Feelin’ Great!

Yesterday-I went to the gym and had a stellar cardio experience

First I rode the r-bike really easy for 10 min
then tanned Smiling

Then looked at vogue and people while cruising on the elliptical for 20 min

I hopped on the treddy and here is a summary:
all at 2% incline
min number@mph
30 sec @9
30sec @10
30sec @11
1 full min @12mph
Then down to 9 mph
at 15:20 I decided to run a mile at 9 mph
So that brought me to 3.1 miles total at 22 min…then I thought I wonder if I could do another mile at 9mph…so
I did so at 28:40 I was done with more than 4 miles –BUT I was so bored I almost didn’t make it.

When I was done I cooled down with walking and doing 3 sets of the abductor and addcutors–inspired by you booty babes!!

This weekend is going to be TUF!! THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER THAT IS!!

All day Saturday is the marathon on SPIKE and the final fights are Sat night–I am so pumped!

Have a super afternoon–and my booty is sore is yours?



2 Replies to “Feelin’ Great!

  1. Mine is not sore yet! Give me a week though after a month off I shall be very sore at the end of this week :-P. Glad to see ya still doing great hot mamma!

  2. OMG you are FAST!!! I’m definitely inspired to kick things up when I’m on the treadmill!! Way to go!

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