BuffMother! Diet Basics

BuffMother! Diet Basics:

I have tried and failed on the following diets: low fat/high carb, Atkins, Zone, Body For Life, the apple diet, the cabbage soup diet, slim fast, the diabetic diet, and the food pyramid. The results and side effects of each were just not worth the pain. But, the diet I have successfully followed over the last 2 years is flexible, satisfying and very effective. I believe I have found the diet keys to being buff 365 days a year! It is the BuffMother Diet.

Main key points: Protein, Water and Planning

The focus of my diet is simple. Eat enough protein and drink enough water and you will be successful. Oh yeah one last component- planning. I am talking about hunger planning. Don’t eat if you don’t have true hunger pains. The #1 problem with obesity today is that people are eating for every reason, except that they are truly hungry.

Protein, Water and Hunger Planning. It is that simple!

How much Protein?

Eat your goal bodyweight in grams of protein daily. I want to weight 125; therefore I want to eat 125g of protein a day. Each gram of protein has 4 calories, so I should have at least 600 calories a day from protein. And remember that calories from protein require about 1 calorie per gram to digest, so think more like 3 calories per gram of protein!

Ways to succeed in eating your protein:

  1. Always have it handy and quick to eat: boiled eggs, cooked chicken breast, canned chicken, tuna and salmon, beef jerky, deli meat, etc.
  2. When planning your meal think protein first, next green veggies and lastly carbs.
  3. Find a good protein supplement and use it. My staples are a good vanilla, chocolate and fruit flavored protein. I usually mix it in just water and a couple scoops at a time (40g). It is a quick easy way to keep my protein intake on track.

How much Water?

As much water as you can possibly drink: the more, the better. You will feel better and lose your fat faster if you have a lot of water. Your body is almost all water. The more muscle you have and the more protein you eat, the more water your body needs. In order to flush all the toxins out of your cells there must be a lot of water available. If you need an amount I would say 1 to 2 gallons a day.

Ways to succeed in drinking your water:

  1. Keep water bottles in you car
  2. Keep water on your desk, by your refrigerator, and by your sink
  3. Drink it don’t sip it. Aim for 10 big gulps every time you drink.
  4. If you get up in the middle of the night, slam a bunch of water.
  5. Drink it immediately in the morning
  6. Always drink water during your workouts

How much Hunger Planning?

I only want you to eat when you have true hunger pains. This means you need to tune into your body and let it tell you when it truly needs to eat. There is no magic time limit between meals, however the average is 3 hours. If you feel hunger pains, follow these three steps of hunger planning:

  1. Drink an 8 oz. glass of water.
  2. Wait 10 min. to see if those pains persist.
  3. If so, simply eat. If not, wait until the pains return and then eat.

This way you will learn to tune into your physical needs for food vs. the mental need.

What else do I eat????

A healthy diet is the goal. Don’t ever embark on a diet that you can’t see doing the rest of your life. My philosophy is to constantly strive for improvement in regards to the balance, nutrition and portion size of my diet.

About 30% Carbohydrate

That is between 3-4 servings of carbs a day. Plenty for your energy and nutritional needs. Have a carb at breakfast, pre workout and post workout and then one more throughout the day.

About 30% Fat

I know many of you think that you need to cut almost all the fat out of your diet to lose weight. I think that is a recipe for disaster! You need fat for satiety and sanity. If you have a meal with no fat, you will be hungry again within 2 hours. By adding more fat that same meal will keep you satisfied for 3-4 hours. A little fat goes a long way! At times, I eat cheese, salad dressings, olives, hamburgers, brats, real pepperoni, rib eye steaks, ribs, etc., and I am leaner now than I was when I ate a diet with 15% fat. You just have to be in control and not overdo the fat. Everything in Moderation!

Lots and Lots of Greens:

Green veggies or lower carb veggies have been a lifesaver for me. They are so low in calories that you can eat until you’re full! Not to mention how great these nutrient packed, earth grown treats make you feel. So eat your greens. At least 2 huge servings a day!

Additional Tips:

Water is considered any non-caffeinated, non-sugared drink.

To speed up weight loss, cut out all treats and omit a serving of carbs.

If you are really hungry, try adding more greens or protein to your diet.

Eating for the right purpose is just a part of my BuffMother! Nutritional plan. If you would like further assistance from me in regards to your diet you can purchase a online training program that includes a complete workout and diet plan.



