I did it!! HOORAY!!

I got my booty outside and got in a good run!
4 min warm up
even min intervals to min #16…then a retard that had past me earlier, drove up beside me and made a smootch at me, I FLIPPED out (won’t mention exactly what I did) but he really made me mad- so RUDE…
so then I took a few mins and cooled down.
Total run 20 min
then I rode the r-bike at home for 20 more, sweated like a PIG!! I was so HOT!

Then I did the following circuit 2 times:
pull ups wide underhand grip 12, 10
Sit ups until i was bored
adductor exercises 25 reps
Laying side raises 20 each side
cats 5 for 5 secs each
push ups 20+10 knees, 20

Now I feel great!

This week, there is no excuses for this chika on the cardio/interval scene and you will see the fat melt off my booty!!

here is a peek into my weird eating habits (not the best, but hey we all need to treat ourselves a bit within limits of course)
M1: whey protein in water, 1/2 mc donald’s cinnamon roll 2 cups coffe P,C
M2: Salmon 7 oz, 1/2 corn dog (kids!), 1 popsicle yummmy

that’s it so far 🙂

Happy 4th of July!!
P.s. I bought a lap top yesterday, I am so excited to get it. Dell should send it to me in about a week. CAN’T wait to get it!!!



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