isn’t the truth. I have gotten slighly smaller I see it in my arms and legs but I still feel that my stomach and back area should be a lot tighter. I was progressing really well in terms of the scale and then i woke up this morning and had no clue why i gained a pound when i had stayed very commited to my calorie counting and remvoing of processed foods!

  79. I wish I could get over my scale neurosis. I see small changes and my husband notices even but I get so frustrated when I don’t see the scale move down. I just keep taking it day by day.

  80. I quit weighing myself a while ago! I feel as long as I’m seeing results and I’m feeling good then that’s what I’m going to go by, NOT the stupid scale!!

  81. I like the idea of taking a mini break when things aren’t going well, and then try again. I usually end up leaving and then feel even worse!

  82. I think looking at the scaleΒ΄s numbers is worthy maybe once a week, but not everyday. ScaleΒ΄s such a crazy thing!!

  83. Ah the scale – sometimes my best friend, other times my worst enemy. I find that on days I do weights, the next morning my muscles are retaining more water so I just accept it and move on…

  84. I use it as a tool and a gauge– it holds me accountable and also helps me understand my body’s response to food, hormones and my hydration level.

  85. Yes, the scale is the start of all sorts of mind games and mental frustrations, yet its one of those things…….. can’t live with it, can’t live without it!

  86. I agree… I’ve been working so hard and keeping my diet clean diet and that scale just won’t budge. It’s so hard to get past the numbers and keep going sometimes. I’ve been stuck for over a month but I just keep going.. I have to believe this too shall pass!

  87. I’m addicted to the scales……I Probably jump on them 3 times a day. It’s ludacris but I can’t help it.
    IT NEEDS TO STOP. I took my stats at the beginning of the 10 week SSS Contest so I shall be measuring myself again at week 5 to see how I’m doing. The scales SHOULD be irrelevant. Can I break the habit????????

  88. I don’t know– i go in streaks with my scale addiction– I am too curious not to weigh often– it measures a ton of stuff besides body fat– I like seeing where I am at with my hydration levels– I am a SUPER SWEATER, so I need to be sure I replace 1 cup of water per pound lost during a workout– post workout, I can weigh 4 or 5 pounds less sometimes!

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