234 Replies to “BuffMother! Diet Basics

  1. **NOTE**I know BFL, works great for many people. And I think it is a good diet and fitness program.

    On BFL, I didn’t succeed for two main reasons

    1. I had big issues with portion control…I like to eat more at each sitting, so if I ate 5-6 times daily, I ended up eating way too much.

    2. It was too low fat and therefore too restrictive on food choices and I was always hungry….I need the fat to have saiety.

    And I can’t eat quite so many carbs…4-5 servings/ day is my max if I want results.

    Just wanted to clarify,

  2. WOW! this is an incredible help! it’s something absolutely worth trying. thank you for all the encouragement and assistance. i don’t know a single person that can’t benefit from this eating plan. thanks michelle!!

  3. I basically do the same thing. Lots of protein and tons of water. I weigh about 185 pounds and i eat 187.5 g or protein per day. I keep a foor journal and write down all the nutritional info of everything I put in my body. As for water consumption, I drink about 6 Litres of water every day.

  4. Well, I think this is a very helpful post. Thank you for taking the time. I am with you 100% in this way of eating. I have tried all the others too and this works best for me….ps…the protein is key, when I start to slack on it not only do I not feel as satisfied, but it even seems to effect my mind set on my workouts.

  5. BTW…would it be ok with you if I linked this post from my website (you get all credit of course 😉 ).

  6. Good morning, Michelle! Thanks again for the great tips. I am doing BFL, so today is my “free day” but I am still going to watch what I eat, and do some yoga and t’ai chi!

  7. I didn’t do well on BFL either, for me it was the carbs, I’m very carb sensitive. I do well on the buffmother diet, lots of protein and greens and healthy fats though.

  8. Great stuff Michelle. I know that I basically have an addictive personality when it comes to carbs. If I have a couple of days where I eat too many I have to go rather cold turkey and break the cycle. My body rebels via headaches…but it’s over and done in one day and then I feel so much better on all levels. Breaking an addiction is hard to do, I am a recovering addict who will always have to actively manage my relationship with carbs.

  9. I try to eat 5-6 times a day but it is very difficult as when I work an 81/2 hour shift it is difficult to get the food in. Still persevering, get my water intake in though, drinking all the time because the kitchen is so hot.

  10. Great tips! I needed a reminder to only eat when hungry. Luckily I have a good metabolism and enough muscle that it hasn’t been too detrimental, but I definitley has added a bit of unwanted fat the last few months. Need to get back to eating when hungry! Thanks

  11. If I follow this plan then it works wonders for myself. Thanks for laying it out in this e-mail Michelle- great stuff!

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. This is simple easy to follow advice. I too have tried and failed so many times in this department. This has been my biggest hang up. My workouts are hard and I don’t want to ruin them with my nutrition. For so long I have maintained the same weight. Even when I thought I was doing the right thing nutritionally. I want results. Once this body sheds the fat, I KNOW there are muscles under there bc I have worked very hard to build them, I just can’t see them yet and it is frustrating.

  13. That was useful! It’s pretty much what I do, but I love the breakdown of Hunger Planning. Nice!

  14. Great tips. I will try these. I think I have not been getting the results I want because I eat too many carbs.

  15. you are not alone on the fat….growing up in the “NO FAT” era had lasting effects on me. It was hard for me to eat fat for a long time!

  16. I have found that when I drink my water and get my protein, I am satisfied! It is a change from filling up on carbs first, but well worth it:)

  17. Great advice. I think I just need to add the kitchen scale, otherwise I have trouble with portions.

  18. Love the advice Michelle! I might take you up on a customized plan… Running around after kids, you sometimes dont eat enough. I also find I make better choices just from sticking to the outside of the supermarket. Once you hit the ailses your done like diner. Heading down to VA Beach next week and yes, I am packing the weights, and band!
    Have a great day!

  19. the KISS method keep it simple silly (at our house DD reminds us stupid is a bad word). I have to remind myself to just do it and not over think it, and Michelle your lay out is so do able and filled with foods I love anyway so now just have to eat them properly. Thanks for your insight, God Bless you continually.

