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  1. We are involved in Walk Across America at work & it is amazing how many steps you walk in a given day!

  2. That is so me right now, not going down without a fight, lol. The more I train others the less time I have for my workouts. Ever had that challenge? I know, 🙂 Priority & Motivation! Have a great weekend ladies!!

  3. cool!! I got this about 13 years ago and have hung on to it~ I just love how the frog is strangling the bird!!!

  4. Oh yes…I’ve been there and it is tough! a few times I had to convince some of my clients to let me workout with them instead of just training them 🙂

  5. i needed a good laugh cute!
    i love to walk so i shouldnt have a problem building up a good amount of steps!

  6. When I was doing martial arts years ago, one of my instructors had this on a shirt… the mentality behind it.. is amazing 🙂

  7. Hey…I’m sore today! I guess the right thing to do is to work through it anyway. I’m gonna do an upper body workout in about 10 minutes.

  8. I had a great leg/butt workout yesterday. Sore today….I love that feeling. I know I worked hard!

    I just found out my grandmother is in the hospital and it’s pretty serious. So I am getting ready to go see her. She is 10 hours away, so I might miss regular gym workouts for a few days until I get back. In the meantime, I will try to do as much as I can where I’m at…. I will also still try to post 🙂

  9. This is so true. My work colleague wears a pedometer at work in the kitchen and notches up 24000 steps in a 10 hour shift. So I must do close to 18000 in eight and a half hours. Or maybe thats wishful thinking lol.

  10. I am glad this was the motivator today. Having ga rough morning. TOM and its been raining for the last couple of days. I haven’t worked out since Wednesday so here’s hoping I can gather up the energy to get it done today.

  11. I started by walking inside my home until I was comfortable enough to move it outdoors. Nowdays cycling is my cardio of choice.

  12. My daughter got a pedometer at her school’s walk fundraiser last year. It was so cute to watch her and have her report all the steps she would take in a day:) I have never done it, but I think it would be amazing to see how many steps I actually take in a day!

  13. That poster is good Michelle, one of my favs, too. At one time I had two pedometers & got rid of them for lack of use!! I tried all that before I got into lifting weights. I am trying to find something besides the gym & haven’t found my niche.

  14. Love the cartoon! I arrange long, fast walks with friends so we can visit at the same time and the miles go by fast!

  15. Congrats Claudia!!!

    It is so amazing how our bodies instantly change! Crazy effects of hormones!

  16. Great idea…wear one every day myself andhave gotten others to wear them as well. Keeps me competing with myself daily to take more steps.

  17. I love that poster, and it is so true. need this as a daily I can do it mind set. spent the weekend running errands with the family, had a great time together.

  18. Day 13 Check in – I use my bodybugg and it tracks my steps. The most I have had in one day is over 25,000!

  19. Michelle, thank you for you inspiration and motivation. I look forward to your email everyday!

  20. I just found out I’m pregnant with my third but still going to keep healthy and workout did an hour of cardio this morning notice I get tired so much faster

  21. Funny, but true! Was gone all weeeknd at our cabin. Nice relaxing time but I did run in the mornings and walk in the evenings. Glad to be back home though!

  22. very funny! cleaned like a mad woman again today… 5yr old, 12wk twin boys, and a Black Lab that sheds like crazy. Vacuumed a few calories off today for sure.

  23. I love this! I am visual person and used to keep a goal chart of pictures and verses time to update it.

  24. Pedometers are great to help motivate and challenge kids too–great idea for thier P.E. classes at school.

  25. Okay, okay…I haven’t posted, since I was on vacation last week…BUT, I did get a run in 4 out of the 6 days off.
    Back into “routine” today – and ran 5 1/2 miles this am, and will head to the gym after work for my weights!!

  26. OMG – I was in Houston for a family wedding for the past few days and was unable to post… I stayed extrememly motivated to take care of myself because my new sis-in-law has been a fitness competitor for over 4 years! Woo hoo!

  27. our family found a trail in the desert right behind our house. i love to keep the kids active. we swim daily! loving AZ.

    I bought more protein powder yesterday. husband grilled. protein is the goal for the week.

    treadmill not working. must get creative.

