Eat a ton, workout, run AWESOME, pig out

Well that wraps up my afternoon and evening…I totally forgot that I was planning on doing a trial run on my pre-contest week and at way more carbs than I was supposed to today. OH WELL 🙂 I’ll start that tomorrow or the next day or maybe the next, lol

My Workout:
I was inspired by Toni on her workout for tomorrow, so I thought I’d try to see how many sets of pull ups I could do before I’d give up on them I did 5+
Set 1: 11 underhand*active rest time shoulder press and abs
Set 2: 7 overhand wide*shoulder press
Set 3: 8 straight hand*sp
Set 4: 4 overhand +15 inverted pull ups on smith machine
Set 5: 6 straight grip*s.p.

for Shoulder press weights

Behind the neck military press
60x10x4 paired with
Free motion Lat pulls

Arnolds(one arm at a time) paired with hammer curls
25# hammer curls x 8 reps then arnolds x 8 reps
30# arnolds x6 reps then hammers 25#x6
30# arnoldsx8 reps then 5 reps

Bicep curl machine

Rows free motion
80×10+5 singles

Rows close grip on cable

Bike 5 min for warm up for run
Run 5 min warm up @2%
2 easy intervals
up incline to 5% then run 6 min @10 with one of those mins at 11mph
1 min recovery at 8 mph
incline to 3% 6 more min at 10 one of those at 11

Total time 22 min average speed for entire time 9.2mph 3.35 miles. I was amazed at how good I felt, but it was still hard 🙂

I am tired now, so good night!
Thanks for all your super posts here, I will catch up(if it is possible) tomorrow 😉




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