  20. Michelle, so glad that u did this post on eating since I think most people’s problem lies there. I eat clean but recently had to tweak my diet. I like the waiting till your hungry to eat. Years ago I read this wonderful book called “Thin Within” It talks about waiting until you’re hungry to eat & stopping before you’re too full. You can lose based just on that. I know this is long but I want to add it. I have added more carbs. I was just having a grain with breakfast but found after lunch & dinner I was craving chocolate so I added 1/2 serv rice & beans along with a fat like a small portion of avocado & it took care of that problem plus I’m getting more fiber.
    Have a great day!!

  21. Thanks for breaking this down. this makes it so easy to follow and to help plan and stick to it. meeting hubby at the gym to work out this afternoon. And school shopping. YEA!

  22. This challenge is going fast – but it is turning out to be a great one! Just commenting on this blog has been good – not too much of a time commitment. Just a little stop in the day. Love it!

  23. Had a great leg day much better than yesterdays workout. Im on track for protien and water. I need to add in more fat (that just sounds funny) and greens greens greens. Thank you for the great info!!!!

  24. vacation can be ROUGH ~ but hey, it is VACATION after all…time to relax a bit. try to enjoy it 🙂

  25. I know I don’t eat enough protein every day. I am such a carboholic. That is something I need to work on. I had a good workout day yesterday. I went to spin class and then came home and did an upper body weight workout. I’m feeling it today. Everyone keep up the good work!

  26. Thank you. My biggest challenge is the eating clean. The past few weeks I have started to get a handle on it and am starting healthy habits. I am going on vacation next week and know that I won’t be lifting at all. I do have resistance bands and will bring those and go for runs. My question is how much protein do I need during the vacation?

  27. Great tips, Michelle! I have been following the clean eating principles for about 2 weeks now and can’t believe how good I feel! 🙂

    As for traveling and exercise, whenever I go somewhere I toss my bands in the suitcase with me! They are great!

  28. Thanks for the info on diet. I will drink alot of water, that way, I will stay away from diet soda. It’s so bad for you.

  29. Great tips Michelle! I have been “planning” & really focused on “eating clean” for the last two weeks. I feel better than I ever did on any of those low carb, astronaut food diets! The beautiful thing is that it’s not a diet, it’s not short term. It’s a life long journey of fueling your body with whole foods that taste a 100 times better than the low card, sugar free stuff:)

  30. Great info! I struggle with the planning part sometimes and the choices, but I can see great improvements over the years and strive to learn/pratice more everyday.

  31. Sounds good! I have to say I have been eating better in the last few weeks. More protein, clean eating. Zero cravings! We went on a hiking trip over the last five days. I can’t believe the time has flown so quickly! Only 26 days left of the 41. The BFL worked. My hubby normally very fit… had to abruptly end the BLF. Seem he got a little carried away on peanut butter shakes and had a gall bladder attack. He is young enough and fit enough- well- it even surprised the Doctors. Of course it wasn’t the BFL! We just never got back on that train. We did learn a lot on The BFL. Clean eating. Basic lifting. I agree with the fat. I could be wrong but doesn’t the female body needs just a bit more? Oh and My hubby hasn’t PB since.

  32. Thanks for this great info. I have a hard time getting in my protein – I know. I am boiling eggs as I type 🙂

  33. I wish I had this prior to my vacation. This has been a disaster for my routine because I didn’t know it would be so difficult to get people to understand. I did workout today. I had an hour to do upper body and intervals for 20 minutes. I can’t wait to get home.

  34. I know what you mean. I know I have a six pack under that layer of fat. This challenge is going to do that for us!

  35. Day 15-9am-Took DD to work, had some coffee with creamer, did 30 min HIIT. Soy protein choc/coffee concoction, water, water.
    Noon-Large salad with chik breast and almonds, water, water. 3:30pm-Nectar drink, weights, at 4pm, water, water. I’m almost to 64oz water. Plan to have a low-carb dinner after workout. Glug, glug . . . I’m drowning . . .

  36. I always fail on trying to eat right by not planning my meals and then going out for lunch at work with my friends. I always feel so guilty afterwards…,

  37. I would also say water and protein are the main aspects to a great diet–and a great body

  38. Had a great workout at gym yesterday – and did a 5 1/2 mile run this am, and will hit the gym again.
    How come I cant see my last posts? I must be doing something wrong…oh well, at least i got my pic., on!

