SUPER Saturday!!

I am very excited for today!! My plan is to ENJOY life today 🙂

I am on top of the world and here are some reasons why:

The Rally Room!!– I have been dreaming and working towards getting this area open for months, to have so many of my BuffMothers in there enjoying the support and inspiration means the world to me!!

I have had a stellar week of workouts! I am very close to tip top contest shape and am confident that when I step on stage I will be 100% prepared

I get to watch UFC pay per view tonight…I love it!! We were supposed to go to Vegas and watch it live, but that didn’t work out. So instead we are gonna watch it in our bedroom. I AM PUMPED!!

My family is happy and healthy, I have just entered a stage to where the chaos of having 4 young children has settled down. My kids are all potty trained, all can talk, can drink out of cups, can be reasoned with, and are developing sweet wonderful personalities. I love it.

My DH is having fun training again. It has been years since he has been this fired up about working out. He is really pushing it in the gym and that is so exciting to see.

My MIL is here still!! I love that…she has been here since Christmas. She is escaping the Cold MN winter and has been such a blessing to me. She has really lightened my load. Just this week she decided to stay another month, just so she can watch the kids for us when we go to Liberty for my contest! That is a big load of STRESS off…I totally trust her with the kids.

God has been so faithful to us and I know his hand leads and guides me everyday. I pray that you will be blessed beyond your belief also!!




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