Wrap up for the week and WHAT IS your plan???

Happy Sunday—I am a bit bummed…we missed church today, so I feel like I am missing something–

The weather this weekend has been beautiful- much cooler and a bit breezy…so much better than the triple digits we had all of last week.

So I got my booty out for a run outside and dang! that was a killer!! I’ve only been running on the treddy as of late and MAN- it is so much more effective outside. While on my run I decided my goal is to keep up with my outdoor running and get TRACK ready in 2 weeks. I have not ran on the TRACK since my Junior year in college–so 10 years!! Can you believe it? It is a mental demon of mine, I want to go to the Track, but I am scared kinda–I know it sounds weird, but I have a lot of emotions tied to it.

Well, I am having good success buffing–my tummy is getting smaller along with my booty, lol. Speaking of which–I am an Apple body type as I have stated many times, but that does not mean that my butt doesn’t get fat–it does. And it has been a little bigger here the past month (my DH says it is a medium size instead of its normal small size version, lol) I have a good distribution of my fat–meaning I gain weight very evenly all over my body, but the first and last place I gain and lose is my stomach. 127 is my current weight–my goal is to be 126 by FRIDAY- so one more pound this week–very doable!

My wrap up from last week looks like this:
Monday- Chest/tris/pushups 4 min elliptical warm up, no intervals- electricity went out at the gym
Tuesday- Back/Bi’s Shoulders- 12min warm up- 20 min running intervals-10 min steady r-bike and Grocery shopping- this has to count as some sort of cardio, right?
Wednesday- OFF totally
Thursday- officially started buffing- took some pictures of me at 128 17 min r-bike warm up- KILLLER LEGS
Friday- Chest/tri’s/push ups/ tons of abs- warm up 30 min r-bike, GREAT intervals run on treddy 28 min total
Saturday- Back/Bi’s/Shoulders only 8 min warm up
Sunday- Run intervals outside- make ab video weight =127

So the plan for this week is the following:
M- Legs
T-Chest-run outside
W-back-intervals on elliptical
Thurs-Legs- run too? Hard on leg day but we’ll see
Fri-Chest-intervals on elliptical
Sat-Back, run outside-snap a set of progress pictures- goal is to weight 126 at this point 

Did you week turn out to be a good workout week? And What is your plan for this week of workouts?

Have a super sunday!!



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