  39. I have found a great way to “trick” myself into thinking I’m eating carbs aka cake and muffins! I make bean cake with eggs and beans and sugar free jello or sugar free jello pudding…..Orange cream cake….YUMM!! I also make “muffins” with almond meal, raisins and cinnamon…..Great fakes, high in protein…..Delicious and nutritious….”O” BTW the workout is back on track…=0)

  40. I love this eating plan I have been tweaking mine for the past 4 months and I found that just learning to eat to fuel your body is so much better. Like I like to say “5minutes on the lips is lifetime on the hips” Just something I say to myself when someone tells me just to take one bite of a sweet treat.

  41. jogged again with husband and kids. great workout. husband is glad we are spen ding time together

  42. Wow – this was so for me. I too have been on every diet and bought every diet book (well almost) that has been published and to no avail. As a mom who was in shape a long time ago and wants her shape back again this blog is for me. It all makes sense and Michelle – I have the same mo as you (the issue with BFL). I tried to follow the rules to a T but now I know they need to be customized for my body and habits. THANKS and may we make Jesus smile today – He is the way, the truth and life.

  43. 2nd day of Savage work out and I think my butt cheeks have cramped perminently. I can’t wait to see the results in a couple months.

  44. love all your info, im taking notes and applying them making it a lifestyle change thanks a bunches!

  45. Hey Michelle,been really busy at the office and doing some international travel but ive been bustin’ my ass and am really liking how im looking when i get out of the shower.
    P.S. I always keep my jumprope with me!! Have an awesome Thursday Aug6 09

  46. Well, we had a birthday dinner last night for my step daughter who is leaving for college. She requested lasagna and my tiny taste through my body for a loop. Recovery time!

  47. food food food,, i always need these tips,, not because i dont know them,, but bc i need someone to stand over me telling me what to eat,,, this is my problem,, i have had a pretty good day today though,, one day at a time…

  48. I have so many friends that are caught up in the “no fat” or “low fat” thing which never made sense to me since:

    A) We need some fat (good fat) for fat soluble vitamins, and

    B) Many “low fat” foods are packed with sugar for taste that turns to fat when metabolized.

    It amazes me that peopl who eat such foods are surprised when they don’t lose the weight… hmmm.

  49. I was a flight attendant for 7 1/2 years and working out on the road was always so hard for me. I wish there was a book out there that offered simple exercises for people who live out of hotels and don’t always have a gym available to them. When I started flying that is when I started to gain my weight, because of eating out a lot, drinking to much, and the lack of quality gyms.

  50. Thanks Michelle. I like how you just spelled it out. I needed that. My workouts are hard. Constantly trying to improve each workout in some way. Goals, etc…and I reach them or die trying. I try my best to eat clean, however I must be doing something wrong. THere is still that layer of fat, although I can see the muscle and know most definitely I am growing. I also keep a food journal that list calories, fat, carbs and protein. This will surely help.

  51. I have been following your progress. You look great and a good role model for me. I was wondering if it was alright to eat tuna packed in olive oil instead of water? I like the taste better. It has 7grams of fat in a 4.5oz. can. I am 53 years of age and i feel like my skin needs a little oil or somehing.

  52. yes…oil is good for you and you probably do need some extra 🙂 I need to try tuna in oil~ thanks for the idea.

  53. day 15 and i have to say that i just re-discovered jumping rope. as with running, i like to listen to some music with good, fun beats that i can keep time with. no exercise yesterday since work went longer than expected and then i went to a friend’s house for my pre-birthday bash! needless to say, i ate more than i should have but i’m back on track. trying not to let it get me down. looking forward to some sailing on the ocean later tonight!

  54. So far so good with eating right. But I’m craving starchy carbs so bad. Did a great workout last night, felt so much better afterwards. Less bloated too!. Michelle you look amazing, keep the inspiration going.

  55. Those are some great ideas for eating! I am waiting on your supplements to arrive and I am excited to start those ans see if that helps out, or gives my body that extra little push it needs right now. I am actually going to buy a scale and start tracking everything, just like in your books:)

  56. Thanks for the info on diet basics. I am working on getting more water each day and eating more greens. Did a kick boxing class today. I love it!

  57. Great info! I have been trying the 30/40/30 ratio and I am realizing I eat way more carbs then I thought I did! Becasue I don’t woof down bread all the time I thought I was ok but I get tons of carbs everywhere else.

    ran 30 min-6.2 mph/lift 30 min-legs

  58. Thanks for the info. Have done Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program. My husband gets great results fast. I get results just slower. But, it takes a lot of planning, which I do not have right now.

