I focused on the word relentless today during my workout. What an AWESOME word!!

So, I declare that for the next 3 weeks I will be relentless in everything I do! I have a contest on April 8th and until then you won’t catch me slackin at anything! I need others to join me in spirit and action! Here’s what you need to do, pick something you are passionate about and for the next 3 weeks ATTACK IT WITH ALL YOUR MITE!! If you are one of the warriors who wants to join me please declare it to me. We can check progress on April 10th. The people that do this with me will be shocked at what they accomplish!!!

Here is my relentless workout today:
The workout rocked… I got to the gym at 10:30am
13 min warm up on the r-bike
bench 45# warm up 20reps
push ups 25 reps

Tricep extensions paried with bicep curls same weights and reps

incline chest press machine

Bicep curls on Free motion

Cable flys sitting 40×10
Cable punches with rotation

Free motion Tricep Extensions
tricep push downs

knee ups
10 each side
25 front leaning forward a bit to crunch hard

Intervals on the upright bike 33min :)…I left the gym at 12:30.

Weight this am 127

Tomorrow is LEGS, I need to get my butt sore! I plan to do just that, YIPPIE!!



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  1. Hiii! WOW, you are inspirational!

    I am a bodybuilder(for myself, not competing), who needs to lose weight(i need to get down to 185lbs at 13% bodyfat, yes…i am very muscled). Ummm I gained fat due to hypothyroidism and hyperinsulinemia and a knee surgery. Plus i have hipertension. Plus PCOS. And i recently turned 18 years.

    Ummm i wanna join ya in kicking ass for 3 weeks. In karate mainly, i get most of my cardio from it, its pretty hard. Anyway…i am here…joining ya!!! You rock!!!!!

    Take care


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