Gettin’back ON TRACK!

I have to admit, I’ve been a bit slack about working out and my eating the past week or 2. It started with hurting my shoulder/neck a bit…so I didn’t lift upper body for over a week…then my b-day and VBS made it crazy chaos around here, and also PMS has been in full force. SO I am on fire to regain consistency for this BOOTY challenge!!!

It is gonna be just the focus I need.

Last night I lifted with DH- now he is on a 4 day split, so our workout was Shoulders/traps/ grip—I skipped the grip work 😉

10 min r-bike with 3- 30 sec intervals
Shoulder press warm up
AB Wheel 20 reps- love this thing!!
Hammer military
one arm db military
Cable upright rows
Cable lateral raises
90×20 too light

Elliptical cool down 5 min-

This workout was good, and my shoulder felt perfectly fine :)…thank God for chiropractors. One thing I should note is that my BUTT is still “raw hamburger” sore from Tuesday! I am amazed and happy! So the plan is to do chest/tri’s today and legs/booty on SUNDAY or Monday

Also I plan to do a simple liver clense this week- really all it takes is 1 day- but you are supposed to drink a quart of apple juice daily for the 5 days prior to the major clense part…so I will be doing that starting today- BRING on the extra CARBS!!–so I should have some killer cardio to go with that!

Well I am off to get all of us ready to hit the gym, enjoy the DAY~



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