    Thanks alot,

  59. I love protein! I also cut out morning tea for my whole family a while back. The kids didn’t really need it, neither did I. By watching my diet and my family’s, I now have a bunch of very healthy, happy, athletic and good looking kids. Why eat when you don’t need to?!

  60. I get my protein from two shakes, before and after my workouts, and other sources like chicken, fish, tuna, ground turkey. Only the first half of my day includes carbs. And definitely water, water, water. This helps flush out toxins and extra water in the body. I aim for a gallon of water a day. Keep training!

  61. the way I eat, has nothing to plan out…just being STOCKED up with good foods is the most important part. So SHOPPING is the PLANNING part of my plan.

  62. I have always been a water drinker so this is never a problem. I also love my protein so I would rather eat protein than carbs most of the time 🙂

  63. I love healthy food, but I do use food for comfort. Not when I am bored but when I am stressed and have a lot going on and the first thing I reach for is something sweet. I like to nibble all day. That is a huge problem because I am never really full and continue to snack. I am really trying to pay attention to when I am hungry and drinking lots of water and not having sweets around to tempt me!

  64. Great insights about lifestyle eating and not dieting. I think I have done almost every diet you mentioned myself!

    I did 48 lunges yesterday and got a great weight work out in. But, I forgot my gymbag today so I am going to have to figure out how to get my work out in tonight.

  65. It irritates me so badly that everyone thinks now I am on a “diet.” They simply do not understand that this is a lifestyle plan for me and that this is the way my life will be and I am happy with that. I eat to live, not live to eat. Thanks for the awesome reminder here Michelle-your posts always seem to have the perfect timing.

  66. Day 15! Yeah! OK. I am on track with most my eatting but I like the tips here. Thanks for all the great information! I look forward to each email.
    Tammy 🙂

  67. Day 15!

    I have not been able to post for the past few. I have been working out hard and it is starting to show. I did 1 1/2 hour total body workout followed by an hour of Pilates. I feel great!!! Thanks for the diet advice it helps keep me motivated to eat more protein.

  68. So glad to hear you are doing better with your struggles~ keep focused on being HEALTHY!! You won’t regret it!

  69. After a life long struggle with bulimia, I am starting to listen to my body more. Funny that after the night I had, I would log on to read your blog that says….people eat for the wrong reasons…LOL! I still struggle daily, with this demon disease, but I am so greatful to have your advice and a place I can go for inspiration at this point in my life. After having my baby, I finally have motivation not just to look good, but to take better care of myself and push myself towards being the best me ever. Thanks for the advice.

  70. Been offline for 3 days. My pc had a virus and had to have it redone. Whilst that was taking place I managed over the 3 days to do legs, abs, and 2 circuit classes. YAY!!!

  71. Going today to get me some greens! My hubby just informed me that he has his 20 year high school reunion coming up in June…I must look HOT!

  72. I have done the bands before, great reminder. I completely agree with you on the Diet Basics, especially “A healthy diet is the goal.” I try to share that with people all the time. It’s funny how my diet basics are very similar to yours (or at least that is what I am striving for again, for two months before Xmas I was getting out of control and not eating healthy – getting back on track now. )

  73. Thanx so much for the diet basics, I am sooooo gonna use this in my daily regimen!!! Almost like a light bulb clicked on after I read it LOL I am serious this is a great article I am gonna print this one out cuz I LOVE IT!!!

  74. great advice, more water for me, The problem for me is the eating only when I am hungry, if I do that I would only eat around 2 pm every day and that would be it.

  75. i believe the breakdown of your diet has been the key to my weight loss and muscle gain. by checking off my p’s and c’s i can keep myself on track.;)

  76. I”m working on this. The protein is a real challenge for me. I don’t tolerate eggs or dairy, so I’m somewhat limited. I’m a little worried about overdoing soy by using a soy protein powder. My husband just bought some hemp protein powder. I’m a little leery of it because it has a *ton* of fiber and it’s bright green!

  77. need to chg the amt of protein… i don’t think i eat enough of it daily. will do better tomorrow.