  28. I love this cartoon. I haven’t posted been running around and moving schools.. but still keeping at it. got my cardio in today yesterday was rest day but so far I feel great. Eating clean is gettin so mcuh better finding new ways to cook chicken is fun… So thanks for the great motivation… Have a great week everyone

  29. Went biking and have a sore butt, but liked it more than I expected. Think I will buy a bike. But today I have to ride my healthrider for exercise.

  30. If you quit, then you lose all of your results very quickly…I know that from 40 it has to be a lifestyle and if you are not willing to commit to the lifestyle there is no point in starting, because within weeks of stopping you will start to lose the muscle tone and strength you worked so hard for…as for me I work way too hard and sacrifice way too much to ever quit!

  31. cute and funnny ! love it !

    Well Ladies I have no kids for the day so I am going to take full advantage and hit the gym already done the housework so may even have time to catch up with friends for a girly shopping trip later

    Keep At It Ladies The Results Are The Reward

  32. Im am feeling like giving up today. The dr. told me that I have whiplash and a sprained back from the car accident. Hard not to want to give up when you hear that. Definetly not going to see the results I was looking forward to at the end of 40 days now. 🙁

  33. I don’t walk as much as I used to now that I don’t have to walk to class…it really is great exercise!

  34. day 13 check in. those are some simple but smart words to live by. this will be a life long journey and struggle, but it is so worth it. it’s still early so no exercise as of yet, but i packed a great lunch and healthy snacks for the day!

  35. Chicken can get old sometimes…but hey it’s not all about pleasure is it! Being buff is worth it!

  36. My resolution this year has been to get the hard toned and fit body I have always wanted before I turn 40. I have 12 weeks left. No excuses. This is it. Everyday I will be committed to eat clean and do a workout. Never give up.

  37. I wont give up but I still may get frustrated… I wish I had a little more results but I am fine with what I have up till now atleast.

  38. I need to get one and give that a try…being a stay-at-home mom it would be interesting to see how much I am really moving!

    ran for 30-6.2mph/lift-back

  39. Had a great workout today. Worked out with a friend and that really helps to push yourself.
    Can’t wait to try my new hormone meds and see what they do. I do wear my Bodybugg to see my calorie burn and how many steps I have done.

  40. Don’t give up is so motivational……….it is similar to my favorite saying. “The only way to fail is to quit.” I use that for every aspect of my life…….I may have a bad day, but I can turn things around tomorrow. I am trying to teach my 10 yr old daughter this valuable lesson now!

  41. Staci!! thanks so much for sharing your “light bulb” moments with us!! cool to hear you are loving the program and getting the results you want!!

    you are going to be HOT for your Hubby’s day!!
    have a great Buffing phase~ whoohooo~!!

  42. Great motto! I am starting to see results and it is so encouraging! My arms are really improving, my legs are tightening up, and I can tell I have lost some fat around my ribcage! I can’t wait to see what HT helps me do now that I have the book.

  43. I want to encourage those who have a hard time getting started. I’ve had your books for about four months, but didn’t get serious about everything until about two weeks ago. So, I sat down to record my weight for the week (lost a pound!) and started noticing something.

    I’m about to be in the buffing phase starting tomorrow. I looked at my line graph of my weight loss and noticed that last month I dropped about 3.5 pounds, but was grinning because I know that I really wasn’t even working at it last month.

    And I had a sudden thought: did this happen during the buffing phase? I compared my “Identify HIF Patterns” (charting cycles) with my weight loss graph, and I had been in the buffing phase! I really lost that weight pretty effortlessly.

    All that to say that I’m very excited about my next buffing phase because I’m ready for it and my goal is to lose two pounds by Nov 5 (hubby’s b’day), and I think I might actually do it! Thanks, Michelle, for this program! I was so encouraged to see that it could work for me like it’s worked for so many of you all! Can’t wait to start buffing!

  44. Too funny!!!!
    Took today off and even treated myself to a very small little ice cream cone. I figured I deserved it since I spent all day yesterday sick as could be and basically had nothing in my stomach:)

  45. Hi Michelle,
    I tryed to comment on this page the other day but this little box would not show up…? So here it is! I just wrote on my list for the store a pedo. I do not have one and need to get me one.


