Happy May Day!

April Showers, Bring May Flowers!

Bring on the FLOWERS, Expect to have success this month in your LIFE!

I know I am–
In my relationships,
In my fitness,
In my finances,
and in my FUN factor….I am gonna have some FUN!!

My plan of action, or as Shauna says POA for the week will look something like this:
M-workout w/DH back-intervals
T- Run outside lunges and maybe a few sprints?
W- Lift Legs
Th- Lift chest, intervals
F- Run outside
Sat- workout w/dh legs
Sunday- run outside

Diet hard :)…photoshoot is coming!!

Looks doable, my kiddos are all home again this week, so wish me luck in that regard. I am in the midst of chaos :)…but loving it!

Make something BIG happen today!!



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