  78. no change on the scale but change in my clothes!! I notice during the week before my period I crave sweets and indulge, especially during the evening. I’m slowly going off sugar and I feel great!

  79. Your are so right abouts diets I have tried all the ones listed above and more ( I would stay at the same weight or YIKES gain) but when I just make healthy choices and eat when hungry I start loseing again! It just happened last week I was dieting and staying the same and then I “gave up” and just started eating again but useing more fruits and vegtables whole grains and lean meats and I have started loseing!

  80. I agree water and protein are great to help with weight loss and looking great! I find that when I add protein will every meal/snack I am satisfied longer!

  81. I really am making a conscious effort to eat more protein, a serving at every feeding opportunity. And i am drinking water like mad these days too! I agree with the fat intake. A lot of trainers/diets tell you to cut out the fat. When i try that i don’t see the results i want and i feel very sick! I have come to realize that every body type is different and has different needs. Mine needs more fat than the average joe to feel good.
    Excellent lesson!

  82. Love these reminders and this helps me keep things in chk. I struggle with carbs occ. My protein is good. Before I started this I bet a drank 20 oz of H20 in a week. No kidding. I drank coffee in am and 32 oz diet MD in afternoon and milk at supper. You cant believe the diff this has made. I actually pee 20x’s/day now instead of 2-3. Thats so bad. I bet my kidneys are saying THANK YOU!!

  83. HEY, you must be like me…BUT if you workout and lift you will find that your hunger will increase.

  84. I have really been trying to eat more protein and cutting carbs/sweets. Thanks for all of the tips. You just makes so much sense! I have been working your program for 3 weeks now and I feel… and look great! I’ve been working out with the 10 pound weights– and now I am working on eating better.

  85. I have also tried many of the diets you mentioned but only came close with the ‘body for life’. Only, it wasn’t sustainable & my hormones took over! Thanks for all the great tips! I’m continually working to improve my diet and to get more protein & water in.

  86. Today was my first day at my new job. I am super excited, but tired. I am going to rest today (only working my abs), but will be back at it tomorrow working my legs HARD! ~~ I really like your nutrition advice Michelle. I never got enough protein before, so when I worked out consistently (mostly running), I just became skinny-fat and flabby, which I was Not happy with. ~ I am on Day 15 with 40 days to Fit, and I can see muscle tone starting to show a little bit in my thighs, which have always been my “problem area.” This is a Great Incentive to keep it up and Be Relentless!

  87. If I feel like a snack, I go for protein I feel that it “sticks” with me longer and I am not hungrey again in an hour like with sugary snacks!

  88. I’ve doubled my water intake the last ten days. Just gotta up the protein. I think I’ve got to get a protein power to do it though…

  89. I am addicted to almonds. I can only have them in the house during boosting. I tend to eat too many. Delicious!

  90. Optimum nutrition has many great “natural” versions of protein that I’d recommend. also Know How Nutrtion has a great PP called Complete protein.

  91. i have found that carbs cause hunger pains in my body….knowing that fact keeps me from eating when i am not truly hungry!

  92. These are some great tips especially with the new year coming up, maybe it’s cheesy to have new year’s resolutions but i think it’s extra motivation!

  93. I strive for at least 7 bottles of water a day but really hate taking so many bathroom breaks especially throughout the night 🙁

  94. GREAT info! I found a book by the writers for Oxygen magazine that has some simple recipes for cooking a ton of different veggies. So today I tried baking okra with chili powder, a little bit of olive oil, and a smidge of salt. It was Deeeelish and so easy. Next I’m going to try Swiss Chard.

  95. I don’t know who decided resolutions are cheesy but I agree with you they do help motivation!! go for them!!

  96. Great simply put information. This is a great help. I know my mindless and empty calorie eating is what gets me in trouble. Off to put my new resources to work and attack the day and my workout!

  97. oh i have catching up to do on posts. Went on a family vacation. Need to get back into the swing of things pronto. thanks for ideas for food. im printing it.

  98. Thanks for all the encouragement and accountability. It’s definitely made a difference knowing that we have all this support and the great tips that you gave me!!

  99. thanks for the diet advice… i just need to create a habit of tracking .. I have only lost 2 ibs since starting the program.. I work out and do abs daily. My problem area is the rear end so i work that area too almost daily. however leading a busy life with 4 kids and career, I am having trouble rembering to write my diet down to track the amount of protien ,carbs and fat. I do watch everything I eat and try hard to stay away from junk but I must be overdoing something or not doing enough to still be nearly the same weight. I am focused now on tracking.