  46. Ha ha! Too funny! I feel sorry for the poor frog…LOL! That is how I felt yesterday on my jog. Set out on my lunch break and felt like dying half way through, but I was not about to call someone from the office to come get me, and I had to be back on time. Why I thought it was a good idea to jog over 4 miles in the wind and cold in under 50 minutes…who knows. But I did it!!!

  47. I wonder how many steps I take in a day – feels like a lot when I am wearing 4 inch stilettos! I think it would be good to know. So far, so good. 2 weeks straight of working out every day, and eating (relatively) well. Still having a hard time getting in all the protein. I have started drinking the 100 calorie muscle milk immediately post workout. A good website for tracking your diet and intake is, if anyone is looking for one.

  48. Cute! I have given up many times before and I just realized that why do I keep going back to that goal and keep failing, cuz I haven’t given up and I keep trying, but now when I want to feel like giving up I am gonna hit it that day twice as hard cuz I know in the end of the workout/goal it will make me feel better and more happy Thanx for the cute cartoon!

  49. (sometimes hard to reply to weekend emails) Good idea on the tracker, I’ve always wondered how many I take in a day. Wasn’t expecting a poster for the resolution; but I love it, gets right to the point! Lol

  50. great cartoon! I have spent the last 3 days shoveling snow 26 inches worth I had no internet, electric, phone, or heat for awhile so i am responding to the last 3 days now that I am back online

  51. The pedometer I got for my birthday didn’t work out so well. I did get the ipod communicator to chip to use for running that I am super excited about!

  52. didn’t realize pedometers were so cheap. i’ve wanted to see how many steps i made in a day. going to walmart today so i’ll see what they have. cute cartoon!

  53. Haha! Love that pic! Great visual for not giving up even when it seems like there is no hope. Thx Michelle! =)

  54. I had a setback yesterday….that time in my cycle when I crave sugar and I gave in to those cravings but I will not give up and continue on my journey! thanks for the inspiration today!

  55. I’ve had a pedometer for a year and its really helped me to track the number of steps I take per day.

  56. I need to get one! My fiance is being great about my diets and excerise .. he makes me deliouse omelets and mouth watering salads! He has also offered my half of his Man cave to put workout equiment! It is soo good to have someone in my conner.

  57. I was wearing a pedometer around the house, but it broke so I need to get a new one. I have the nike plus for my ipod that I use then I go running! I love it!

  58. I had a pair of shoes with the nike+ in them, but never used it…cool to hear you find it fun and helpful!

  59. I’ve been dealing with sciatic pain since December myself and have really decided it’s to do with my lower back. Be sure to emphasize your lower lumbar curve and stand with your butt sticking out~ also be careful to stay away from sitting too much. Standing is best when dealing with Sciatica

  60. great idea with the pedometer! I’ve given so many away as presents i think i should keep one for myself! 😉
    And good timing with the ‘dont ever give up’ picture. Just the other day i re-committed to my previous goal of being on stage competing and yesterday my low back is hurting so back i can barely walk and i’m getting sciatic symptoms down my left leg…AARRGH!! But i will get past this and keep on truckin’ 🙂
    I think this is all being caused by the epidural i had, anyone else get these sorts of low back pain from the epi?

  61. I got some fascia release done to my low back and it has helped so that i can now stand! I couldn’t arch my lumbar spine before but now i can. If there’s an ART provider in your area check them out. Maybe they can help you with your sciatic pain? ( Good luck!!

  62. I have a really good sports watch that tracks my calories burnt and I can log my calories in, also. Gives me a daily or weekly total. Keeps you honest.

  63. Much needed laugh! I really fell of the wagon this week – my boosting phase well and truly hit me. I’m focusing on eating more protein this week and doing ‘something’ each day.

  64. I was looking at myself today, and feeling like I still have a Long Way to go; so it was good to be reminded to Never Give Up!! ~ Thanks!!

  65. I don’t get to my computer everyday but I still catch up on the tips and motivation. I am staying excited!

  66. Thanks for the article! Today has been a rough day, so this gives me a good idea to get motivated.

  67. I have a Fit Bit! It tells me how many steps I have gone, how many calories I have burned, my activity level and also tells me how many times I wake up at night! I love that thing. It uses the same technology as the Wii.

