Marathon Legs!

I got in a super marathon leg workout tonight!
It was great but now I am starving

Here are some highlights
warm up on bike- 15 min total
Squats: 5 sets including 2 sets of 95#x12,10 all the way down- these are a triumph for me since I have a “bad knee”
Leg curls- 6 sets
Smith lunges-3sets
knee extensions last 2 sets were 150#x10
Walking lunges 120steps/50#’s resistance
barbell lunges- 2sets
crunches- 1 set of forever
knee ups- 1 set of forever
seated calf raises- 3 sets
hack squats-2 sets
butt squats-1 set

My workout was so weird because, I saw a friend of mine who just found out she is pregnant…and because I spent the first hour of my workout waiting for my DH.

It was perfect



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