Happy 4th of July!! No EXCUSES!!

I have been promising you that I would have NO EXCUSES regarding my workouts this month- well, today I was tested:

The second I went outside to go for my run, it started raining–I almost didn’t go…but thought,” it’s warm, when I was a teen I used to run in the rain all the time, it won’t be so bad” …2 min in a downpour started…I had the opportunity to cut my run short, but I chose to follow the path I originally intended–I did my entire run with 8 intervals in the rain…When I was done- the rain stopped and the clouds parted–Thank GOD it rained, it would have been WAY to hot otherwise-God was true to me and taught me to be TRUE to myself- NO EXCUSES!!

I got home dried off, rode the r-bike for another 10 mins and thanked God for every one of the little miracles he performs in my life.

God Bless you this Wonderful day!!




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