  68. The pedometer idea is a fantastic way to see how active you are, you can do mini challenges with yourself ;o)

  69. I love this cartoon – ha! It reminds me to never give up – the mind can be so strong and enable the body to do things otherwise thought impossible. :o)

  70. Haha, that’s awesome 🙂 LOVE it! Today is all about cardio, core and arms/shoulders/back so I can use all the motivation I can get

  71. Love the illustration. I sometimes feel like my attempts at fitness are being swallowed by a big bird too. But I’m not going to give up!

  72. I’m so glad that hormone fluctuations are on my “mental radar” after reading your books! Now when I shift between totally bloated and defeated one day to wanting to conquer the world the next I know that I’m a) not crazy 😉 and b) ready to harness my power when I have it and forgive myself a bit when I don’t. Thanks, Michelle!

  73. I would like to invest in a pedometer. It would be interesting to see if I actually am as active as I’d like to think!

  74. thats a good one for me..i have a tendency to give up after a few weeks if I dont see results. I’m not giving up this time though!

  75. thanks for the reminder!! Yesterday night I had a great workout! Loved sweating! I am definitely going to get a pedometer!

  76. I love the pedometer idea! I used to work for our county health department and we would encourage worksites to sign up for our health challenges. We gave out pedometers to participants and asked them to track their steps daily. Their goal was to get 10,000 steps in a day. It always suprised people just how sedentary they are during the day. The pedometer serves as a great reminder to get up and move!

  77. Love this! NEVER< EVER GIVE UP!!! Go over, Go Under, Go around or Go through but Never Give Up!

  78. I am going to buy a pedometer, I have always wondered where I would gauge on walking. Probably not too far. Anyway, I did set a goal of walking more (in addition to my workouts) so I know the pedometer will motivate me, bc knowing the type of person I am, I will HAVE to make the 10,000 (a little OCD in that way, lol). Thanks Michelle

  79. very interesting that changing jobs can impact your activity level so much…just think if you didn’t realize that how easily you could have gained weight?

  80. I have been using a pedometer for a couple of years now – keeps me on track. I used to have no problem getting to 10K a day until I changed jobs (no more stairs to take three flights up and down throughout the day) so now I try to incorporate more walking in other ways throughout the day to get to 10K. I love seeing it go higher than 10K on the weekends when I am more active!

  81. I used to track my steps each day. I have have so many pedometers… high end and low end. I did find it challenging to see how many steps i was actually taking each day. It did make me push myself. Thanks for the fitness reminder. 🙂

    That cartoon is toooo funny every time i see it.

    Have a blessed day!

  82. I love this pic…it’s so true! Especially when, over the holidays, we tend to get unfocused. I am focused now more than ever and that pic puts it in perspective

  83. I definitely need to wear a pedometer again. I started a job after being a SAHM for two years and sit at a desk for up to 8 hours a day. I work on the 3rd floor, so I do take the stairs wherever I go. It will help to have a reminder to get up and move around a bit more frequently.

  84. I just ♥LOVE♥ my calorie counting watch I wear everyday. I make it a game to see if I can burn MORE calories then the day before!

  85. Words to live by! I finally feel like I am back to my old self again and so happy to be back in the gym every day without having to drag myself there. I actually look forward to getting in the gym. Never ever give up…you’re only giving up on yourself.

  86. I love looking at my pedometer and seeing that “wow , I added 3000 more steps” and “yay I beat my goal today!”

  87. I am on my feet all day at work, so I don’t worry about a pedometer. I used one in the past, when I had a more sedentary lifestyle/job, so I get it!

  88. Black eyed peas and greens..not a bad way to bring in the new year legumes great for protien and collards kale and spinach..good for c and folic acid..some make a stew of the greens and peas..add bits of ham..u may have some left over frow xmas…either way good luck with your endeavors ..god bless you and your friends and families

  89. Yeah…….I needed to see this little cartoon today….I was just feeling a little low……. Never give up……. I’ll just keep on keeping on! 🙂

  90. good cartoon! trying to get caught up with the posts – back to school is getting the best of my mental state!

  91. Day 13 – very apt for me today. Love the motivation, thank you 🙂
    I’ve given up too many times in the past, but not again. I can do this thanks to all the support & info.

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