Thrursday’s Bonus workout!!

Well I got a BONUS workout of sorts yesterday…I was only planning to run, but DH wanted me to lift with him…so I did Smiling…I have a had time turning down an opportunity to work out with a HUNK!!

So this is how it went:
5:40pm arrive at gym- note that they now have a 2 hour limit to childcare…which is fine, I am never there longer than that anyway Smiling

r-bike 20 min…talked to a former client/personal trainer there she is going to compete an picks my brain constantly…and is very sweet about it
While waiting for DH to arrive,Run on treaddy:
intervals on odd mins starting at 3 min
9, 10, 10,11, 10, 9 for 2 min, 10, 11.5 and 11.5
my recovery was typically at 8mph

When I was done I was exhausted and the guy next to me said…”I thought your were going to run right off that thing, hee, hee” (he actually said, hee, hee, LOL Smiling )

so then we lifted Shoulders:
Military machine:

Freemotion shoulder press

Shrugs on smith

a series of arnolds, and lateral raises
didn’t count just worked hard

bicep curls ez bar
close grip 50×10
wide grip- slow 40x10x2

free motion bicep curls
25×20-way too light
35×20-too light

So today is Chest/tri’s and intervals again… After my photoshoot, whoohooo!!!




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