  100. What are your thoughts on drinking coffee? I am a coffee fiend and can (and do) drink it all day. I try to sub water in here and there.

  101. What are your thoughts on drinking coffee? I am a coffee fiend and can (and do) drink it all day. I try to sub water in here and there and tea. what do you reccoment for coffee consumption? thank you!

  102. I love coffee too…I just try to limit it to early in the day. Most days I don’t have any after 2pm or I won’t be able to fall asleep at night. Also, I do get my water in between cups 🙂

  103. Using calorie counter website to keep food diary, shocked at high carbs! Try to shop healthily, if it’s not in cupboard can’t eat it but kids love their treats! Have to remember ‘karate kid’, there is no try or not try just do or don’t do!

  104. So I am thinking if one is not at their goal weight….eat what the dream goal weight is in protein right??? Thanks for the tips!

  105. thanks for the wealth of information. Next time I compete I am strongly considering hiring you to help.

  106. I’ve been doing this already, and it totally works! And have found the more water I drink the more weight I lose!

  107. Glad today is my day off! Didn’t sleep well last night and was in meeting all day today. Going to bed early tonight, big work out tomorrow! Great advice on food and water. I always say that diets don’t work, life style changes do!

  108. WOW! I have been trying really hard to get 125grams of protein each day and it takes some work! What about lowfat cottage cheese, it has low calories and sugar and 12 grams of protein but I don’t hear that suggested very often as a good source, am I missing something? Also are 2 protein shakes a day fine? And do you also want to aim for this much protein every day even if you don’t lift weights every day?

  109. Michelle, I cringe when I think of how much money I spent on weight watchers and didnt lose a pound. I’m a runner and the foods I need to fuel my body are too high in “points”. It was always a huge struggle. Then I start this FREE 40 day challenge and immediately lose 5 pounds! And I’m not starving myself. Actually I’m so rarely hungry that I can choose the healthy foods and no have cravings. I feel like I’m finally doing things right!

  110. Trying hard to stay on track with the diet – it can be tough and I know that with the holidays coming I will have to stick by the veggie platters instead of the chips!

  111. Good tips…today is the last day of 2011, we are having a big party tonight. My kids are here and my goal today is to enjoy them, and not waste my energy on eating junk, and listening for the hunger ques, not mindlessly eating. I plan on taking the dogs for a long walk, and to get about 30 minutes of situps, squats, and pushups in just to keep my momentum

  112. I’ve started adding protein powder back in to my morning oatmeal and it has definitely helped me feel fuller for longer.

  113. GREAT information to take into the new year! I excited about the new year, new goals, and new accomplishments.! Wishing everyone the best body you ever had year ahead!! Peace

  114. Great dietary advice! I read the tip for today about traveling and I just received the coolest fit kit from the fitness fairy at work that has three different resistance bands, three different level DVDs, and exercise cards all in a nice little camo drawstring bag. I can toss in my jump rope and go!

  115. Love this post, thank you! I wish I knew how many grams of carbs and fat to eat… going for 120 grams of protein is easy but I don’t know how to figure out percentage wise what the grams of the rest is…. PLEASE HELP! 🙂

  116. Good for you on the tri training…I am a “sinker” and I hate getting water up my nose…so swimming is not a sport I’ve ever done. Keep up with your protein, you need it for recovery during all that training!! How’s your foot doing?

  117. Awesome post! great reminders, PROTEIN is crucial to our success!! I need to amp up my water intake!
    Training for a triathlon, body tired but loving the burn. Swimming is so tough, and such a good workout!
    Pressing on 🙂

  118. Day 15 – thanks to Michelle I’ve known the importance of protein for a few years now. I’ve just started the 10 week SuperStar Success Contest & my diet has dramatically improved already. Eating Clean has been a struggle for the last 18 months: 1. I was pregnant & 2. for the last 6 months nursing my baby girl.
    But it’s time to get my body back to being just mine!! I’m a sugar addict…..plain and simple. I get terrible sweet cravings that sometimes overwhelm me. But thanks to the ladies on here & on FaceBook I’ve had some amazing advice and support. I’ll break the habit this time – I have no doubt xx

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