LEG!! Hoochie Momma workout :)

Okie Dokie-
I had a great day! My hair is feeling perfect, much lighter and cut nicely, I can’t wait to fix it tomorrow and really see πŸ™‚

My workout was legs, but I started out with posing in my heels. It was good- I need to mentally prepare to be on stage again, it has been a while.
Warm up- r-bike 8 min run 3 min
Squat 45×15
butt machine light 40#x15
Squat 95×15
Butt machine 60×10
Squat 135×10
Butt machine 80×10 my leg got stuck and I almost couldn’t get out of the machine πŸ™
Squat 155×10
abductor machine 70×20
Squat 135×2

95×15 (10 close, 5 wide)x2sets

Calf raises
one on squat
one on free motion 300#x20

Smith lunges

Standing hamstring curl 20×20

Seated hammie curl

Walking lunges

A few good morings in there and one set of roman chair knee ups… my abs are really sore today! So that is good πŸ™‚
I hope my butt will be sore tomorrow.

my weight this am 126

I am so pumped for the contest!!
Relentlessly yours,



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